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  1. OT- Best B'day present ever
  2. fusible link blows when I start the vehicle - why?
  3. 12v Air Compressors....
  4. What's everyone's plug of choice?
  5. GPS
  6. where to get U-Bolts....
  8. Swampers 10.5 or 12.5
  9. Rear wheelbearing question
  10. Not looking good for ZookinY2k2
  11. SOLD- Complete A/C system from SJ410
  12. So I'm not a genius and no traction bar!! :D
  13. Who can add to this parts # list?
  14. Tracker Diff Gears In Sammy
  15. Anyone got a title and dash laying around ? *DELETED*
  16. Still need help with LockRight Locker
  17. Computer code problem. Need help
  18. who on this board are professional auto painters..
  19. GTi motor swap ..
  20. Good ECM for Sale for 88 Samurai
  21. Swift GTi swap/Anybody heard of DIS?
  22. are you all aware of these for sale?
  23. Sami alternator question
  24. OT but ON topic, SPAM free emails, good services?
  25. Tubing Ideas
  26. Where to find Willamette wheels??
  27. 4 to 1 Samurai T-Case
  28. "OH NO THE( R ) WORD"
  29. Running too rich
  30. Set of 30" Pep Boys muds for sale...75% treadcheap
  31. please help!!!!!!!!
  32. Couple More questions
  33. Zookimelt videos.....where to get??
  34. Parting out
  35. Diff Differances
  36. Installed Sky's 1" body lift, satisfied, but...
  37. realization on projects ""me Bittching basicly"
  38. WTB, wheel spacers, 2" BL, locker.....
  39. OT - 1966 Ford Bronco for sale or trade!
  40. Rear axle seal problems, have ?
  41. Smallest back up battery to use
  42. Rear of SPOA almost done some more ques
  43. D35?
  44. what to do...what to do...
  45. Installing Tracker seats in a Samurai
  46. Guys running the 1.6 ???
  47. I found a cheap solution for my Spare..
  48. project SJ410 home
  49. Looking at 88 Sammi
  50. 33x12.5 grabber mud terrain: good on zuk?
  51. length of YJ leafs ON the zuk?
  52. AAARRRGGGGHHHH !!!!! When it rains it pours....
  53. Looking for a TOY DC driveshaft?
  54. Update on Starter
  55. Suzuki parts and service manual cd
  56. Anyone have a single belt crankshaft pulley?
  57. Pto info for samurai
  58. Water crack - why I need a new motor
  59. Anybody want some Automatic Hubs (Sidekick)?
  60. my new bumper
  61. Oil in Fuel Filter???
  62. steve erwin (crocodile hunter) praises zook s :-)
  63. 4:16s are in, just in time for zookin2k2
  64. DT8000's compared to DT3000's ??
  65. Does anyone have!!!
  66. Boggers forsale. I'll be at zookin.
  67. Found Suzuki motorcycle (GT750) problem!
  68. Looking for a LWB
  69. New HARDCORE4X4 Rock Rails 4-SALE
  70. Wife having medical problems, no Zookin for me :-(
  71. sammi
  72. Can someone sell me a Pony carb. at Zookin??
  73. Stopping a valve cover from leaking
  74. Need some help. Toyota 20R engine swap
  75. Any vendors coming to Zuwharrie?
  76. Holley carb ?
  77. I need new lug nuts.......what size?????
  79. Clutch and Key question.
  80. Suzuki Samurai Doors
  81. 4.58R&P with EZ Locker For Sale - CHEAP
  82. Chevy Equinox to replace Tracker by 2005
  83. Starter Woes Another Question
  84. need help removin drag link
  85. FS 87 sammi w/coil suspension - WA - Lower Price!
  86. Wrangler spring swap.
  87. Bump stops
  88. Tornado vs Tracker
  89. RR Phone #
  90. Pics From Paragon Today
  91. hardtop questions
  92. Are Zoomy's tires too big?
  93. 4x4 Jamboree
  94. tune up
  96. Need a little help with this SJ tcase please
  97. 3rd member gear ?s.
  98. Tire flex
  99. 1.6L 8V Tracker Engine For Sale
  100. Manual Trans Switches... Which one is which?
  101. 5.71 toy gear question
  102. Rear axle question
  103. Stearing rubber connect shot
  104. how do i get to chat???
  105. Space between bump stops & axle on rear w/YJs
  106. Trail Tough YJ front end question
  107. For all Zukahollics
  108. TrailTough's new front bumper rocks and slides off
  109. pulled axles now a lil more questions
  110. OT np203 and 727 tranny rebuilt questions.
  111. Zuwharrie Fall 2002 Update
  112. What lift springs do I have?
  113. Stripped Tranny Drain Plug
  114. air compressor on 1.6 motor w/ power steering???
  115. Will this help a 16v motor ??????
  116. 235 Dunlop Mud Tires(qty 4) For Sale- Like New!
  117. OT? Ideas and suggestions for Melt '02 tape...
  118. General Grabber MT question...
  119. How do I tow w/ a tow dolly leaving in 12 hrs!!
  120. Old zooker looking to come back
  121. Toyota 22r motor
  122. Car accident nextdoor, cool?
  123. Proud Owner
  124. Ignition wire max size ??
  125. in chat room for a bit
  126. Gad Zooks!!!
  127. Slightly OT: Safety/Emissions Inpsections
  128. tracker purchase: the good and the bad...
