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zimm 09-25-2001 02:23 PM

clutch linkage questions (5.0/WC T-5)
Okay, My 5.0 swap is running! I still need to rig up some linkage to get the clutch to work. The ford mustang clutch fork is made for a cable which I have. It looks like the cable pulls the clutch fork toward the front of the jeep to disengage. Is that right? I thought I remembered the stock mechanical linkage pushing the fork toward the rear. Anyway, I can try to get a clutch pedal that works with a cable, or try to adapt a hyd. setup and make up a bracket for the slave cylinder. I'm pretty lost on what to do. Any ideas?

**DONOTDELETE** 09-25-2001 05:14 PM

Re: clutch linkage questions (5.0/WC T-5)
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the through out bearing must move forward for the cluch to disengage (big green arrow). since the cluch fork rotates on a pivit the cable must pull it back (Small green arrow).


jimmythetech 09-26-2001 11:28 PM

Re: clutch linkage questions (5.0/WC T-5)
The mustang cable comes in from the back. If you are using a mustang bell housing, use a stock mustang cable and arm. it will all only fit one way. Attaching the cable directly to the pedal wouldn't work either because you wouldn't have enough pedal travel to pull a sufficient amount of cable. That is why the mustang/t-bird/or any other ford like it(fox body or derivative) have excentrics on the top of the pedal.

5.0s and 4 speed = lots of broken parts!!!

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