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post #1 of (permalink) Old 09-10-2003, 12:29 PM
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Let\'s See What I Can Hit!

I just have to rant - the thing is, some of the people in my town (my local mudding buddies) are inconsiderate in regards to wildlife. I was following one of the guys out to the local dike to go wheeling, and on the public road leading to the entrance, a deer was standing on the other side of the road. This guy decided it'd be fun to swerve across the road, to play target practice with a poor disoriented deer. Without any thought, and with much disregard, he rolled right over the doe with his 40" Swampers and 10" of lift. Not a fair match, right?

Innocent deer vs monster mudder = roadkill.

I've noticed that some of these guys go out of their way to hit wildlife, like its some fun game to make roadkill out of an animal not even running in front of them. The same guy, later that night, joked, "Blewp, blewp - it was like a speed bump!!"

Is it wrong of me to object to a person swerving across the road to hit an animal with a huge truck (or any vehicle) on purpose to see how easily their vehicle can kill without getting a mark?

Or am I just being a tree-hugging female?

Am I the only person in the only town that has people like this?

Does any one have an opinion?
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Re: Let\'s See What I Can Hit!

I don't like the idea of killing innocent animals in an illegal manor (i.e. shooting out of season, or road rampage with nature). And no, if you want to see a bunch of retards with big trucks come to my home town. The hicks/rednecks around here are also the type that get drunk and pull out one of the many shot gun/rifles they carry behind the seat and pepper road signs. They also get pissed off when they try to cross a local river and get stuck (huh, doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this one out). They also do many other stupid things too, but there are too many to mention. They just don't know the true spirit of off-roading. And as you can tell, it drives me NUTS!
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Re: Let\'s See What I Can Hit!

While I would never do such a thing to most animals I will admit to doing it to oppossum (sp?). I absolutely despise those disgusting oversized rats.

One question I have to ask though is did he stop and pick up the deer afterward? If not then he truly is a piece of crap to do such a thing and then just let the animal go to waste.

I get pissed off around here because I constantly see dead deer lying by the side of the road. Hell my dad and I once stopped to help some people out that hit a deer and the chicken sh*t cop was just letting the deer sit there and cry with 4 broken legs. After my dad realized the cop was too much of a wuss he went over and slit the animals throat himself. Then the dang cop wouldn't even let us take the deer. Said it was illegal. Sure enough the next day we drove by the same place and the deer was still sitting there all bloated and ruined. If the state would just send somebody out to get the deer right away and have it butchered they could stop spending all my money feeding the people on welfare. I myself have butchered many roadkill deer, and as long as they don't sit too long they are every bit as good as the deer I shoot, why do we let all that good meat go to waste?
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Re: Let\'s See What I Can Hit!

I've heard here in Oklahoma that there are tags you can get for when you hit a deer. I think you call up the sheriff's office and they'll come out and inspect and if everything is on the up and up they'll issue you a road kill tag or something.

Now about the varmits, if there is one sitting in the road, why swere to miss it? I mean, then you could cause an accident injuring several people. Of course I would never swere off the road to hit anything, I can see this as being better than larger animals.
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Re: Let\'s See What I Can Hit!

I agree with you in this one! that just doesn't seat right with me. I case rabbits at work but never try to hit one or have. I think most guys you have 40" tires and 10" lift are trying to make up for something. so those are the guys who kill a deer across the road and leave it to brag about it later with buddys. Not all those guys are like that but i think you get my drift. redtoy92
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Re: Let\'s See What I Can Hit!

Unfortunately, a large amount of 4x4 owners in nj are like this, which is very much to blame why we no longer have any legal places to wheel [img]images/graemlins/cussing.gif[/img]
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I Might Just Know What I'm Talking About
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Re: Let\'s See What I Can Hit!

yes people like that give 4x4 owners bad reputations. Also rednecks doing there rampages of shooting signs and being drunk and runnin over roadkill also give 4x4 owners a bad image... Bastards.
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Re: Let\'s See What I Can Hit!

Yes, you should object!!! AND you might try telling them instead of us

I'm not trying to be nasty, but accidents do happen. If it was truly intentional then read on........

1) I hope you can find a better group of 'wheelers to hang out with from now on.

2) If they are your "local mudding buddies", then you should tell them what you told us. Accidents happen, people and animals are killed daily in accidental vehicle/animal collisions

3) If you're looking for some kind of flame war, then you've come to the wrong place. Nobody on this forum with any kind of respect (newbie or vet) would tolerate being a part of something you described.
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Re: Let\'s See What I Can Hit!

Tell the boys to come on out here to my neighborhood to play bumper tag with a deer. I can just about guarantee that an encounter with a mule deer will make them change games real fast. I hit a "little" 200 pound doe 3 years ago and it got my attention. I got a bambi this spring but it only went about a 100 or so.
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Re: Let\'s See What I Can Hit!

i think its time you woke him up with a deer head next to him in bed. hes gonna give nj wheelers an even worse name than they already get
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