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**DONOTDELETE** 10-08-2000 08:37 PM

1993 2wd to desert runner
Always wanting to do it right the first time I want to make sure I am not making a mistake now.

Taking my 2wd and making it into something more to my liking. Switching to:

1998 Alloy 5 spoke nissan wheels from a 4x4 (15x7)
LT 235/75 R 15 tires (Michelin LTX A/T were my first choice)
Fabtech 3inch suspension lift kit

Need info on a limited slip unit. Nissan didnt make one? Will slip out just the diff. or entire axle if need be.

The purpose of the truck is for my job as a superintentent and for play - hi speed offroading in desert and snow.

The tires were chosen for their outstanding dry and wet handling and their mud and snow capability.

I am also doing vibration and sound dampening on it - half way there now. Have pics and lots of real knowledge for those interested.

**DONOTDELETE** 10-09-2000 11:24 AM

Re: 1993 2wd to desert runner
Hey there!!!

I have done to my truck what you are explaining and if you havent bought the fabtech and want a good lift go to or Much better lifts, upper and lower control arms. The fabtechs are good but if you want a strong desert runner you would need one of these lifts. A tip i would give you is instead of buying fiberglass fenders buy stock nissan 4X4 fenders, they bulge out enough for me to fit 30X9.5's Also get milled balljoints as you will be going through balljoints quickly if you are going to be at high speeds. I'd love to see the pictures and info on your truck. Sorry for such a long post.


Drew K1500 10-09-2000 11:01 PM

Re: 1993 2wd to desert runner
I built a 1993 2wd into a killer desert truck. One of the best things i can suggest is to find a rear axle from a SEV6 4x4 maybe from a junkyard and chuck your rear axle. What this will do is give you the ability to throw a "Lock Right Locker" into your rear. As of yet I dont know of any lockers out there for your truck. You will also be able to mount your axle below the springs for an instant lift yet retain your stock ride. I would disagree with Pitt about the fiberglass as in this type of truck the lighter the better. I believe that the SEV6 4x4 from that year came with a limited slip rear diff. So that may be the road your looking for. I wish I still had my truck. It was awesome.

**DONOTDELETE** 10-09-2000 11:47 PM

Re: 1993 2wd to desert runner
How much did it cost you to replace the axle, and was it hard to do the leaf over swap, Does it put any bad angles on your drive line? And as for the fenders you are correct, lighter is better but the steel front fenders arent much heavier they are also almost one forth of the price($80 steel, $260 Fiberglass), just dont put the fender skirts and all that back in, just use the metal fender. Thank you for any and all info.


**DONOTDELETE** 10-10-2000 01:31 AM

Re: 1993 2wd to desert runner
I am pretty excited about those two sites that you mentioned and would like to have a beefy suspension system if I need it in the future for some heavy duty fun. The only problem I saw was the 6 inches of added width that the suspension added.
I got this reply from Autogator today.

Have rear ends located, used are selling for $350-$500 plus shipping.
Thanks, AutoGator.
Refer to order number #Q321495.


*** Call (800) 252-6662 to place your order or questions.
*** All parts subject to availability.
AutoGator Nissan & Infiniti Parts, New & Used. email: [email protected]
5325 Dry Creek Rd. Sacramento, CA 95838
(800) 252-6662, (916) 991-4191, fax: (916) 991-4820

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> Axles = Four Wheel Drive
> parts_description = Rear axle with limited slip differential that will
work with my 1993 nissan 2wd pickup.
> Will take limited slip diff. unit or entire rear axle as needed
> uname = Matthew Hughes
> email = [email protected]

**DONOTDELETE** 10-10-2000 12:34 PM

Re: 1993 2wd to desert runner
WOW 6" added width!!
Is that the chaos fab lift or the Camburg lift? My friend has the Camburg lift and it doesnt look like that much of a difference however i may be mistaken. Thanks for the info on the axle! However a while back someone was telling me i could put an old mustang rear axle in, which had posi traction. Just an old post, what do you think?


Drew K1500 10-11-2000 03:22 PM

Re: 1993 2wd to desert runner
To install the new axle under your leaf springs should be a simple bolt on. As the only difference between the axles was that the 4x4 had their spring mount on top of the axle as where the 2wd has it on the bottom. You might even be able to use your original u bolts. The driveline extended a little but not enough for me to worry about it at all. I had limiting straps on my rear that would have prevented it from over extending anyhow.

**DONOTDELETE** 10-11-2000 03:49 PM

Re: 1993 2wd to desert runner
So you use the same shocks and everything also? How long were the limiting straps? Thanks for all the info!


Drew K1500 10-12-2000 05:04 PM

Re: 1993 2wd to desert runner
No I would suggest new shocks. I guess you could use them? I forget where they mounted. I believe to the spring mounts. The limiting straps were 2" shorter than the axles hung when put on a rack. Exactly how long? I am unsure. Its been 4 years since the truck went "away".

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