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80cj 09-21-2001 07:29 AM

steering wheel donors
the steering wheel on my cj is falling apart. when it is wet out, the wheel just crumbles and leaves your hands (and anything else that comes in contact with it) black. so my queation is, when looking for other wheels in the boneyard, will any or most others fit, or are there different types? i know the newer ones with airbags and such probably wouldn't work, and i know there are different diameters, but do they have different shaft sizes?

thanks all

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jeepnmatt 09-21-2001 08:12 AM

Re: steering wheel donors
look for GM or jeep vehicles fromt he late 70's to the early 90's. i think they all mount the same way, some of them have a different horn button set-up though. matt

**DONOTDELETE** 09-21-2001 10:08 AM

Re: steering wheel donors
I'd donate mine, but had the same problem. ended up swapping it out for a smaller Grant one. Not sure on your wheel, but mine had splines in it that mated to the shaft. You'll just have to find one with the same size shaft and the right number of splines.

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m715 09-21-2001 11:41 AM

Re: steering wheel donors
Shawn want to take away the pile of stuff for $100 in NY?
Looks like the other guy interested is from further south...

I have a steering wheel and column from a 78CJ7 I'll throw in:)
How close to Ulster PA are you?
email me off list... [email protected]

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