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New book I\'m ordering

Anyone who knows me on here knows I'm not a big fan of Klinton, just something I thought I'd pass on:

Dereliction of Duty
Patterson, Colonel Robert

When he was tapped to accompany President Clinton and carry the nuclear "football" that contains the top-secret codes the President needs in case of nuclear war, Colonel Robert "Buzz" Patterson was proud and grateful. He had already put his life on the line for his country many times as he flew combat missions over the Persian Gulf and Bosnia, and he was honored to take on this new and awesome responsibility.

But when he entered the Clinton White House, his gratitude and awe soon gave way to shock, revulsion, and sorrow - as he saw first-hand the cavalier and self-serving way Slick Willie and his henchmen went about the business of running the country. In Dereliction of Duty: An Eyewitness Account of How Bill Clinton Compromised America's National Security, Patterson tells the whole story. Day in and day out in the Clinton White House, he witnessed the President's contempt for the military, his indifference to important issues except insofar as they served his own political or personal purposes, and his reduction of the Office of the Presidency to a playground for his own ambition and thirst for sordid perks.

Patterson not only had numerous opportunities to see Clinton's irresponsibility and neglect of his duties: he also witnessed Hillary's furious, profane rages and relentless shifting of blame to subordinates; the general disdain of Clinton staffers toward the military; and much more. The Clinton White House more closely resembled a college fraternity house than the seat of government of the most powerful nation on earth - and it all led, Patterson argues compellingly, to our armed forces and intelligence
services falling into such a demoralized, unprepared state that a disaster was just waiting to happen. That disaster happened on September 11, 2001.

Just when you thought you'd heard it all about Clinton

a.. Why the biggest security risk in the Clinton White House was the Slick One himself (plus details of the day he lost his copy of top-secret nuclear codes!)

b.. How Slick Willie lost a crucial chance to strike strategic targets in Iraq because he wouldn't let his golf game be interrupted long enough to examine the situation and give the necessary orders

c.. The day the President neglected to change the country's top secret nuclear codes: he was too distracted by the Monica Lewinsky story breaking in the Washington Post

d.. Osama bin Laden: how he came close to being caught on Clinton's watch - except that the President hesitated too long in deciding to give the order

e.. Clinton's dishonesty: how it extended to everything from his golf game to his extramarital affairs and - most ominously of all - to his priorities as president and his concern for our national security

f.. Military personnel: forbidden to wear their uniforms inside the White House - by order of Hillary Clinton!

g.. What Clinton finally did to lose virtually all the faith and trust that military men had placed in him

h.. Clinton's cynicism: how he was able to turn on grief when needed to gain political points - and turn it off just as quickly

i.. The subtle and not-so-subtle racism on display regularly among Clinton staffers

j.. Hillary: "Harsh, difficult, and unpredictable" - and more about why administration officials fled from their desks and scurried into hiding places to avoid having to deal with her

k.. How the Clintons spent more than $15,000 of the taxpayers' money to airlift Chelsea's forgotten backpack of books to their vacation spot in the Virgin Islands

l.. Slick Willie's mood swings: with Hillary around, it was fruit, veggie plates, and ever-so-correct behavior. When she was gone? Booze, babes and barbecue

m.. A Whitewater smoking gun? The mysterious file box that was Hillary's most important - and most closely watched - piece of luggage

n.. How Clinton revealed his ignorance of and contempt for the military in ways that any military officer would notice

o.. The direct correlation between Clinton's political trouble at home and his trips abroad - which cost American taxpayers half a billion dollars

p.. Air Force One: how Slick Willie tried to turn it into a sexual playground (behaving in a manner that would have landed him in the brig if he had been a military man)

q.. How the Clinton White House neglected basic understandings of military and defense policy - and compounded this ignorance with arrogance toward the
men in uniform

r.. Why Clinton policy in Somalia was a clear recipe for disaster

s.. Clinton's response to terrorist attacks throughout his administration: lots of talk and little action

t.. The appalling details of the day Slick Willie gave the Secret Service the slip and left the man holding the nuclear football to walk back to the White House alone

u.. How Hillary revealed her basic ignorance of the nature and parameters of the United Nations mission in Bosnia that she was helping to oversee

v.. When President Clinton met Colonel Patterson's wife - and eyed her as if he were in a singles bar

w.. The shocking reason why Clinton had to discontinue his jogging regimen

x.. Inside the Clinton White House: why it seemed disorganized and highly undisciplined to military men and career government service officers

y.. The bold-faced and outrageous lie that Clinton repeated over 130 times during his 1996 campaign for reelection

z.. How the Clinton administration time and time again attempted to cover up the shortcomings of its policies, rather than deal with them squarely and correct them

aa.. The high Clinton administration official who admitted, "It was very clear to me right away that we were making this up as we went along"

Patterson explains that he wrote Dereliction of Duty not to attack Bill Clinton, but out of his sense of responsibility as a military man to serve the common good. "And I know," explains Patterson, "that the greater good was demonstrably not served by President Clinton and his administration, which put personal wants and needs ahead of the national interest." That makes this book more important than just a record of Clinton's misdeeds: it is essential reading for every patriot who wants to do his part to prevent such a debased character from ever occupying the Oval Office again.

I'm ordering it from the library as soon as I finish this post. All I have to say is when George W Bush was finally declared President Elect the military breathed a sigh of releif, and an even bigger one when GW took office.
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Re: New book I\'m ordering

Now i dont have to read the book. Thanks.

I sense a arguement of "Cadilac V16" perportions comin up.

I was never a fan of Clinton and his C*NT wife personally. I especially love how she buys a house in NY JUST so she can become a senator and wins by spending our tax dollars on her campaign. Just goes to further the premise of how self serving and arrogant they are as a whole. Moving on to Chelsea. She's ugly. Thats my main complaint with her. Just Ugly.

I normally avoid political everything like the plauge so i dont have to hear anyones argument. Never has a president changed my opinion so quickly as Bush.
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Mud in my Veins
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Re: New book I\'m ordering

Goody, the library doesn't have it yet. In fact, the entire library system doesn't have it yet. Guess I'll have to wait.

I have been aware of politics and how it affected my world for a long time now, since I was about 11-12. I never had a liberal phase, like that old saying goes. I've been a Conservative Republican since right about the time I was able to figure out who was who and who believed what. I'll argue my point or try to convince others, but I do have a saying that I try to live by. "Don't argue with stupid people." Sometimes you'll see me debate someone on here back and forth for a few points, be it truck related or politics, and then just shut up. Chances are I haven't conceded my point, I just got tired of beating my head against the wall of stupidity the moron has put up around themself.[img]images/graemlins/smirk.gif[/img]
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Mud in my Veins
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Re: New book I\'m ordering

hell yeah, i need to pick that one up, i'm sure it's hysterical and really really sad at the same time [img]images/graemlins/chairfall.gif[/img]
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