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What is your best McGyver?


What are some of the McGyvers that y'all have seen or do. Simple things like fixing a broken hose with a socket and hose clamps and such. Things McGyver would do on the Rubicon.

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Re: What is your best McGyver?

i blew out a u-joint in my rear driveshaft and duct-taped it back together. i found both caps, but no needles. so, i scraped some of the old grease off the bottom of the jeep body (from bring slung out after greasing), jammed it in the caps, and taped it up. i ended up driving over 20 miles like this (in 4wd HI), stopping every once in a while to check it out. it would start to vibrate at about 40mph...it got me home and looked like it would have held up for another 20 miles. matt

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Re: What is your best McGyver?

Two stories involving boot laces,,,,,

We were traveling out of town once, and we were driving the old dually chevy pick-up, it started raining really hard, no biggy, except that the windshield wiper motor decided to take a dump on us. It was raining hard enough that w/o them you couldn't see crapola....since we were out in the middle of nowhere, we pulled over under a bridge and pulled the motor off, and took our boot laces and tied one to each wiper and brought them in through the vent window , and headed back out going down the road, we would pull one direction, and then the next, worked like a champ.

The next time, I was riding with a buddy in his VW Bug between Waco and San Antonio, we were cruising down the highway, when all of a sudden the bug just lost power, we pulled over and found that the carb cable had broken, we took one of my boot laces and revved up the engine and tied it open with the lace, ended up we had it tied off just right to do a little over 60mph, but it really sucked when we were stopped at a light or something, because it was revving pretty good, but it got us to SA where we could get a new cable and replace it.


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Re: What is your best McGyver?

I've got one that's really quite embarrassing, but it was 10 years ago and I was only 15 and just starting to learn about cars, and boy did I learn a lesson. We were replacing the fuel pump on my friends Ford Ranger, and we kinked and cracked the fuel line. It was late at night so we couldn't get a new line, so out came the J.B. Weld. We let it dry and turned the engine over and all seemed okay. He drove it up the block to his house for the night and we planned to replace it the next day after school. Then next morning he pulls up to pick me up for school and flames are shooting out the grill! Luckily my neighbor a couple houses down was outside and grabbed an extiguisher and put it out. All the wiring was completely melted and the truck was totalled. Big mistake with a hard lesson learned.

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Re: What is your best McGyver?

Simple, and I am sure others have done it...

my tire was hungry and took out my front brake line so I borrowed a buddies vise-grips and locked it on my line. Kept it from leaking. I re-filled with more fluid and wheeled a few weeks this way.

While camping out on a big wheeling weekend I was wheeling three deep mud holes in Forked River, NJ. On the last hole I was heavy on the gas and when I hit the end of the hole it compressed my steering shaft enough that when I came out of the hole (front wheels in the air) it pulled my shaft out of the box. I lost one of the square thingy's that go in the coupler. We took a nut the same size, Drilled out the hole to fit and DONE. I put it all back together and wheeled the rest of the weekend.

My ignition switch took a dump and fried a few wires (while camping again)so we re wired the ignition to 3 toggles for the rest of the trip. I am now currently running a push button setup from Morosso.

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Re: What is your best McGyver?

My favorite so far was once while down in south TX covering alot of ground on a friends ranch and the stock carb was getting so dirty that I had to clean the venturi's in the field. When I was putting the carb back together the screw that goes into the choke plate stripped off. So there I was stuck in the field with no carb. I went through the toolbox and found my JB Quick (same as JB Weld but sets up faster) and glued the linkage back together. Worked great until I replaced the carb a couple of months later.

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Re: What is your best McGyver?

before i put in the hydraulic clutch, the linkage fell apart in the middle of nowhere. One of the ladies on the trip had an elastic hair tie, so i wrapped it around the joint and drove a couple hundred miles on it.

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Re: What is your best McGyver?

I lost my alternator belt while hunting in South Texas. It was Thanksgiving weekend and the only parts store for 30 miles was closed for the next four days. I went to the local dollar store and bought a pair of panty hose tied them in a knot and stretched them around the pulleys. I ran it like that for the following four days with no problem even used the winch.

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Re: What is your best McGyver?

years ago while wheeling my small block ford powered MB, i had the electric fuel pump die on me. we were out in the nevada desert, about 25 miles from my house. i convinced my wife to give up her socks. i hooked one of her socks on to a piece of wire and ran it into the gas tank. pulled it out and set it in the air cleaner housing. fired up and got us about 200 yards at almost full throttle. did this about five times. must be a better way. then realized that the overflow bottle that i put in for the radiator, but never hooked up was sitting there laughing at me. i removed the bottle, clamped a piece of vacuum line on it, and pinched it shut with vise grips. i syphoned some gas into it, and bungied the hood back. i sat on top of the fender and operated the vise grips on the hose, allowing enough gas to drip into the carb to keep it running while my wife drove. i only had to refill the bottle three times and i only fell off the fender once. we did make it home. years later, with a cj, i had the same situation, but the cj had a windshield washer with motor, and was able to fill that up and operate it from inside the jeep. only had to go about five miles that time.

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Re: What is your best McGyver?

I single flared a hydraulic clutch line a few times with a phillips screwdriver. Come to think of it, it's still on there and working. Thanks for posting this, I gotta change it out.

Also managed to get out of the woods with wise grips and a screwdriver when the shifter sheared off in the tranny.

Ran fuel pump off the headlight switch, but that's nothing special.

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