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OT: The bin Laden tape

That tape was just released, absolutely incredible, the monster comes right out and admits it. Death is too good for him. For a transcript you can read go to:

ORC Land Use Editor

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Re: OT: The bin Laden tape

Thanks Brad.
Happy Holidays, and Pray for Peace.

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Re: OT: The bin Laden tape

1. Find him.
2. Capture him.
3. Bring him back to New York.
4. Erect a Gallows on Ground Zero.
5. Let him walk up those 13 steps.
6. Put the noose around his neck.
7. Let him down gently.. .we don't want not "Cruel and Unusual Punisment."
8. Let him hang till the sensors on him say he's dead.
9. Revive him.
10. Go to step 5 and repeat through Step 9 equal to the number killed in New York, Washington DC and in the Afgan War.
11. On the last hangin' stuff pork fat in his mouth and drop 'em fast and far... as far as to hell.

I'd quit my day job to pull the trap, center the noose, anything to send that monseter on to his eternal reward. But I'd never get the job, the line would be too long...

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Re: OT: The bin Laden tape

Leve, that is a side of you I have not yet seen. You'll have to fight me to pull the handle, maybe we could take turns[img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/wink.gif[/img].

Cage Up, Wheels Down
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Way Outta Control
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Re: OT: The bin Laden tape

I was taught to play nice...

We can either pull the lever together, or alternly work the trap and the noose...I'm easy to get along with.

I also a FIRM beliver in captial punishment. This (I'd say SOB, but I understnd his Mom's a nice person) ... monster must go. I'd just like to see some way for him pay a price here on earth for EVERY person for whom he engineered a death. Though his crimes pale when stacked next to Hitler, Lennin, Stalin, Mao, and the like... he's no better... and deserves no less.

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Re: OT: The bin Laden tape

Can we pull his toe nails out first?? [img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Please, please??


'83 CJ-7 in Land Rover Country

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Re: OT: The bin Laden tape

Public hangings are something that should be brought back. Sell tickets at the local stadium and pay per view. All the proceeds would go to the 911 victims families. I understand that it was a a big crowd gathering event only a few years back. (Few hundred that is)

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Re: OT: The bin Laden tape

well no doubt this guy is guilty of terrorism against the usa in more than one count but i don't hold much credibility to this "found" tape. i see it as staged and propaganda. no matter to me though- it could have been a tape with bin ladden pleading his innocence............he still needs to be WASTED! i will be surprised if we get him dead or alive.

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Re: OT: The bin Laden tape

I'm with SAS. Looks a little too staged to me. I will also be surprised if we get him.
Has anyone heard that Somalia is now requesting assistance again? This seems very odd to me. I'm sure its just coincidence. If you aren't up on what happened there already read "Blackhawk Down". It has also been theorized recently that we were fighting Afghan trained "freedom fighters" in Somalia. I don't think the movie will do it justice. I know several people that were in Somalia at the time and although they don't talk about it, they said even the book didn't do it justice.
Guess what? The initial mumblings are that we are going back. Hope we learned our lesson the first time.

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Re: OT: The bin Laden tape

I'm not Politically Correct.
I'm not In Touch With My Sensitive Side.
I'm not A Liberal.
I'm not Compliant With Christian Charity.
I'm not User Friendly.
I'm not Going To Fight The Good Fight.
I'm not Going To Live And Let Live.
I'm not Going To Fight Fare.

Hell, Truth be told, I'm not even House Broken...

Here are a couple of things that cross my mind....

1. Is the tape Genuine?
All indicators are it is, but I wouldn't put it past our Government to make a fake, or knowingly authenticate a fake made elsewhere.

2. Is that really BinLaden or a double?
If it is, this guy is no less than I expected, He's an homicidal maniac using religion as a front to kill people.
(That has been the best way to kill people down through history, why not use what works...)
It's been said by the CIA he has at least 6 doubles.

3. Timing of the release of the tape.
According to the Government, this tape has been in their possession for over 6 weeks.
Verification by the CIA only took 4 days...
Why wait until now to release it?
(Answer: Because the approval of George W. was down to 60%, and this will prop him up again.)

4. Where is BinLaden now? (Or... The 50 Million Dollar Question!)
I noticed that many of the SEAL team and Ranger Team guys weren't at the Machine Gun Shoot this year...
VERY conspicuously missing...
Think they are trying to collect on some of the $500 Million in rewards on BinLaden and his friends?....
Inquiring minds want to know!

Why in the Hell did they release the entire tape?
There was a lot of sensitive information on that tape. A lot of how the terrorist cells operate, command and control information that the general public doesn't understand, and didn't need to know.
Now it's quite likely that they will change the command and control structure sense this tape made it public information.
Makes the Intelligence community's job a lot harder, and may give information on command and control structure to less organized terrorist groups, both foreign and domestic...

Personally, I'd like to see him in a cell, fed pork three times a day, and have a 24 hour web cam in his cell so we can all see him rot away a little at a time for the rest of his life.
It's a hell of a lot cheaper for the tax payers, and a damn site more entertaining than just killing the freak...

If the special forces guys get him, What ever one pulls the trigger should have his kids sent to Harvard, all expenses paid for what ever they want to do...
I don't think our special forces teams should be exempt from that 25 Million reward... Just don't shoot him in the face, I want to see his head on a stick if we can't put him in a cell for the rest of time...

So many cats, so few recipes...
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