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Need help choosing a YJ or TJ!

Hi all,

I am a previous owner of a '78 Bronco that was my pride and joy. Unfortunately, we parted ways last fall and I am now looking for a new 4x4 to play with.

I am looking to join in the fun of owning a JEEP but have a question regarding which model/year to stay away from or to look for.

Can anyone offer some suggestions for which models offer the best offroad related features like gearing or skidplates etc from the factory? And are there any specific models years to stay clear of?

Thanks very much,


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Re: Need help choosing a YJ or TJ!

If you want a rig for wheeling, then you would probably be looking at putting on some biger than stock tires. Get a Jeep with the 4.0L 6cyl. And some model years came with optional lower gearing.. 4.10s. Those are both good to look for. Jeep is an exellent choice..... The best in my book.

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Re: Need help choosing a YJ or TJ!

Simple, since I am in the market for a TJ right now. Either one you want the 4.0 straight 6. This is a very good motor. Also, if you can drive them or don't mind, get the 5 speed tranny. I want a TJ because of a few reasons over a YJ. One, I juts like the interior better, some hate it, I love it. The ride is great with coils all around versus the old leaf setup and I know you can get the YJ's with fuel injection, Im buying a TJ to have a fule injected vehicle, because Im tired of my carbed 85 Fullsize bronco. Overall, I just like the TJ's better, and the round lites are way better looking than the square ones, they just look outa place. If you are getting a TJ, look for teh optional dana 44 rear axle with the trac lock, and if you can find one with AC, it'll have a bigger alt and stuff among that nature. Good luck

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Re: Need help choosing a YJ or TJ!

They say the TJ with coils has better stretch, and more comfortable, and the YJ, with leafs, is more stable. I have a TJ and have wheeled with YJs and Tjs. From my experience I think a locker will make more of a difference in the ability off the vehicles then whether it is a YJ or TJ.

I bought the TJ because I drive alot. It is my daily driver and I wanted it to be as comfortable as a wrangler could be.

2001 TJ, Warn HS9500i, tera 3st and ome shocks, 33X12.50 MTR/s, 4.56 gears, arbs front and rear
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Re: Need help choosing a YJ or TJ!

BIG factor here is how much $$ do you have to spend. that will narrow it down some. ok, so a YJ(1987-95) or a TJ(1997-present). as mentioned get fuel injected and a 6cyl. that will take out the YJ 87-90 i think. then came FI in the 6cyl. if you have the $$, go for a TJ- can get the dana 44 in the rear. the yj has leaf springs and the tj has coils. yj has square headlights and round on the tj- makes it easy to spot the diff.

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Re: Need help choosing a YJ or TJ!

YJ or TJ [img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/mad.gif[/img]? Hey ! Get a 76-79 CJ [img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif[/img]and then go nuts on it .


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Re: Need help choosing a YJ or TJ!

Just flip a coin,
Heads a TJ,
Tails a YJ,
Cause 2nd place ain't really that important.


You had to do what to fit those little tires?
I'm sure glad I own a CJ!
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Re: Need help choosing a YJ or TJ!

For injection, go 91 + YJ.

I'm not exactly sure of the years, but the clutch slave cylinder was internal up to maybe 92 or 93 (?), which makes it difficult to change.

If you want the auto tranny, they are mostly the same in the YJ years.

95 YJ had larger front end (297) ujoints, which is a good thing. Older YJs can be updated with the 95 front axle shafts.

If you want a carbed YJ, 87-90, stay away from the standard tranny in those years, it's a nightmare. If you are looking at standards in those years, figure in upgrading the tranny. Auto is a good tranny. Carburetor system in these years is a nightmare also. Consider an upgrade to FI or a weber or a different carb, all come with their levels of emissions compliance, if that's a concern where you live.

