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any funny truck stories out there?

This isn't the funniest story out there but I think about it every now and then.

Back about 14 years ago I was working at a gas station in Oregon. At the time, it was a Mobil station but that doesn't really matter. Anyway, for those who don't know, Oregon is one of two states which do not allow self service. That would make me the pump jockey. So, I am out at the pumps on a cold and rainy night. I am finishing up on a car when this early '70's F-250 pulls up. It is dark blue and showing its age. At that time, the truck was as old as this story. The lady driving the truck throws it in park and shuts it off. The truck was still running (coughing really) for about 5-10 seconds before it finally died. When it did die, it made a loud bang. Right after the bang, a corroded piece of the exhaust came hurling towards me. It was a piece of rust about the size of a silver dollar. The lady driving the truck saw this and watched me as I ducked before it impaled me. She gave me this look like "no big deal, this happens every time"!

Anyone else have some funny stories?
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Re: any funny truck stories out there?

Well, I've got many stories, however this is the first one that comes to mind...LOL. A friend of mine was out with another guy late one night, travelling around some woods roads in his '90 Chevy 4x4 3/4 ton Diesel.....and while they were touring around, they had been sipping on a few drinks of rum. Oh, did I say that they had been guzzling rum?...LOL, anyhow, they had stopped for a little while and when they went to leave, the E-brake wouldn't release. So in all is wisdom, he found out it would actually move in four low, so he drove it home that way....about 10 or 12 miles.....he he he, and when he got there, the smoke was rolling out from under the back fenders. He staggered in the house and went to bed. When he came out in the morning, the first thing he noticed was that the hood was sitting up a little bit, just as if the catch had been when he looked in the cab, he found that the E-brake was still depressed, the same as it was the night before, and he had been pulling on the hood catch handle the whole time. LOL [img]images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img] [img]images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img] [img]images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img].
We still pick on him about it when telling stories...he he he.
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Re: any funny truck stories out there?

i went away with some college folks to play paintball for a fundraiser. had my dads new 4x4 (my honda passport now), had it for about 3-4 weeks. saturday during the day we played had a good time, that nite we were gonna camp out and then wake up next morning and play again. well we decided that we would stay at a locals home who's father was away. well some bad decisions were made and i drank a gallon and a half o liquor. ended up passing out on patio, woke up threw keys on table to new suv, passed out again and somone else drove home. i ended up going to a xmas party that nite and passing out on a plate. father asked how trip went, i said fine and to my knowledge he doesn't know.

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Re: any funny truck stories out there?

Kid i know in schaller with a 96 Z71 thought it was the biggest and baddest truck ever...(i call this Z71 syndrome) [img]images/graemlins/tongue.gif[/img] anyway he tolda guy with a Dually that he could pull him around if they tied up chains, well Kelly(Z71 guy) put it in 4 hi, and Jason(dually guy) left it in 2wd he pulled kelly where ever he wanted god it was funny, kelly balded out his tires. the next day went and bought a 3 inch body lift and 315 Wild Country TXRs
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Re: any funny truck stories out there?

This was about 6 months ago, or so, I was coming onto post at Ft. Lewis, WA, a hummer was at a stop light with the right front wheel off and propped, upright, under the right side of the truck, raising the right front end up has high as the wheel it's self. Apparently it had come loose and came off as the driver was coming to a stop, and the truck just rolled right up on top of it to raise it. I didn't get a picture, but asked the MP's if they had gotten one and they said they did. Never heard anything more about it, but I can imagine what was going through the drivers head, and the look on his face, as he came to a stop and the right front side of his truck just magically raised up. If I hadn't seen it, it would be hard to believe.
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Re: any funny truck stories out there?

Proof that HMMWV's don't make very good dune jumpers unless you really modify them. More power especially.[img]images/graemlins/tongue.gif[/img]
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Re: any funny truck stories out there?

new jersey doesnt allow self serving at gas stations either. i liked to call myself the "gasoline distribution technician"

one day, i'm sittin in the office doing paperwork talking to the two mechanics, we were discussing our new pump attendant (17 year old kid)

so the mechanics are asking me if i showed him how to do everything. i looked at my stack of papers, looked back at them and say "he's not too quick with the entire writing and counting area, but he knows how to stick the nozzle in the tank"

so they laugh, i look up and what do i see? car pulling away, nozzle in the tank. KABAMMM the saftey disconnect on the hose releases, pumps shut off. nozzle stays in the tank, but the hose wipped back up, right into the guys backwindow. the new kids first paycheck went straight into the guys new rear windshield.
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Re: any funny truck stories out there?

Ok, my turn.
I know this kid who is 16 and the day he got his his liscense his dad bought him a 00' Z71. He then began to poserize it:8"lift-air bags-37"s. He had for about a year and a half and he added cosemetic crap to it and that was about it. Well, a few weeks ago we had a huge weed bust go down outside of town. Turns out it was his dad, he had a 2800 Sq. ft. room 43 1000 watt Halide bulbs and all electrical work was up to code, the had 414 plants down there and they moved them all the night before the bust. Guess what they used to transport the plants, his truck. His truck was confiscated and he now mopes around the school with no friends at all.

What a happy ending.
P.S.-I always hated that kid, knew there was something crooked about him.
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Re: any funny truck stories out there?

Many years ago I was a technician at a GMC dealership. Guy brings in his lowered dually for new exhaust manifolds. This truck is a hauler for his blown fuel hydro. Tells the service writer "Dont let anyone drive my truck!!!" So I get it in the bay, replace the manifolds, and decided to test drive. First, the guy pulls his stereo (Old pull out... yes I'm old). I realize that my stereo out of my car will fit in the truck, so I plug in the stereo and off I go. The truck has a killer sound system in it, and I have the tunes cranked with a couple of the guys in it for a test drive. Decided that we were hungry, so we hit the new In-N-Out burger up the road. While in line to get a burger, a guy from the local newpaper comes up and takes our picture. Next day, front page in this guys truck in the drive thru at the burger joint. It was damn funny, and the guy screamed like a little girl when he found out and showed up on the service drive..... glad I quit that place...
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Re: any funny truck stories out there?

Best one I can remember was when I worked for an engineering company laying telephone and catv lines . Working in southern Indiana one summer on a state highway across from a gas station . Little gal in an old Vega wagon pulls up , fills up the car , then tries to start it . Car won't start , so she goes back inside . Comes out with a can that none of us can figure out what it is , and opens the hood . Our whole crew is standing across the road about 200' ft away, she opens the hood and empties the contents at the engine . One of the Operators said something about Ether , and starts running for the car, too late . She didn't hear him yelling and reached in the window and hit the key . That thing went off like a bomb , blew the cylinder head off and flipped it upside down on the fender with the exhaust pipe still attached . Oil pan was wrapped around the front axle . He grabbed their fire extinguisher off the post and put out what was left of it . Not one guy said a word about the puddle she left where she was standing , we thought she was scared enough not to embarrass her . I'll never forget that one ..
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