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Bush 11 73.33%
Kerry 1 6.67%
Nader 0 0%
Cheney 0 0%
Moseley-Braun 0 0%
Clark 0 0%
Dean 1 6.67%
Edwards 0 0%
Gephardt 0 0%
Graham 0 0%
Kucinich 0 0%
Lieberman 0 0%
Sharpton 0 0%
Myself (meaning u) 1 6.67%
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Another post to give us crap to chat about

Yes I am bored, and YES I know some of these cats have about as much chance as a flea in a vat of RAID, but I believe in giving every one a choice, [img]images/graemlins/givemebeer.gif[/img] [img]images/graemlins/40BEER.gif[/img]
Please participate but do not bother with responses about why you would choose so and so and what not cause that would just start stupid political talk crap and no one ever wins [img]images/graemlins/cussing.gif[/img] and no one really cares cause they believe what they wanna believe and I dont want this to be a contest to see who can convert who to what political party [img]images/graemlins/chair.gif[/img]

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Re: Another post to give us crap to chat about

Achilles, 2004
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Re: Another post to give us crap to chat about

<font face="COmic Sans MS">For a realistic response I entered in "Bush" because he is IMO better than Kerry who is the only other candidate with a "real" chance of getting elected since the sheep tend to enjoy voting the main 2 parties. I like firearms and other such things, and just have to face it, with the Democrats of today I will not be able to enjoy the firearms I wish to enjoy. Plus they are primiarliy responsible for the AWB that will hopefully die this year that banned only "mean" or "evil" looking semiautomatic firearms and magazines with a capacity exceeding 10 rounds... Plus I dislike the socialism that is creeping in when they are in charge for too long.

In the interest of keeping most of my money (lower taxes, smaller government with a big defense department) security and sanity I would like to see us go back to less laws, less things the government has branched out into the business of doing and less paying for worthless buerocrats who do nothing. Each senator and member of the house gets a secretary. There will be no 30-50 person staff. If you want an issue you need to look at it yourself. The pay should be in the $50k/year range. Congress should not feel like it has to be continually cranking out new laws, regulations and the like in order to stay in existance. I personally prefer the idea of limiting one's house and senate terms to 2 terms each in each setting. Same with Governors and so forth. The reason for this is to get back to how I suspect the Founding Fathers invisioned the nation working. No career politicians. You will hear complaints about "they will be inexperienced and unsure how to get things done". I feel safer when Congress is in this condition. The less organized they are, the less (worthless and meaningless) laws I have to live under. I'm sure if something important comes up they'll be able to figure it out, afterall it is *not* rocket science. The other thing I would like to see is a law stating that any public official accepting any sort of money to their campaign or to their person directly should be arrested for accepting bribes, and those giving the money should be arrested for bribing a public official. This if enforced should help cut down on special interest groups who have money forcing their will on the people, even when it is completely opposite what the public thinks should be done.

I don't think everybody should be able to vote. To include illegal immigrants. Somehow they seem to continually do so anyhow. Such as the thing in CA about giving illegals a drivers license. My response to that is fingerprint them and throw them back, telling them if they are caught again they're going to jail or to execution. If someone wants to come here legally that's fine. I do not think anyone should be allowed in what so ever. I'm tired of the politically correct BS allowing this to occur even though it's a huge security risk. I think you should have to prove you halfway pay attention to the people you're voting for/against and understand what they have done to change things. This would help get rid of the idiots who vote for people based on their sex lives, their appearance, and whether or not they can play a saxophone...

As a hypothetical response I would vote for myself (I may try someday, I think I'll try for state positions first) and then 535 other people just like me for 2 terms so we could hit the "reset" button and roll the laws back to how they were a long time ago where there were not literally too many laws on the books to know all of them. Now the laws are all so nitpicky that if they decide they want to harass someone there is always going to be "something" they will be able to nail whoever they want on whenever they want... They may have to dig through the books and observe someone a bit but very soon they will find something nitpicky...

How's that for something to talk about...</font>
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Re: Another post to give us crap to chat about

Crap, if this is a reflection of how the election goes, we should be at war with the entire freaking world within a year or so [img]images/graemlins/shocked.gif[/img] [img]images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img] [img]images/graemlins/crybaby.gif[/img]
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