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post #1 of (permalink) Old 02-26-2005, 02:02 PM
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I was watching xtrema 4x4 today. At the end of the pgm the female host, responding to the the other hosts jokes, used the term RETARD. Speaking as the father of a handicapped child I find these types of comments as hurtful and unnecessary. I am surprised that the producers would let this thru the editing. I was taping the show for future reference. I was enjoying the Jeep Build up. The tape went into the garbage.

If you are offended by this trend in programming. Please boycott this show and any others that use these types of comments.

Thanks for listening (reading)

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Re: XTREME 4X4 Spike TV

I seen it too, my lil bro also has a handicap, and I turned the channel, its hard to hear stuff like that, but i think most of the time, the people that say that kind of stuff aren't refering to what you or I would think, but it still bothers me, and I always say something when I hear it or anyword like it, if I know the person, or not. Good post, catch ya later. Chris
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Re: XTREME 4X4 Spike TV

I agree that it was out of line, but boycotting the program won't do anything to fix it. You have to let them know of the problem, they don't read minds.
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Re: XTREME 4X4 Spike TV

Please understand that this is not an attack or meant in any way to be rude, but you need to grow thicker skin. It is people being OVERLY sensitive to someone elses means of comunicating that has this world all screwed up and has people whining to the gov. to make more CRAP laws to allow them the abiltity to SUE SUE SUE because "so and so said blah blah". Is your child a retard? or does he/she have a mental disability. To me the world is full of retards, I see them everyday on the news, I personly feel the entire country of Iraq is full of them (who else but a bunch of retarded sand chiggers with their heads up their butts, is gonna think they can take on the USA and not get slapped down). To be physicaly or mentally handicapped is a totaly difrent thing alltogether, and DON'T mean they are retards. It's a word, period. If you take it to heart as if it were an attack on you or yours then your the one with the problem. Also as stated, boycotting a program, c'mon as if that will do anything. You need to send the program editors a note saying you were unhappy with her comment.

On a side note, all the mentally and/or physicly challenged people I have known and know don't care for special treatment, they want to be treated just like regular avergage people, and to start acting like you have to use SPECIAL terms or not refer to them at all is doing them all a disservice. An example of carying the special treatment crap to far is a lot of the stores and buisnesses around here having 20 or 30 handicapped parking spaces (all of the close to the door spots) that RARELY have a vehicle parked in them. May not seem like a big deal to some of you, but when it is -30 degrees here it just plain sucks. For one thing, most of the truly physicly and mentally challenged don't drive (not that there isn't need for a few spots but 30 spaces at Lowe's or Home Depot or the like, I mean c'mon) Gee, maybe I should go down and file a lawsuit saying that I am being discriminated against because I am not handicapped in some way. Go ahead laugh, thats exactly where this world is headed, and you can all thank your attorneys, court systems, and whiners who want a free ride for it.

Any way my point was that it was a word, nothing more. If you make more of it than that, then I have to believe that you wern't upset for your child, you were upset because you thought she was talking about u. Think about it. Peace.
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post #5 of (permalink) Old 03-03-2005, 12:50 PM
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Re: XTREME 4X4 Spike TV

Kraby makes the point correctly. If you are offended by the comment, then you boycott the program if you think that will work.

I will risk the bet that when you were younger you used the same term the same way just about everyone else in this world has at some point in time or another.

If you have a hadicapped child or family member, God bless you. You have a task that many of us never will have to deal with and it takes a strength that most people don't have. I have many friends with disabilities. One of them ran over my foot because I opened a door for him (wheel chair from a car wreck). He is no more disabled than I am, he just gets to sit down more than I do (his words).

Personally, get over the comment, if you can't, get over your self. I have no pity for my self or anyone else.
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