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greencj7 09-23-2001 10:12 PM

Why do we keep the junk we do?
This weekend was clean the garage weekend. It started out as straightening up the shelves, and lead to "why did I keep this?" about a hundred times. There are still things that I kept after the purge, but I had stuff like this: A grinder that the smoke came out of about a year ago (I tried--it still doesn't work), old axle u-bolts, a dented steering stabilizer, a steering wheel, about 10 pounds of old rusted bolts and nails, a cracked carb base plate. You get the picture. It took all afternoon on Saturday, and the garage doesn't look any better! I know that there was a reason for keeping all that crap, but I just can't remember what it was. Some of it is an obvious byproduct of Jeep ownership, but why do we do it? What was I possibly thinking when I kept that old rubber tranny mount?


**DONOTDELETE** 09-24-2001 01:39 AM

Re: Why do we keep the junk we do?
old axle U-Bolts (1/2"x20 thread) work great as emergency wheel studs! ....don't ask how i know!!...

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utahjeepr 09-24-2001 01:42 AM

Re: Why do we keep the junk we do?
Don't worry, you'll remember what you had in mind for all that stuff. About 5 min after the garbage truck picks it up. My wife gives me a really hard time about all the "junk" I have pack ratted away in the garage. Every once in a while though, I suprise her my making a new whatzit out of that old broken thingama-bob and a modified what-the-hell-was-that-anyway.

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mike34 09-24-2001 01:56 AM

Re: Why do we keep the junk we do?
its not junk its good stuff, the day you get rid of it is the day before you need it. It doesnt matter what it is it just works that way.(in my case anyway)


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CJDave 09-24-2001 02:07 AM

Re: Why do we keep the junk we do?
[img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/crazy.gif[/img] Jeepchick has a real aversion to "crud", and I get endlessly petitioned to dump this or that to make the garage just a bare cavity with a vehicle sitting in it. I, on the other hand believe that you have to have a certain amount of crud just to operate, since it is the raw material from which GOOD stuff can be made. I draw the line at keeping old spark plugs, and old fan belts that are cracked, and I usually strip all the good fasteners and cords off defunct power tools before I toss them. If it is a power drill, I take off the chuck before it goes in the trash can.[img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif[/img] I use a file box system for storage and the boxes are numbered so AT LEAST I can find the crud that I am looking for and the garage has a halfway neat appearance. Box # 131.....carbs; box # 127.....grinder parts. etc. etc.

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JEEPN 09-24-2001 06:29 AM

Re: Why do we keep the junk we do?
I'm the same way, only I have a MASSIVE barn to store it all in, and it's MINE, ALL MINE.

I like building things, like the brush guard from electric stove cooking grates, the Hi-Lift mount from stopsign channel, tow lights and mount from odds and ends (spent $4 on the cable ends), you get the idea. I just love fabricating items, and if I can do it at little to no cost, it makes me feel good, and I can usually build it stronger than the production counterpart.

BTW, those old axle U-bolts also make great steps, just take some pipe of a larger diameter, weld them to the bottom of the door opening (at the rocker panel), bend the U-bolt with a torch, and slide them in place when the wife needs to get in the jeep. Then you just reach down, remove them, and throw them in the jeep for wheeling.

As to the grinder, I have found little parts and pieces to refurbish another one, like a switch or center shaft, so I keep them around, but don't stock up on them.

BTW DAve, those old fan belts and spark plugs are good for, uh, um, nothing, I throw them out as well. After all, we don't want to have junk laying around with all the good spare parts.

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jeepgod 09-24-2001 07:06 AM

Re: Why do we keep the junk we do?
yep same here.. its amazing all the crap i have in my little storage shed.. thank god for work.. where they drink coffee like water.. so i get all the old large cans.. and throw my small crap into.. and label.. i now have almost a whole coffee can of wheel studs.. where the hell did i get all these wheel studs???? then i have my nuts and bolts sorted by size and thread..
i get all of this from my families dna.. nobody in my family throws anything away... not even the women folk.. [img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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**DONOTDELETE** 09-24-2001 09:07 AM

Re: Why do we keep the junk we do?
I've only got a small garage that barely fits two cars. We've already got to "weave around" the lawn mower to park, and it's just a push mower! Nonetheless, stuffed in all the nooks and crannies are things like a Jeep 4cyl radiator with a pin-hole leak, misc. scraps of metal for bracketry, assortment of unmatching nuts and bolts, washers and rings, front driveshaft that's too short, etc. etc. and that's just the Jeep stuff!

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ExtinctJeep 09-24-2001 09:50 AM

Re: Why do we keep the junk we do?
Hah! I don't even have a garage. My poor wife has to deal with that stuff in the Living Room and Bedroom!


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Jeepzilla 09-24-2001 10:43 PM

Re: Why do we keep the junk we do?
Hi Ken

My name is Jeff and I`m a part-a-holic :) I`m the same way but I don`t dare toss anything out , I know for a fact as soon as I do , I will need a piece of that old u-bolt for making a latch for my spare tire carrier or something . It never fails Ken , you will always need something off of what you tossed away last week .Buy a metal shed and toss it all in there [img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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