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**DONOTDELETE** 09-23-2001 07:54 PM

Which Chevy 305 header in a 86 CJ7
Well my exhaust manifold is finally toast and I figure i might as well get headers now seeing as it will need all new exaust anyway. SO is there any ones i should look at. Requirements are only that they are whithin the frame rails just like normal manifolds. Thank You

**DONOTDELETE** 09-23-2001 10:20 PM

Re: Which Chevy 305 header in a 86 CJ7
I ran Hooker block hugger type headers in my CJ/350 to get my dual exhaust ran up inside the frame rails. You could get more torque out of longer chasis type headers, but getting them to fit inside the frame rails could be a challenge. I know Headman makes some chassis headers for this aplication, but, I am not sure where the collector exit is, or where the pipes will fit.

Thorley makes some nice looking Tri-Y headers in a typical block hugger configuration with a center exit facing straight down next to the motormounts, as well as some that are a little longer that make a 90 degree bend before exitting towards the rear of the block. I am considerring changing to these to gain a little torque. Kinda pricey though.

Best value for the money in my oppinion is the Hooker block hugger. Heavey gauge, nice thick flanges honest 1-5/8" tubes. And they are an easy fit. Closest thing to exauhst manifods.

Hope this helps.

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W.C. 09-23-2001 11:13 PM

Re: Which Chevy 305 header in a 86 CJ7
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Why do you want headers???? They will rise the engine compartment temp, which will cause the motor to run hotter and melt plug wires. They come lose all the time, blow gaskets and reduce low end torque(unless you use a small tube dia. tri Y).
Find a set of early '60's corvette manifolds(rams horn), there 2 1/2" dia., cast steel, and flowed good enough for 300hp on a 327ci !!!. These are center drop like block huggers so you can do a cross over, under the shallow part of the oil pan for a 2 1/2", two into one pipe. This setup is the best you can do for low end torque.

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