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**DONOTDELETE** 01-28-2000 07:34 AM

Got my new M-Class yesterday...
Well, fellas... My new M-class that I ordered from Robb Report Showcase just arrived yesterday. It features a 200 inch frame stretch to accomodate my office and wet bar. Now most limos can't go where mine can -- off road. I asked my driver to take it off road and show me what it can do; He promptly turned into a lot behind a warehouse. "Nothing but big trucks back here, jeeves;" I said, as I toasted him with my martini.

As we were leaving, my idiot chauffeur forgot about the wheelbase length and ran us up onto the landscaping by the frontage road at 150mph. Since I could not locate a winch to match the gold trim package, I did not have one mounted. I called one of those trucks with a small crane on the back on my cell phone..."Tow-Trucks" I think they call 'em nowadays.

Fellas, I don't care what ya'll say, this is the tallest car on the market!

SRN 01-28-2000 01:55 PM

Re: Got my new M-Class yesterday...
Hehehehe. Thats good.

S<font color=purple>R</font><font color=gray>N
'86 Samurai <font color=purple>"Simple Sami MK2"

**DONOTDELETE** 02-04-2000 06:33 AM

Re: Got my new M-Class yesterday...
fellas, I'm seriously thinking about sending my m-class back. I was entertaining a client, and I suggested we go "off-road". He laughed at me. I have no Idea why, these are the tallest cars they make right now; Mine is also one of the longest. Only problem is that since I ordered mine from the limo shop, I'm not sure they'll give me a full refund.

Would anyone here like to buy this? I'll post this on the FORSALE board, but let me tell ya'll about it...

2000 M class, DX edition
200" frame stretch
wet bar
entertainment center
triple sunroofs
"English gentlemens' club" leather trim on all interior surfaces
Monochrome exterior, all body panels, bumpers, etc matching gold
Matching gold-tone limo tint windows
permanent cellular link to LAN for e-business
self-contained evac toilets, shower (very nice, must see)
Mobile Starbucks franchise behind driver's area

Now folks, I paid over 700 K for this off road machine, but I'll sacrifice it at $600,000 firm.

Drew K1500 10-07-2000 10:10 PM

Re: Got my new M-Class yesterday...
Hmmm. I hope you will take cash as that is all I have right now. It seems my bank didnt have the required air filtration system for my money so I had to withdraw and store some of it at my summer home in Boulder. Where do you live? Or more appropriately, where does the "M" live? I will have my "assistant" Sonya fly out there and pick it up. Also does "Jeeves" come with the vehicle?

**DONOTDELETE** 10-19-2000 02:35 PM

Re: Got my new M-Class yesterday...
Is this a Mercedes mini-van or are they calling it a SUV. My neighbor just got one and I complimented on how nice his new mini-van looked.

**DONOTDELETE** 10-19-2000 07:03 PM

Re: Got my new M-Class yesterday...
I bet he really got mad and squirted you with his Evian water bottle. Then removed his silk shirt so he didn't perspire and get dirty.[img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/laugh.gif[/img]

Jeeper99xj 10-31-2000 06:02 PM

Re: Got my new M-Class yesterday...
You looser you got ripped off I got mine for 500,000 and it sucks offroad

'95 YJ Completly Stock, not for long!

Someone Sell me a D35 limited slip I need one badly, please sell me one

Currently looking for a 16 year old jeep chick

piaa_nissan 11-15-2000 02:08 AM

Re: Got my new M-Class yesterday...
I got the olympic pool option on mine and I can't get the filteration to work right! I think they need to do a recall

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