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Early XMAS for LEVE! - LONG-!

Ok, you were warned this was going to be a long post!

Wow, Christmas came EARLY for LEVE! [img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

John Taylor was busy and scanned a whole bunch of stuff for me and it arrived today in the mail! Now I have more good stuff for my "library." I'm gonna be dangerous now!

Thank you John!

In case any one needs this... here's what he sent!

AX15TR~5 AX 15 Transmission
AXLEID~8 JPG Axle ID.jpg
BA105T~7 BA 10 5 Transmission
CHILTO~9 Chilton Schematics
DANA4~11 Dana 44-30 Hybrid Axle
DURAS~16 ZIP duraspark.zip
GEARC~13 Gear Calculators
HAYNE~15 Haynes Schematics
HIGHS~22 JPG High steer knuckle diagram.jpg
NP231~17 NP 231 Transfer Case
YJAXL~26 JPG YJ Axle vaccuum diagram.jpg

YORKM~19 York Manual
AX15PA~6 JPG AX 15 page 01.jpg
AX15PA~8 JPG AX 15 page 02.jpg
AX15P~10 JPG AX 15 page 03.jpg
AX15P~12 JPG AX 15 page 04.jpg
AX15P~14 JPG AX 15 page 05.jpg
AX15P~16 JPG AX 15 page 06.jpg
AX15P~18 JPG AX 15 page 07.jpg
AX15P~20 JPG AX 15 page 08.jpg
AX15P~22 JPG AX 15 page 09.jpg
AX15P~24 JPG AX 15 page 10.jpg
AX15P~26 JPG AX 15 page 11.jpg
AX15P~28 JPG AX 15 page 12.jpg
AX15P~30 JPG AX 15 page 13.jpg
AX15P~32 JPG AX 15 page 14.jpg
AX15P~34 JPG AX 15 page 15.jpg
AX15P~36 JPG AX 15 page 16.jpg
AX15P~38 JPG AX 15 page 17.jpg
AX15P~40 JPG AX 15 page 18.jpg
AX15P~42 JPG AX 15 page 19.jpg
AX15P~44 JPG AX 15 page 20.jpg
AX15P~46 JPG AX 15 page 21.jpg
AX15P~48 JPG AX 15 page 22.jpg
AX15P~50 JPG AX 15 page 23.jpg
AX15P~52 JPG AX 15 page 24.jpg
AX15P~54 JPG AX 15 page 25.jpg
AX15P~56 JPG AX 15 page 26.jpg
AX15P~58 JPG AX 15 page 27.jpg
AX15P~60 JPG AX 15 page 28.jpg
AX15P~62 JPG AX 15 page 29.jpg
AX15P~64 JPG AX 15 page 30.jpg
AX15P~66 JPG AX 15 page 31.jpg
AX15P~68 JPG AX 15 page 32.jpg
AX15P~70 JPG AX 15 page 33.jpg
AX15P~72 JPG AX 15 page 34.jpg
AX15P~74 JPG AX 15 page 35.jpg
AX15P~76 JPG AX 15 page 36.jpg
AX15P~78 JPG AX 15 page 37.jpg
AX15P~80 JPG AX 15 page 38.jpg
AX15P~82 JPG AX 15 page 39.jpg
AX15P~84 JPG AX 15 page 40.jpg
BATRAN~6 JPG BA Trans. page 01.jpg
BATRAN~8 JPG BA Trans. page 02.jpg
BATRA~10 JPG BA Trans. page 03.jpg
BATRA~12 JPG BA Trans. page 04.jpg
BATRA~14 JPG BA Trans. page 05.jpg
BATRA~16 JPG BA Trans. page 06.jpg
BATRA~18 JPG BA Trans. page 07.jpg
BATRA~20 JPG BA Trans. page 08.jpg
BATRA~22 JPG BA Trans. page 09.jpg
BATRA~24 JPG BA Trans. page 10.jpg
BATRA~26 JPG BA Trans. page 11.jpg
BATRA~28 JPG BA Trans. page 12.jpg
BATRA~30 JPG BA Trans. page 13.jpg
BATRA~32 JPG BA Trans. page 14.jpg
BATRA~34 JPG BA Trans. page 15.jpg
BATRA~36 JPG BA Trans. page 16.jpg
BATRA~38 JPG BA Trans. page 17.jpg
BATRA~40 JPG BA Trans. page 18.jpg
BATRA~42 JPG BA Trans. page 19.jpg
BATRA~44 JPG BA Trans. page 20.jpg
BATRA~46 JPG BA Trans. page 21.jpg
BATRA~48 JPG BA Trans. page 22.jpg
BATRA~50 JPG BA Trans. page 23.jpg
BATRA~52 JPG BA Trans. page 24.jpg
BATRA~54 JPG BA Trans. page 25.jpg
BATRA~56 JPG BA Trans. page 26.jpg
BATRA~58 JPG BA Trans. page 27.jpg
BATRA~60 JPG BA Trans. page 28.jpg
BATRA~62 JPG BA Trans. page 29.jpg
BATRA~64 JPG BA Trans. page 30.jpg
