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zimm 09-12-2001 01:35 PM

brake boosters: hydro vs. dual dia. vacuum
My vacuum booster is leaking vacuum...loudly. If I pinch the line, the sound goes away. I guess the diaphram is cracked or something. (The check valve is new) What are the best options? I'm thinking either one of those double booster things, or a hydraulic assist boost. I want a complete bolt in kit without having to monkey around making linkages to get it to work. I see MP brakes has a dual setup for $460...ouch!

TiminMb 09-12-2001 02:30 PM

Re: brake boosters: hydro vs. dual dia. vacuum
Find a local rebuilder and take them your old booster as a model. Have them rebuild a Gm booster from an 80's S10 or cadillac. The only changes are the input and output rods. The output rod isn't attache dto the booster. the input rod is attached internally. I had a shop rebuild one for me with the right parts for around $150.00. After that, it was almost a bolt in. The studs on the gm booster are slightly wider spacing than the jeep booster. Just file or grind the holes slightly. The oem master cylinder bolts right on. Doubles your stopping power. I can easily lock up 33's on pavement. No need to put your leg into it either!

Don't know anything about the hydro booster, other than it being more complicated as it runs off the power steering pump. If your engine stalls, you immediately have no booster with hydro. With a vacuum booster, you have power till you let off the brake and it bleeds off the vacuum. I'm sure there is a case to be made for both.


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lugnut 09-12-2001 02:59 PM

Re: brake boosters: hydro vs. dual dia. vacuum

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Tim 09-12-2001 04:07 PM

Re: brake boosters: hydro vs. dual dia. vacuum
Your booster can be rebuilt. Had mine done a few years back for $85 at Power Brake Booster Exchange in Portland, OR, (I'm on the road, so not positive of the exact name). If you were happy with your brakes before the problem, send it out to be rebuilt, they advertise in Hemmings. If you need more boost, I'd suggest a dual diaphram booster. When I converted to 4 wheel disk, I had to replace my stock booster with a dual diaphram booster from a Scout II along with a proportioning valve. I've heard that Ford Granadas and their Mercury clone have dual diaphram boosters that can be used. Might check the wrecking yards. One thing about the hydro-boost to consider is if your engine dies, so does your boost. The vacuum boost at least has a pump or two left as reserve when the engine dies.

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