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The paranormal........(Long.)

<font color="blue">Before I say anything I want to say that I want your compleate attention when you read this, and I want honest answers. No BS in any of this.
Eariler tonight my dad came over for dinner. (He had moved out on us in June which I don't think any of you save for RJ knew.) And my sister Katie started acting strangely, saying she saw shadows and stuff moving around in the house. Later on in the night she said she was seeing our grandma Pat, dad's mother who died back in early 1991(april I think.) She said over and over to katie "stay" maening for her to tell dad that grandma wated him to stay. After this Katie my mom and dad all went into the bedroom to talk. and stayed in there for close to an hour, save for katie coming out to the living room every once in a while to seemingly stare at the cealing. After they came out I found out that katie says there were 3 "ghosts" in the house. My grandma, and 2 other faceless figures. and also for some reason many of our dead pets. (dogs and cats.) At this point I really didn't know what the hell to think. The skeptal side of me wanted to call a shrink for my mom dad and katie, since they all seemed to be beliveing all this. While the side of me that for whatever reason has always belived to things that really can't be proven. (Ghosts, UFOs, alien abductions, Bigfoot etc.) wasn't sure what to do. But at any rate my brother deside to take some pictures with our digital camera to see what showed up. We found that there were orbs and strange shadows visable in the pictures. You could dismiss these as tricks of the light and such, and for the most part we did. But then we took a picture of dad. The face that apeared in the picture was most certainly NOT dad's face. In fact it looks earily like my grandma, and the whole face has a wierd "fazed in" look to it, and scares the sh*t out of me. Here is the picture. I swear on whatever the hell you want me to this picture is %100 NOT doctored in ANY way.

I don't have a differant picture of dad showing his real face at the moment, but I will try to get one to prove my story. (I hope.)
After all of this my dad left. He seemed quite shaken by all of this. (He did see the picture of himself.) Katie said a new figure showed up after he left. This one being a little boy in a baseball uniform. She also said that Grandma left, calling out to dad as he drove off. The other 2 faceless figures left to.
After this my sister insisted upon looking at all the family photo albums we have. (She looked at all of these in cronilogical order.) She;d say she saw say one of our old cats or dogs. sitting somewhere in the house now, and then find a picture of the same cat or person sitting or doing whatever she said they were, before she even found the picture in the album. This is a picture my brother took when katie said that our old dog Patty (Named after my grandma.) Was in sitting on his bed. Again I swear this picture is not doctored in any way. I and a friend I already showed this picture to on AIM agree you can clearly see a dogs lower leg/paw in this picture. Right below the cord from the camera that slipped into the shot. It is also right below one of our current cats. (Who is alive and well thank you.)

She then looked through all the pictures we have taken since grandma died. Saying she could see grandma in everyone of them that had one of us in it. Except for any pictures that just had my other sister Kara in them. (Kara was born after grandma died.) And that with mom of katie she always was standing to the right of them. And for my dad, myself, or my brother, she always stood on our left. Group pictures seemed to be a crap shoot on where grandma was standing. After she'd finish looking at an album she whould stack in in a pile on the table. Saying grandma told her to stack them this way, and won't let them be moved for now. (It;s been 3 hours since then and still katie won't let anyone move them.) She then said that grandma wanted dad to come backover to look at the albums in reverse cronilogical order. That she (grandma) needed to speak to him through the picture. I have no idea what this means. The story wraps up for now with dad saying he won't come back over here to look at the pictures. and Katie and mom off in mom's rom talking. Last I saw katie she was shakeing noticebly, and seemed quite upset.
Please tell me what you think of all this. I don;t know if I should call a shrink or a priest. I myself don't know what the hell to think. I can't deside if all this is real. Or if 3 members of my family. (Mom Katie and Dad.) Have all flipped and I should get some help of some kind.
Thanks for reading all of this.

Dan.</font color>

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Re: The paranormal........(Long.)

very interesting... without knowing your dad and grandma i couldnt say much, and i'm not seeing this paw in the 2nd pic that you say is clearly there? where exactly? sounds like creepy stuff

oh and Bigfoot does exist:
<img src=>

sorry, had to liven things up, getting too spooky for me [img]images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]
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Re: The paranormal........(Long.)

The so called dogs paw looks like a piece of lint or thread from the strap to me, and as far as the "fazed in face" of your grandma, I think you need to get a better quality camera, that is just a grainy pic not to mention the red eye from the flash and the shadowing around his hair. I am not saying that there is no such thing as ghosts, as I can niether prove or disprove. What I am saying is that what you have as evidence as such doesn't hold up under the untrained eye, let alone what an expert would have to say about it. My opinion: either somebody slipped something into your food or drink or you were smoking some sh!t before this all occurd. You asked. [img]images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]
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Re: The paranormal........(Long.)

i beleive in ghosts. a close friend of my Tiff Rimmer who is also a senior. her mom and brother died in a car wreck in 5th grade. at the house her mom and dad first lived in, her ghost haunts. The guy who lives there was gone for the weekend. friday night all the lights were off at like 8. at like 1030 the attic light and basement lights were on. this has happened like this a few times. and is odd, because the guy who lives there doesnt ever use the attic at all and basement very much. the front screen door to the porch always seems to be halfway open. Never open all the way, or closed all the way. just inbetween, but its odd. cuz it has one of those self closing things on it.
poltergheists(spelling) do exist, i have total belief in them. and a different kind of bigfoot [img]images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]
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Re: The paranormal........(Long.)

Very odd indeed I have goosebumps on me now... lol
You don't happen to listen to Art Bell on the radio do you?
Now, take me totally seriously and don't anyone be stupid.
Shout out the name of Jehovah, I say it will leave. I've even heard of people who had spirts and so forth bothering them and they went got a publication called 'The Watchtower' and place near them or on there bed. And it all left.
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Re: The paranormal........(Long.)

I am a very big skeptic... Always have been and always will be. I see nothing in the picture with the "supposed" paw. I think the mind can play amazing tricks on us. If you really want to see something you will. It's kinda like looking at the clouds and saying " I see a VW Bug in that cloud". Not to rain on any parade but that is only my opinion. I am by no means an expert on the matter.
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Re: The paranormal........(Long.)

weird things happen, when i was young, my older sister allways said she saw ghosts. weird things happened ocasionally (like on time i was looking through the closet (very young) when no one was home and a book hit me in the back from a shelf on the kitty corner wall. this and other things happened, but that one sticks out. when my sister moved out at age 16, everything stopped. i think this "stuff" has to do with the person that sees thiese things, i am very sceptical, the mind can play very realistic tricks on ya
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Re: The paranormal........(Long.)

jehovah is spelled with an I instead of a J havent you ever seen Indiana Jones and the last crusade "i think, thats the right one"
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