BATRA~66 JPG BA Trans. page 31.jpg
BATRA~68 JPG BA Trans. page 32.jpg
BATRA~70 JPG BA Trans. page 33.jpg
BATRA~72 JPG BA Trans. page 34.jpg
BATRA~74 JPG BA Trans. page 35.jpg
BATRA~76 JPG BA Trans. page 36.jpg
BATRA~78 JPG BA Trans. page 37.jpg
BATRA~82 JPG BA Trans. page 38.jpg
BATRA~84 JPG BA Trans. page 39.jpg
BATRA~86 JPG BA Trans. page 40.jpg
BATRA~88 JPG BA Trans. page 41.jpg
BATRA~90 JPG BA Trans. page 42.jpg
BATRA~92 JPG BA Trans. page 43.jpg
BATRA~94 JPG BA Trans. page 44.jpg
BATRA~96 JPG BA Trans. page 45.jpg
198725~6 JPG 1987 2.5L Engine controls.jpg
198742~8 JPG 1987 4.2L Engine controls.jpg
1987B~10 JPG 1987 Body 1of2.jpg
1987B~12 JPG 1987 Body 2of2.jpg
1987T~14 JPG 1987 to 90 2.5L ECU connector.jpg
1987T~16 JPG 1987 to 90 2.5L TBI engine control.jpg
1987T~18 JPG 1987 to 90 2.5LTBI diagnostic connector.jpg
19882~20 JPG 1988 2.5L Engine controls.jpg
19884~22 JPG 1988 4.2L Engine controls.jpg
1988B~24 JPG 1988 Body 1of2.jpg
1988B~26 JPG 1988 Body 2of2.jpg
19892~28 JPG 1989 2.5L Engine controls.jpg
19894~30 JPG 1989 4.2L Engine controls.jpg
1989B~32 JPG 1989 Body 1of2.jpg
1989B~34 JPG 1989 Body 2of2.jpg
19902~36 JPG 1990 2.5L Engine.jpg
19904~38 JPG 1990 4.2L Engine controls.jpg
1990B~40 JPG 1990 Body 1of2.jpg
1990B~44 JPG 1990 Body 2of2.jpg
19912~46 JPG 1991 2.5L Engine MFI controller connector.jpg
19912~48 JPG 1991 2.5L Engine MFI.jpg
19912~50 JPG 1991 2.5L Engine.jpg
19914~52 JPG 1991 4.0L Engine.jpg
1991B~54 JPG 1991 Body 1of2.jpg
1991B~56 JPG 1991 Body 2of2.jpg
19922~58 JPG 1992 2.5L Engine MFI controller connector.jpg
19922~60 JPG 1992 2.5L Engine MFI.jpg
19922~62 JPG 1992 2.5L Engine.jpg
19924~64 JPG 1992 4.0L Engine MFI controller connector.jpg
19924~66 JPG 1992 4.0L Engine MFI.jpg
19924~68 JPG 1992 4.0L Engine.jpg
1992B~70 JPG 1992 Body 1of2.jpg
1992B~72 JPG 1992 Body 2of2.jpg
19932~74 JPG 1993 2.5L Engine.jpg
19934~76 JPG 1993 4.0L Engine.jpg
1993B~78 JPG 1993 Body 1of2.jpg
1993B~80 JPG 1993 Body 2of2.jpg
1993T~82 JPG 1993 to 94 4.0L Engine MFI.jpg
19942~84 JPG 1994 2.5L Engine.jpg
19944~86 JPG 1994 4.0L Engine.jpg
1994B~88 JPG 1994 Body 1of2.jpg
1994B~90 JPG 1994 Body 2of2.jpg
42LCE~92 JPG 4.2L CEC connectors.jpg
42LEN~94 JPG 4.2L Engine CEC system.jpg
9-5292~6 JPG 9-529202-arm.jpg
GM_44_~8 JPG gm_44_stud_layout.jpg
HYBRI~10 JPG Hybrid_axle-01.jpg
HYBRI~12 JPG hybrid_axle-02.jpg
HYBRI~14 JPG hybrid_axle-03.jpg
HYBRI~16 JPG hybrid_axle-04.jpg
HYBRI~18 JPG hybrid_axle-05.jpg
HYBRI~20 JPG hybrid_axle-06.jpg
HYBRI~22 JPG hybrid_axle-07.jpg
HYBRI~24 JPG hybrid_axle-08.jpg
HYBRI~26 JPG hybrid_axle-09.jpg
HYBRI~28 JPG hybrid_axle-10.jpg
HYBRI~30 JPG hybrid_axle-11.jpg
HYBRI~32 JPG hybrid_axle-12.jpg
HYBRI~34 JPG hybrid_axle-13.jpg
HYBRI~36 JPG hybrid_axle-14.jpg
HYBRI~38 JPG hybrid_axle-15.jpg
HYBRI~40 JPG hybrid_axle-16.jpg
HYBRI~42 JPG hybrid_axle-17.jpg
HYBRI~44 JPG Hybrid_axle-18.jpg
HYBRI~46 JPG Hybrid_axle-19.jpg
HYBRI~48 JPG Hybrid_axle-20.jpg
HYBRI~50 JPG Hybrid_axle-21.jpg
HYBRI~52 JPG Hybrid_axle-22.jpg
HYBRI~54 JPG Hybrid_axle-23.jpg
HYBRI~56 JPG Hybrid_axle-24.jpg
HYBRI~60 JPG Hybrid_axle-25.jpg
HYBRI~62 JPG Hybrid_axle-26.jpg
