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Frank79CJ 09-19-2001 11:16 AM

Need help with starting Jeep
I am having a very strange problem with my CJ7. I hope someone can lead me in the right direction. Sometimes my Jeep is just totally dead, no power at all, no lights, horn, nothing. I jump it off and it does fine. It will start fine for a while but then all of a sudden everything is dead again. This can happen in a matter a minutes. I can shut it off and then try to turn on the lights and nothing. Any ideas on where to start looking?

79 CJ7/33's/304/3-speed

RickB 09-19-2001 11:22 AM

Re: Need help with starting Jeep
Check your connections at the battery for corrosion. If they're good, I'd replace the battery.

80 CJ7

kerryp 09-19-2001 11:24 AM

Re: Need help with starting Jeep
Give me a little more info, when you say it starts fine for a while do you mean it can go for a couple days starting and running fine and then all of a sudden it goes back to not having power again? It sounds to me like you have a loose ground wire or a short some where that is either preventing your vehicle from starting becasue it doesn't have a complete circuit (ground problem) or the battery and power is being drawined somehere from a short that may be draining your battery . Check all your wires located around the body and frame and make sure none of them are shorted and make sure you ground wires to body, frame etc, are all tight and have a good connection. Thats where I would start, I would also check my alternator and battery to make sure they are in proper operating condition.

New_Toyz 09-19-2001 02:49 PM

Re: Need help with starting Jeep
Several years ago I had similar problems with a big old Chrysler. The battery connections looked good, etc. I just happened to twist the battery cable a bit and it just didn't 'feel right'. The sheathing had a split on the bottom of the cable and it was full of corrosion. Get your battery load tested too. The 'zone' or Napa are my favorites. Hope this helps.

Brent & Sons
49-CJ3A, 51-CJ3A

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