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**DONOTDELETE** 04-28-2002 11:43 PM

Bodatius 4x4 event (central VA) - observations
Just got back from the Bodatius 4x4 event in Cartersville, VA. The only portion of the event that I saw was the mud bog.
Observations: This was super thick, deep mud. Almost all competitors were running high HP V-8s and some were spraying NOS. Others were running engines closer to stock. In some cases the high HP really helped the trucks power through, but in other cases it just dug them in a hole. Weight played a huge issue. Lots of big trucks with v-8's just sank and got stuck. One Chevy was running insane HP, but blew the engine on his second run. The crowd favorite was a beat up early 80's Toyota pickup with the stock 4 banger, stock axles, no lockers, just a lift and what looked like 36x14.50 TSL's. That truck made 4 runs. The first 3 he got stuck mere yards from the end of the hole, but on the 4th (and final run by all trucks) he REFUSED to give up. He gave that truck H*LL. It finally made it and achieved the goal that many high HP V-8 powered rigs had failed to do - merely make it through.
Tires: Unless you're running really high HP, stay away from Boggers; they'll get you stuck. You'll just dig down, but get no forward motion. Groundhawgs did well, and powered one mildly built K-5 Blazer through the pit. Seemed to pull hard and didn't dig down as much as the bogger. Buckshot Mudders cleaned better than any other tire there. They stayed clear through peanut butter-like mud, but only one truck was running them and they were small (maybe 33's) and the truck didn't have enough clearance to do well, but the tires were impressive. TSL's were the best all-around tire there. They didn't seem to clean well, but maintained almost magical forward progress. They were what powered the nearly stock Toyota through the pit. The Toy didn't have the power to spin them hard and they clogged up, but just kept churning and pulling.
They're was lots of carnage. I counted 4 or 5 blown engines, several driveshafts, and countless axles. For anyone wondering about mud traction of a tire, head down to an event similar to this one and check it out.
But the most important thing I learned from this event is if you want to make it through such pits (this event was really more of a "let's see who can get through this sh*t" than a real race) is the importance of weight. The Toyotas ruled, even the 4 banger truck made it through.

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