HYBRI~64 JPG Hybrid_axle-27.jpg
HYBRI~66 JPG Hybrid_axle-28.jpg
HYBRI~68 JPG Hybrid_axle-29.jpg
HYBRI~70 JPG Hybrid_axle-30.jpg
HYBRI~72 JPG Hybrid_axle-31.jpg
HYBRI~74 JPG Hybrid_axle-32.jpg
HYBRI~76 JPG Hybrid_axle-33.jpg
HYBRI~78 JPG Hybrid_axle-34.jpg
HYBRI~80 JPG Hybrid_axle-35.jpg
HYBRI~82 JPG Hybrid_axle-36.jpg
HYBRI~84 JPG Hybrid_axle-37.jpg
HYBRI~86 JPG Hybrid_axle-38.jpg
HYBRI~88 JPG Hybrid_axle-39.jpg
HYBRI~90 JPG Hybrid_axle-40.jpg
HYBRI~92 JPG Hybrid_axle-41.jpg
HYBRI~94 JPG Hybrid_axle-42.jpg
HYBRI~96 JPG Hybrid_axle-43.jpg
HYBRI~98 JPG Hybrid_axle-44.jpg
HYBR~100 JPG Hybrid_axle-45.jpg
HYBR~102 JPG Hybrid_axle-46.jpg
HYBR~104 JPG Hybrid_axle-47.jpg
HYBR~106 JPG Hybrid_axle-48.jpg
HYBR~108 JPG Hybrid_axle-49.jpg
HYBR~110 JPG Hybrid_axle-50.jpg
CRAWLR~6 HTM crawl ratio calculator.html
GEARTA~8 HTM geartable.html
TIRES~10 HTM "Tire Size, Speed, and RPM Finder.html"
TPYICA~6 JPG Tpyical intermittent washer wiper 2of2.jpg
TYPICA~8 JPG Typical 2.5L injection system 1of3.jpg
TYPIC~10 JPG Typical 2.5L injection system 2of3.jpg
TYPIC~12 JPG Typical 2.5L injection system 3of3.jpg
TYPIC~14 JPG Typical 4.0L injection stystem.jpg
TYPIC~16 JPG Typical airconditioning system 1of2.jpg
TYPIC~18 JPG Typical airconditioning system 2of2.jpg
TYPIC~20 JPG Typical backup lamp neutral safety switch.jpg
TYPIC~22 JPG Typical charging systen 1of2.jpg
TYPIC~24 JPG Typical charging systen 2of2.jpg
TYPIC~28 JPG Typical emission maint. reminder.jpg
TYPIC~30 JPG Typical front lighting 1of2.jpg
TYPIC~32 JPG Typical front lighting 2of2.jpg
TYPIC~34 JPG Typical headlight switch.jpg
TYPIC~36 JPG Typical heater system.jpg
TYPIC~38 JPG Typical ignition switch 1of2.jpg
TYPIC~40 JPG Typical ignition switch 2of2.jpg
TYPIC~42 JPG Typical instrument lighting.jpg
TYPIC~44 JPG Typical intermittent washer wiper 1of2.jpg
TYPIC~46 JPG Typical rear lighting.jpg
TYPIC~48 JPG Typical rear washer wiper.jpg
TYPIC~50 JPG Typical starting system.jpg
TYPIC~52 JPG Typical stop_turn_hazard flasher 1of2.jpg
TYPIC~54 JPG Typical stop_turn_hazard flasher 2of2.jpg
TYPIC~58 JPG Typical Wiring Diagram Legend.jpg
NP231P~6 JPG NP 231 page 01.jpg
NP231~10 JPG NP 231 page 02.jpg
NP231~12 JPG NP 231 page 03.jpg
NP231~14 JPG NP 231 page 04.jpg
NP231~16 JPG NP 231 page 05.jpg
NP231~18 JPG NP 231 page 06.jpg
NP231~20 JPG NP 231 page 07.jpg
NP231~22 JPG NP 231 page 09.jpg
NP231~24 JPG NP 231 page 10.jpg
NP231~26 JPG NP 231 page 11.jpg
NP231~28 JPG NP 231 page 12.jpg
NP231~30 JPG NP 231 page 13.jpg
NP231~32 JPG NP 231 page 14.jpg
NP231~34 JPG NP 231 page 15.jpg
NP231~36 JPG NP 231 page 16.jpg
NP231~38 JPG NP 231 page 17.jpg
NP231~40 JPG NP 231 page 18.jpg
NP231~42 JPG NP 231 page 19.jpg
NP231~44 JPG NP 231 page 20.jpg
NP231~46 JPG NP 231 page 21.jpg
NP231~48 JPG NP 231 page 22.jpg
NP231~50 JPG NP 231 page 23.jpg
NP231~52 JPG NP 231 page 24.jpg
NP231~54 JPG NP 231 page 25.jpg
NP231~56 JPG NP 231 page 26.jpg
NP231~58 JPG NP 231 page 27.jpg
NP231~60 JPG NP 231 page 28.jpg
NP231~62 JPG NP 231 page 29.jpg
NP231~64 JPG NP 231 page 30.jpg
NP231~66 JPG NP 231 page 31.jpg
YORKOI~6 HTM York oil blowby fix.html
YORKSE~8 PDF York Service Manual.pdf

