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**DONOTDELETE** 09-12-2001 05:53 AM

Gas Prices
Yesterday the price of gas jumped from $1.30 up to $1.70 a gallon fom the time time I went to work until I got back at 3:30. I'm assuming this is somehow related to the attacks. Anyone else had this happen in their area or are we just being gouged here iin Kentucky?

**DONOTDELETE** 09-12-2001 06:25 AM

Re: Gas Prices
Well. The price of gas has risen to $5-6 a gallon in some areas however, most towns have only raised the price a few cents. After the attack most stock markets dropped as companies and countries invested in "safe" investments. Mostly gold. There is some more new on CNN and on the market.

So yes the attack as shaken the economic world in addition to emotionally. Many specialists expect a recession because of the mood in America.


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WILL 09-12-2001 09:39 AM

Re: Gas Prices
The governor of Arkansas in his address last night said:

"Sharp increases in gas prices aren't in the best interest of the people of Arkansas ... If there are more reports of excessive price increases, I will ask the attorney general to take the legal measures necessary to prevent price gouging."

**DONOTDELETE** 09-12-2001 10:01 AM

Re: Gas Prices
Up in Birmingham the gas prices rose to $5/gallon. In his address last night as well, the gov. of AL stated. That those gas stations that have done this have been idenitifed and will be prosecuted.

I still expect that prices will still rise, just not that much in one day. It is $1.39/gallon right ouside my window.


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trailisman 09-12-2001 10:37 AM

Re: Gas Prices
In West Michigan, gas prices were between $1.99 and $2.89 (up from $1.76 during AM) for regular octane depending on which station. Lines were long. People were shouting. Some were filling up their vehicles plus one or more cary cans. Kinda ridiculous - IMHO.
I rode my bike to work today. I refuse to lie still and be raped by price gouging pudknockers. My car can sit with the tank empty. Better that way.
This AM I did notice that the full service station in my small town did not raise their price - $1.90 just like yesterday AM. Hmmm...

dschwab9 09-12-2001 03:04 PM

Re: Gas Prices
I filled up last night at $1.30/gal expecting the worse, and the prices remained the same this morning.

-Derek Schwab
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**DONOTDELETE** 09-12-2001 04:54 PM

Re: Gas Prices
Shame on those that are jacking prices up to these levels. In times like this, people react in many different ways. Some take advantage, while others reach out to help. While the events of 9/11 were cowardly, tragic and will create shock waves felt throughout the world, keep in mind how big a country we actually are. We did shut down some US based refineries/pipes for fear of attack. Other pipes continue to remain open and their host companies have indicated they will be able to supply the states they feed. OPEC has already indicated that they will increase production, as necessary, to support our requirements.

Shame on those that are taking advantage of these events. Personally, I would boycott those stations forever. If they want to make a quick buck on this, I'll let the greedy owners see the effect of a long term customer boycott. Fortunately in my neck of the woods (Colorado) the prices remained stable. There was a scare last night after the initial news of outrageous gas prices broke - but my wife and I had already fueled up earlier in the day.

Good luck

**DONOTDELETE** 09-12-2001 04:55 PM

Re: Gas Prices
Several stations here in Spartanburg SC raised their prices 25-35 cents. Several here didn't raise prices at all. Guess which ones I'll be using for now on!

Nickmil 09-13-2001 09:23 AM

Re: Gas Prices
Out here in Milwaukie, OR (Portland area) prices have been rising again steadily since before the attack. I don't think they've raised more than they normally would have anyway. We're at about $1.63 average. Of course we've been higher than most areas for the last several years. Another type of price gouging. Our Representatives have been putting pressure on the oil companies to come up with a valid reason why. Of course no one has admitted anything. They know they can make a killing with all the people moving into the area and the industrial growth going on. Nickmil.

**DONOTDELETE** 09-13-2001 10:58 AM

Re: Gas Prices
my dad works at the refinery down here in new orleans and he talked to the president of the company yesterday and said the prices will not go up without talkin to him so i dont they they will go up much most major gas refineries arent goin to jack up the prices b/c they feel it is wrong to do so in a situation like this

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