Rear axles are notoriously weak, Dana 35. Pre-90 is a non c-clip version, which is only marginally stronger than that post-90, which is a c-clip. Consider an upgrade to a ford 8.8, dana 44 bolt-in from a metric-ton commanche or a cherokee (hard to find), or grand wagoneer axles, etc.

87YJ had a different transfer case, NP207, as opposed to the NP231 of later years. As I understand it this makes it difficult to get parts for.

I have wheeled with all types of Jeeps, and I have found on average that the TJs are not as robust as a YJ or CJ. TJs get bent suspension arms a lot. I like the strength of a leaf-sprung jeep. Just my opinion.

TJs can be had with a factory dana44 rear, and do not have the front axle vacuum disconnect of the YJs. This can be a troublesome item on YJs, and there are no cheap manual hub retrofits, if you want to save the small 5 on 4.5 bolt pattern.

And all YJs come with those groovy headlights. [img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/wink.gif[/img][img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

Good luck

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Re: Need help choosing a YJ or TJ!

Sit in a YJ, sit in a TJ, you'll choose the YJ. Drive a YJ, drive a TJ, you'll choose the TJ. I've driven both on and offroad. The TJs coils are amazing. Being a YJ owner, however, I find the interior of the TJ to be MUCH more cramped. I feel like I'm sitting on the steering wheel, and my knees hit plastic all the time. The engines are the same (92-95 YJ and 97-present TJ) so thats not a factor. However, if you can get a TJ with the 4.0 and dana 44 and 3.73s(not an option for the YJ) then that would be a great base vehicle to begin with. Another thing to consider is the airbag. YJs don't have em (except a few rare 95s I believe) but all TJs do. Airbags scare the sh*t ouit of me personally. I don't find the TJ to be any quiter personally. BTW: If you're going to be driving this thing onroad for any distance at highway speed, do yourself a favor and get once with full hard doors if possible, damn half flap like they're paper. Also, I drive the 4 cylinder and I love it offroad. I go everywhere my friends TJ with the 4.0 goes. The 4.11s pretty much make it a moderate offroader and do much better overall than the 3.07s in the stock axles of the 4.0, and compete with 3.73s in the dana 44 of the TJ. Goodluck with your choice (YJ! YJ!)

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Re: Need help choosing a YJ or TJ!

OK, ok, ok.... Lets solve this once and for all... Go with a Leaf sprung vehicle. Kits are generally cheaper; why you may ask? Leaf Spring suspensions have MANY less moving parts. I just got done putting a skyjacker 8inch on my friends commanche. the back was not prob, slap the leafs under it, and it was ready to go.....but the front was a different story. He had to order custom control arms(thats 4 moving parts) a new trac bar(Which MUST be connected on coil spring suspensions to align axle, and also limits travel; 1 more moving part). A leaf suspension is simple, its a connected leaf, and a shackle. 2 parts, a leaf is suspension AND alignment, a coil is just a dampener. If you have leafs set up right, they can flex better then a coil. Coil tend to bottom out unless you have a "Super-expensive thru the hood setup"(much like a prerunner) If you take a slinky and place it on the ground, then pick up the top half, It will felx good upwards, but once you start to press the slinky towards the ground, you will notice I DOESNT COMPRESS any farther. It is fully bottomed out. Another think I dont like about coil springs is the control arms. Control arms majorly push or pull your axle farther in during compression. Leafs do this too, but you dont have to adjust lift kits for it other then an axle length.
A 4 inch lift kit for my wrangler comes with one key element, Lifted springs. A lift for a coil comes with new control arms and coils. These setups can be VERY noisy if not set up right.... anyway, enough rambling... Im a leaf guy, ever since I road in a lifted Grand Cherokee with 4 inches of lift, I have HATED coil lifts, it was loud and rough, and too many moving parts. I like my 87 wrangler whether it gets 10 miles per gallon or 10 gallons per mile!

Enjoy you choice.... but along with every other person here, I say, go with the 4.0 EFI, the 4.2 is a powerful engine, but you must have a lot of patience to appreciate it!

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