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**DONOTDELETE** 12-20-1999 02:33 PM

Clutch Cleaning/Maintenance
By reading the bulletins posted it appears that many of you guys are very experienced with snowmobile clutches. Last season, before riding season went into full swing, I took my clutch off, disassembled it and cleaned it. But to tell you the truth, I really didn't know what I was doing. Also it wasn't very dirty, because the previous owner took really good care of the machine. After cleaning it, I put everything back together, and didn't really think about it much after that.

This year (400 miles later) I'd like to take it apart and clean it again. I'd like to know the procedure. Which areas should I really focus on? What should I inspect? Any special cleaning solutions that work really good?

Also, I'd like to bump the engagement RPM up from 4000 to something closer to 5000 for a better "off the line jump". Would a change to a stiffer spring accomplish this or is there more to it?

I'd appreciate any help.

**DONOTDELETE** 12-20-1999 03:38 PM

Re: Clutch Cleaning/Maintenance
to add to the first question, how often should it be done??

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**DONOTDELETE** 12-20-1999 11:46 PM

Re: Clutch Cleaning/Maintenance
Snowball, well I guess if you got the clutch apart once and back together you know the procedure. You are talking about your storm? Don't forget to line the X on the cover up with the others. Focus on the bushings and buttons for wear. There is bushings in the weights, rollers, cover and moveable sheave. Buttons are on the spider. Everything should move smoothly with little play. Check the rollers for flat spots and the profile on the weights. Take it down to your dealer and ask a tech to give you an idea if you are not sure. They shouldn't charge for a 5 minute chat. Also check for cracks all over. Some people use high pressure soapy water to clean and also brake cleaner. Some solvents and such do not mix with the bushings. Driven clutch, same type of thing. Check bushings and wear areas. Change your springs if they have a 1000 miles on them. Springs wear out. As far as how often to clean, no rule I know of. If you notice a performance decrease or it looks dirty or you rack up the miles. Once a year anyway.
I think that is it, somebody jump in if I left anything out.
The most common way to increase engagement is to put a stiffer spring in. There is more to it if you want the same shift rate as before but go for it. It will work and if you want to get into it some post your setup now and someone should be able to help. I will try. Just remember that if you spin now it will only get worse with higher engagement.

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