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Infernozx 09-19-2001 10:50 PM

H8monday, OBA advice.
I was browsing the pic dump forum when I stumbled across your string of posts, I was just wondering, where exactly did you put your tank and how big.

I've seen them all over the place (below hood infront of window, to above the axles.) I just wanted to know what YOU did, cause I'm gona blatently copy you.
Also, how big and what type of tank?

H8monday 09-20-2001 12:27 AM

Re: H8monday, OBA advice.
I used a 5.25 gallon, "Speed Air" Compressor tank. i bought it at Graingers for about $55.
It is mounted above the rear axle, between the gas tank and the rear riser hump in the tub. An output with a quick connect are located at the right rear and the front left, on the frame. I protect the quick connects from mud and dirt by placing 1" rubber chair leg caps, over the connects.
The air solonoids for the ARB and air horn, along with the pressure switch, regulators, filters, and air manifold are all under the hood on brackets.

89 YJ
Adversity is imminent, versatility is mandatory, misery is optional.

Infernozx 09-20-2001 01:25 AM

Re: H8monday, OBA advice.
How is the ARB?

After hearing how many problems people had with them, and then how expensive they were I was thinking "el cheapo" limited slip in the back, and welded, or Detroit in the front. (Prolly welded cause it's cheaper, and it would be the stock D30 until I can find a D44.)

Also, whats the motive in your madness for ss braided lines?

H8monday 09-20-2001 01:50 AM

Re: H8monday, OBA advice.
The ARB's are brutaly strong as long as they are in a strong axle. They got a bad rap when so many people were running them in D35 which would tear themselves along with the ARB apart due to flexing. I would not run an ARB in the rear, I like the Detroit, its as reliable as gravity. The rear does the lions share of the work, so by using an ARB you dont tear up your steering linkage, front U joints, or overheat your PS pump when you dont need to. The ARB when disengaged does not try to drag the front end in a straight line when your trying to turn on rock with 4 lbs of air in your tires. I used to have to fight all the time with a Detroit in the front just maintaining a line choice, (most of the time unsuccessfully). My ARB has been extremely reliable in the front except for one time when a branch lodged itself in my steering durring a river crossing, and ripped the hose from the diff. I now run a stronger stainless line and improved fittings at the housing.
There are more than one way to skin a cat, but I would not exchange the Detroit rear, ARB front for any other combo. It would be nice if ARB made a competition version, that was locked normaly and unlocked with air, just in case you lost your air source.
Welding your front will put a lot of stress on your D30, but you will love it, on climbs and obstacles that dont require tight turning with no forward motion. Still I wouldnt recomend it, the D30 is a decent axle, but you will give it a premature death if pushed hard while welded.

89 YJ
Adversity is imminent, versatility is mandatory, misery is optional.

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