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Re: Early XMAS for LEVE! - LONG-!

Wow.. sounds like fun...
Was it on CD or somthing?

If you want.. (depending on the size) (under 10 megs?)
You can e-mail it all to me, and I'll post it on a web-server so everyone can get at it without you having to upload into emails, and/or flodding mailboxes.

just send me an email and tell me how big it is.
[email protected]

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Re: Early XMAS for LEVE! - LONG-!

Leve, what do you think? Are the schematics clear enough for you? Does anything appear to be missing?

Infernozx, I sent it on a cd. I think it was around 50 meg. Want me to e-mail it? [img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/laugh.gif[/img]

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Re: Early XMAS for LEVE! - LONG-!


I don't think my ISP would be to happy with a 50meg file sitting in my mailbox..
He'd probably turn up at my door with a baseball bat.

It's all JPG's so it's not going to compress anymore.
Oh well, you on Cable/DSL? maybe you can ICQ? MSN? it to me?

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Re: Early XMAS for LEVE! - LONG-!

Can I get the ones about the NP231? I dont know what the best way to transfer them would be. I'm on a 10mbps network. Could they be sent over AIM? Or does any one have access to a ftp?

"Laissez Les Bons Temps Roulez! "
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Re: Early XMAS for LEVE! - LONG-!

Wow LEVE, you must have been a good boy for Santa to be sooo good to you. Thanks for your part too John.
About the hybrid axles, what exactly are they? I was just toying around with the idea of putting some D60 parts on my AMC20 to make it a full floater.

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Re: Early XMAS for LEVE! - LONG-!


Check your mail.


'83 CJ-7 in Land Rover Country

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Re: Early XMAS for LEVE! - LONG-!

Wow, that's a great present, if we couldn't get it online maybe someone could make some copies, I'm sure most of us would be happy to reimburse for materials and postage and stuff.

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One of 'ems gotta go probably sellin the YJ or mebbe the CJ
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Re: Early XMAS for LEVE! - LONG-!

I will post it up on my web server if I get a copy. I already have the York Service manual and a few other things up:



83 CJ-7 and 76 CJ-7 with stuff
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Attn: Mcstiff, rwsr50 & sloop

Mcstiff, If you want I can e-mail them. The 231 section is just over 4.5 meg.

rwsr50, The axle is a combination of TJ or YJ, CJ, Chevy, and Ford parts that give you a high sreering, 5 on 5.5 lug pattern and real locking hubs on a TJ, YJ or Cherokee Dana 30.

sloop, Lets figure out how to do it.

They that can give up essential
liberty to obtain a little temporary
safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

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