  129. shiloh ridge in october
  130. Anyone live near Waynesboro or Savannah TN??
  131. LWB Zook?
  132. passing this on from spidertrax
  133. GRUMPY-BOGGERS-$400
  134. Swift GT seats for your Zuk 4 Sale
  135. Swift Gti engine parts bottom, head, EFI 4 Sale
  136. Just sayin' hi
  137. feller jeepers/zukers, jeepn, wild weasel, scottcj
  138. Need help pricing a vehicle for the market
  139. Free Mig Online Training
  140. FS..... New RRO Rock Rails
  141. Tranny Mounts
  142. tightening motor mounts?
  143. How much can I increase my HP, and how?
  144. Toyota power steering
  145. 2" exhaust questions....
  146. free engine....but a suspected tough swap
  147. What are the benefits of a Hybrid Rearend?
  148. Need list of all parts for kicktrack top install
  149. OT I'm starting them young
  150. Looking for a removeable Hard Top
  151. Vitara/Sidekick engine upgrades
  152. Question about labor cost? Axle swap..
  153. Bad rumble in the rear end!!!
  154. 9;50X16.5 TIRES FOR SALE-NEW
  155. Zookin' Y2K2 update
  156. wobble in drivetrain
  157. Deep Maine wheeling event, EMWF IV, Oct 11th-14th (w/pics)
  158. Zookin in Question??
  159. Pic's Tring to put this into this *DELETED*
  160. Suspension
  161. Need wiring diagram
  162. Zuke on a mag. front !!!
  163. noisy pcv
  164. OT. Dumb Luck With A Job.
  165. Front Axel Shafts. How to install on a Samurai?
  166. CRIKEY!! GTI ENGINE LABOR IS $500 dollars!!!!!
  167. prop. valve w/ disks on '86 sami
  168. buying a sidekick- opinions
  169. Another bargain! 91 Sidekick FSM!
  170. Now here's a Sidekick FSM Bargain!
  171. Mystery oil leak
  172. Brand new p235s- Pep Boys H/T, for sale CT
  173. Anyone have a spare Sami AC condenser and fan?
  174. Hybrid rears in rear update.....
  175. Anyone going to ARCA in Johnson Valley?
  176. Anyone with a header for a 1.3 for sale????
  177. my zuk is making all kinds of noises!!(driveterrai
  178. Making skid plates for a XL-7
  179. Toyota Drivetrain transplant ?'s
  180. Need DT header parts....
  181. HOLY $HIT!!!!!!!!!!!! My 16 valve is done!!!!!!!!
  182. Livingston, KY trail ride this weekend
  183. Are there any 110v welders that will do the job?
  184. Need carb advice
  185. Starter Woes
  186. need help with chevette automatic
  187. Elec quest: 97 tracker ignition switch's blk wires
  188. I need a front bumper
  189. Zookin 2k2 question
  190. OT: Poole Road has been clear cut!
  191. Another Good Vendor Gone Bad
  192. axle leakin in weird spot....
  193. Barnwell Mountain in October?
  194. Help! I need to know today.....
  195. I'm Not Dead!
  196. noisy springs
  197. will 1.8 geo storm gsi motor bolt to a track trans
  198. Cheapest Custom Dana 44 manufacturer?
  199. MY Samurai is up for sale
  200. 2001 4dr Vitara Handling Woes
  201. What axles to run with 35's?
  202. lil off roadin last night pics
  203. Softer springs
  204. Holley TBI
  205. Front Axle Shafts, Where can I buy online?
  206. carb trick
  207. Shocks and lift question.....
  208. "check engine" light
  209. Going SPOA got ques....
  211. insurance
  212. tranny noise
  213. 1.3 won't idle up
  214. Opinions on GoodYear MT/R 's .....
  215. What every Zooker needs...
  216. Anybody running Pro Comp X-Terrains *DELETED*
  217. Dropped Valve?
  218. Tapping lifters
  219. Smelly Zuk? Weber?
  220. Should I Buy?
  221. Trail Tough Big Suzana Axle Assemblies
  222. Differance between a P tire and LT tire
  223. I can get a free geo storm gsi, is it worth the...
  224. Hi, Im Outlaw and I'm a zukaholic...
  225. Keep stock carb or get a Weber?????
  226. New gears have been installed!
  227. Update..engine running rough
  228. Zerks and the greasing of Kick/Tracker's?
  229. "gear noise" from transmission
  230. Hybrid rear springs
  231. Calmini 1.6L swap kit on 1.6L 16v motor
  232. fuel pump from Calmini 1.6l kit on a 1.3L engine??
  233. need pics of cage with rear child seat.
  234. Minor 16 valve swap questions
  235. 16 valve is in !!!! What about exhaust?
  236. Samurai rag joint, part #?
  237. 1982 SJ410 Leaky T-Case questions: NEED GURU
  238. Couple more Zook questions...
  239. Personal web pages
  240. Need some wheels for my 88 Zuki...
  241. 16 valve timing problem
  242. Parts for Sale
  243. Visiting Upstate NY
  244. need pix of twisted front brake lines
  245. Adjustable Cam Gear, Who has it? Website?
  246. Hey Billy Bob About Livingston, KY
  247. new suzuki 4x4
  248. starters? do they interchange? got one?
  249. timing belt is taking a walk ...
  250. My Fun Saturday Afternoon OR Front Wheel Drive Zuk