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LEVE 09-23-2001 09:05 AM

Jeepngreg - Need Update!
Jeepngreg, You're problem has been gone long enough. Have you got the Jeep running yet? I have to admit I'm getting lost in the posts... so I propose you start over by doing a couple of things:

1. There's a differnece between the Jeep won't run, start, or the starter motor won't turn over:

a. Run: The Jeep engine will continue to run after it's started.
b. Start: The engine will crank, and fire up.
c. Turn Over: The starter motor appears to do nothing.

Using those terms I'm assuming the starter motor is not turning over and that you've tried varied wrining schemes to the starter solenoid and multiple starter solenoids as well. Is this true?

If so, then there a very basic problem you've dropped into... and you're lost as a kid in a corn maze. Here's how to get out:

1. Accuratley diagnois the symptosm.
2. Divide the problem in to what you know an what you don't know, what's good and what's not good.
3. Eliminate the good as the cause.
4. Concentrate on the bad as the cause.

So you know the engine does not turn over.

Have you tested these devices to insure they work INDEMPENDENTLY?:

1. Starter.
2. Ignition Switch.
3. Starter Solenoid.

If these three devices work independently, they should work as a system and the problem is now down to a:

a. Wiring error.
b. Wiring harness break.
c. Termination error.
d. Wrong part for the application.

Grounds are important, and I'm sure you've checked them till you're blue in the face, but check 'em again with an OHM meter. You should have zero ohms when checking from the negative battery post to the:

1. Frame
2. Tub firewall.
3. Engine block.
4. Starter Motor Case.

If you measure the ohms between any of the above, as example Engine block to Starter Motor Case to the tub firewall it should be zero ohms.

If ANY reading does not comply, fix it.

Now, if you follow the above you know a few things:

1. The starter works and cranks fast and within it's amperage. How, because you took it off and tested it!.

2. You know the starter solenoid works. How, because you removed it and teste it with 12 volts and an Ohm meter. Let me know if you need help on this one...

3. The ignition switch works fine. How, well you removed/replaced it and before you reinstalled it you used an Ohm meter to confirm all the functionality of the switch.

So, if all the above is correct... then the problem HAS to lay somewhere else. Throwing parts at the problem will not help. So lets start to isolate the problem by removing the igniton switch.

Jumpering 12 volts to the right place will cause the starter relay to engage. Whe the starter relay engages 12 volts is sent to the starter motor and it engages.

Now ain't that easy? Yep, if you know how to jumper the starter solenoid. So now the question I've got to as is do you know how the solenoid is internally wired and how to jumper 12 volts to the solenoid to engage it? If not, stop right here and learn how.

Remember a starter relay is just that. It's a relay that opens and closes a set of contacts for the starter motor. When 12 volts is applied the relay closes and pulls closed the relay. When the 12 volts is removed, the voltage to the starter motor is removed. Simple as that.

The Starter Relay should easily sustain 150 amps current draw for a short time. There are differences between relays, some have two little contact terminals and some have three. Two of the three contacts are common, this one end of the solenoid pack coil. If you ground this point then you can apply 12 volts to the other free terminal and the relay should engage. You'll hear a click. Try it... it works...

Let me know what happens....

JeepnGreg 09-23-2001 12:52 PM

Re: Jeepngreg - Need Update!
well....for some reason it starts just fine now....

i didnt do didnt start yesterday.....but it rained over night and now it does start.....

im so confused!!!!!!!

i'll keep you all got to take a closer look

so...confused.....happy that it starts now, but confused

<font color=red>Jeep'n Greg</font color=red>
1985 CJ7 in pieces right now

bluseman2a 09-23-2001 09:19 PM

Re: Jeepngreg - Need Update!
I would suspect a series of bad grounds. The Jeep got wet, improved connection to grounds, and now it works. Betcha the problem comes back when it dries out if this is the case.

'83 CJ-7 nothing original but the tub and axle tubes

JeepnGreg 09-24-2001 04:50 PM

Re: Jeepngreg - Need Update!
i'll let you guys know if it starts dry tomarrow when i go home.

i thought it mighthave sometihng to do with the fact that the day before i jumped the starter for the first time and actually ran it since the problem started, i figured it may have knocked whatever loose so it works again......we'll see

<font color=red>Jeep'n Greg</font color=red>
1985 CJ7 in pieces right now

mike34 09-24-2001 08:26 PM

Re: Jeepngreg - Need Update!
Have you tested these devices to insure they work INDEMPENDENTLY?:

Hey LEVE what is that word in capitol letters? (LOL)
Just giving you a hard time

I make Half doors, for pics click here

LEVE 09-24-2001 08:49 PM

Re: Jeepngreg - Need Update!
Mike, I know three human and 7 computer languages, and can't spell worth a darn in any of 'em. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

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