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GreenMachine 09-12-2001 09:49 AM

Wrangler tub and frame
Do you guys (and gals) think a 89 wrangler tub and frame would be worth $1000? It has had a dash fire and no running gear or engine. He has a front clip and wiring as well as windshield frame and title but wants 1500$ the $1000 is for just tub and frame no title. I have a 74 wagon that would make a great organ donor and a 76 cj body for the front clip and windshield frame.


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jeepgod 09-12-2001 11:07 AM

Re: Wrangler tub and frame
doesnt sound bad.. but i dont know the condition of it.. around here thats what a decent yj tub and frame will cost..

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lilrick 09-12-2001 11:29 AM

Re: Wrangler tub and frame
I'm going down the same road you are, just bought a YJ tub yesterday. I spent about the same, no frame.. just a tub, roll bar, and complete interior from a 1995. Compared to work involved, plus cost of a glass body I felt the YJ tub was the way to go. Take the time prep, paint, and line it inside/underside to preserve it. I'll be doing similiar and will be using a CJ front clip, tailgate, windshield frame, and dash.

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GreenMachine 09-12-2001 10:42 PM

Re: Wrangler tub and frame
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I ended up going with another body. It's a 90 model (I have discovered they were the last year that the firewall looked the same as the 5's and 7's) and a 84 model CJ7 frame. Both are in cherry condition. The frame has a tad of rust in on of the inner walls (My 75 isn't boxed so I never realized how thin these were). The body has no rust and was prepped and painted and kept in a basement for the last 4 years with a ton of old clothes piled on it. This is going to be a daily driver since I don't have anything besides my company truck and my Jeep which is a trailer queen. I have a everything works wagoneer with 44's a 360 th400 and quadratrac. This will make up the guts. I am not sure wether or not I'll be able to use the springs, have to do some measuring. I traded a budy out of a 77 CJ5 that is a complete body (he made a hybrid out of his frame and drivetrain). The dash, pedals, hood, and windshield frame (front bolts won't line up I think), grill, and fenders should work right? Seat brakets might work and if they don't I have already made one set. Steering gearbox off the wagon and steering coulumn (tilt) should be usuable. Break booster and master cylinder off the wagon. Roll bar off the CJ. Heater off the CJ....

Am I forgetting anything? I will have to order a brake line kit or make some. Need a feul tank..lights.. drool.... drool...

Duct Tape is like the force...
It has a light side and a dark side
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**DONOTDELETE** 09-13-2001 01:50 AM

Re: Wrangler tub and frame
it looks like you are going to have a fun project. are you going to be spring over or under? what size tires do you plan to run? these questions will be helpful when deciding what to do about springs. if you don't want much lift or you plan to do a spring over you can run the front wag springs on the rear of the jeep. the rear wag springs are just too long and would require alot of work to run them on the rear. anyway goo luch with the project and keep us posted.

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GreenMachine 09-13-2001 11:02 AM

Re: Wrangler tub and frame
I am going to keep it simple and run it spring under. I don't want to have any steering problems. I haven't even thought asbout tires yet (probably run whatever I can get cheap). Would the front wagon springs provide some lift on the rear? I might try to find someone selling a used 2 inch lift or something. I know it takes quite a bit to raise a wrangler (at least more than a CJ). Is the CJ7 frame made different than a wrangler frame other than being two piece instead of 1 (and the body mounts being a little off in 4 places)?

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