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**DONOTDELETE** 10-07-2000 05:09 PM

Lifted Front Squirrely
95 Path 4x4. Front lift with Automotive Customizers lift cranked to 1.5" and BFG 31x10.5s. Sway-Away torsion bars and a Rancho steering stablizer.

I put the lift and bigger tires on at about the same time and added the others a little later.

Recently I noticed the tires seem to track almost everything, small ruts, tar sealed cracks, even the painted lines on the road! I recently had the front end aligned and I can't tell any difference, possibly worse. I raised the tire pressure from 36 to 40 and that has helped a little. I've also noticed the tires squeal fairly easily. I'm losing confidence in the front end.

I plan to take it back in to have the alignment checked but I think the garage will blame the lift. Anybody else have problems like this? I replaced the torsion bars my self with instructions off this board and used a yard stick to measure 3 points on the bumper and one on each wheel well to set my lift height. Should I have been more exacting?

If I'm on a flat smooth road the steering / alighnment is fine. I did expect some change for the lift and tire change but this seems excessive certainly on the basis of the posts about tires and lifts I've read here.

**DONOTDELETE** 10-07-2000 06:56 PM

Re: Lifted Front Squirrely because IFS sux
I'm not gonna say this to hurt your feelings but Nissan has the ****tiest front end on the market, and the extra lift you added just made it worse. I'm the proud owner of an '87 hardbody, with a '75 chevrolet front axle mounted under the front. Yet, I've had much experience with the Nissan IFS. First, all the hardware on the ifs is light duty, made for P235 tires, and really on road driving. I also added the 1.5 inch lift to my truck a few years back, talk about the worst money i ever spent. The lift just messes up all the angles of the A-arms and steering hardware. No way and alignment shop can fix, the lift ought to be taken off the market! Those torsion bars you added probably didn't help, I added the same ones to mine, again after i had them i felt i wasted my money. I know a lot of people will swear by this kit, but i hated mine. And as far as i know there is no way to fix your problems, and all the symptoms you stated about the tires acting up are probably worse in 4wd.

And hey i put the straight axle on the front of mine for less than i bought the 1.5 inch lift and torsion bars for.
any questions just post em.

Drew K1500 10-07-2000 09:46 PM

Re: Lifted Front Squirrely
Not related but I had an aunt that was named Shirley. We used to call her Squirrely Shirley. By now.

**DONOTDELETE** 10-07-2000 11:36 PM

Re: Lifted Front Squirrely because IFS sux
Check the condition of your tie rods, center link, and definitely check your idler arm. KXT is right, Nissan IFS does have a few weak points after a lift. If you dont have a moog idler arm already, put one on. I had similar problems, and this helps a little. I have my torisons turned up in the front on top of the Trailmaster lift. This is to compensate for the sag from my winch/brushguard/skidplate. This is causing me to have the precise same predicament you are in. What I have done to alleviate the problem is to get sway away torison bars, so they will hold the load better, so I dont have to turn them up (however, you have already done this). My only suggestion is to check all your steering points, and to make sure your camber is where it is supposed to be. Contact automotive customizers, and see what Mike has to say. He may have some insight...I feel you pain..and good luck!

Happy Trails
Wade Colvard
[email protected]

mudmonkey 10-08-2000 01:38 AM

Re: Lifted Front Squirrely because IFS sux
ok i will bite how did you put a stright axle in that cheap ? i would love to know this becouse i am look ing at like about 2 grand to do mine so by all mean in lighten me.
thanks in advance

Darryl Myers
[email protected]
88' Pathfinder
Help i'm stuck , Oh wait i fogot i have a nissan

**DONOTDELETE** 10-08-2000 02:17 AM

Re: Lifted Front Squirrely because IFS sux
<font color=red>Ok Mr. mudmonkey
Straight axle price lift.
1 Axle off of '75 chevy, w/ stock leaf springs and steering arms. $200 bucks at the local junk yard
2 $30 in new bushings
3 $30 optinal: new brake rotors and pads
4 made all the hangers and shackles out of spare metal around the shop
5 made brackets for the shocks to mount with spare metal
6 $1 can of walmart spray paint
7 $20 for a 2wd oil pan

for 2 grand i can build a whole new truck.
i love building thinks and on a students budget i don't have the cash to buy all new stuff. If i did have the cas i would have gone with a 3/4 ton front end and a detroit locker. but hey maybe next summer
see ya

</font color=red>

**DONOTDELETE** 10-08-2000 10:45 AM

Re: Lifted Front Squirrely
That seems like alot of tire pressure for a little Pathfinder.

**DONOTDELETE** 10-08-2000 08:40 PM

Re: Lifted Front Squirrely
Excessive bump-steer (tracking to small grooves or cracks) can be caused by any number of alignment characterisitics, most commonly; a lack of positive caster or insufficient negative (or excessive positive) camber, and the front wheels being toed-out. However, in your case the most likely culprit is the lift kit. As the front end is cranked up, the A arms droop down and the tie-rods follow. This results in the tie rods resting at a angle down from the center link thereby both shortening their outstreched length (toe'ing the front wheels in) and causing the vehicle to react more markedly to bumps, as now the front wheels will go from a toed-in position (at rest) to a toed-out position (under compression) and then back (on rebound). This problem is worst when only one wheel is compressed, such as following a crack or groove in the pavement when lane changing. Lowered cars experience much the same problem, but in their case it is because the tie-rods have moved up. On lowered cars the solution is to raise the steering rack (via offset rack bushings), or lower the tie-rods (via spacers). This only applies to rack-and-pinion steered cars, however, I imagine the same goemetry would apply drag-link type steering systems (if you could find a way to lower the center link). Everyone confused now? In essence, you're stuck. Ride quality may improve with some creative alignment measures, but don't expect it to handle like showroom stock.---what the hell, it's not a range-rover anyway (who needs good ON-ROAD handling?)............................that's why my motto has always been...................................



**DONOTDELETE** 10-08-2000 10:03 PM

Re: Lifted Front Squirrely
check the upper ball joints and the idler arm. If bad, replace with moog parts only.

1989 SR5 4Runner

**DONOTDELETE** 10-09-2000 12:19 AM

Re: Lifted Front Squirrely
MILDOT is so right, the tie rods i'm sure are at a bad angle. The only way i know to fix is spacers like mildot said. Yet fabricating a tapered tierod spacer is not the easied task. good luck

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