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I Might Just Know What I'm Talking About
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Re: Drop the bomb and .....

he did
you did
we all have

move on

Jeep...need I say more?
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Re: Drop the bomb and .....

To all you bleeding hearts out there,,,I don't give a rats ass about your surgical "friggen"operations, or how you think making the scum that attacked this country pay dearly for what they did is wrong because innocent muslems may get hurt..

Its been your type of thinking thats been the root cause of 1/2 of the problems the world has seen in the last 30yrs. Those bastards that caused yesterdays horrible death toll didn't give a damn about "innocent people". How can you even think a "surgical operation" is going to have any effect of those sons-of-bitches?... Those people attacked this country and declared war. Can you understand that. WAR. War against our way of life, war against our personel freedom's, war against what it means to be an American, If you dont have the stomach to stand up and face that. Or you don't have the stomach to fight back against the terrorism and evil. I strongly suggest you pack your bags and your jeep and go over and hold their hands and tell each of person that will listen to you, just how sorry you are for them..

Lifes-a-bitch .. thousands of our country men learned that yesterday. So if you feel you need to support or protect all those" innocents", over there in the in the middle east; you know, the very same ones that were dancin in the streets when they learned how many truely "innocent" American men and women died yesterday, as far as I'm concerned, you have a good trip. Your not needed or wanted here.

We need to teach those so called innocent people your so damn fond of, they can't harbor terroists within their boarders, then turn around and let them loose in the world to deal out death and destruction without paying a god awfull and a fearfull price for doing so. We need to make your so called "innocents" more afraid of the USA than they are of their leaders. As far as I'm concerned, all bleeding hearts that think like you do, should pay more attention to the death and misery in New York and Washington.

The price of Freedom isn't cheap, and sometimes the cost is paid for in blood. Our fore fathers have made that down payment to keep you and your liberal minded friends, in milk and cookies, trust me, the price those men who came before you paid to keep you safe and sound has been far more costly than you seem to realize. How many more "innocent " american lifes have to be lost before you begin to understand just what the price of freedom and liberty means.? Like Bush said last night we have stood up against opression before and we will again. However, you guys and your ignorant ideals make me want to puke.

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Re: Drop the bomb and .....

Amen Drummond !!!!!!!!!! [img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/mad.gif[/img]

RocknCJ [img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/cool.gif[/img]

for those who would trade a little freedom,
for a little security
...will soon find they have neither. [img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/crazy.gif[/img]
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Re: Drop the bomb and .....

Those dancing in the streets aren't innocent...they crossed the line. They are then considered supporters.


[]llll[] '90 YJ & '88 Grand Waggie

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Re: Drop the bomb and .....

"How can you even think a "surgical operation" is going to have any effect of those sons-of-bitches?... "


the logic is simple ...

how many times have the US bombed Iraq and Lybia? .... iŽd say 100s of times...how many people have died... no idea... 1000s iŽd guess...


- Gadhaffi alive and at good health
- Saddham Hussein alive and at good health
- Bin Laden alive and at good health

My hipothisis is, you have to go to the source of the problem... Say, bring on good intelligence, send 5 snipers over, to turn out the light... the world has 2-3 dictators less, 99% of the world is happy.

THE 3 OF THEM ARE THE ONES THAT SEND THE TERRORISTS ALL OVER THE WORLD, .... not some muslim housewife, not some schoolkid that doesnt even know where the USA is...

So killing 10000s of muslim housewifes/children/seniors ... will not solve ANY problem, as the 3 of them (plus a couple more) will keep sending more terror.

Its like in baseball.... you can swing the bat like a madman - with no results, or you can swing it controlled and meet the sweetspot... and off it goes...


One should not forget that the people there are living under DICTATORSHIP ... they are oppressed, they don't have freedome of choice, dont have freedom of opinion, they dont have freedom to speak, they get filtered/falsified/distorted information, those people are heavily manipulated ... they don't know what you know...they dont have CNN, they have iraqi-TV...

Point being...
Re-read your mail... what you want is no better than what happened yesterday... or would you have nuked the hometown of the Oklahoma bomber, would you have like to kill his family, his neighbours, his relatives?

we all got brains, we should start to use them.

Why do people always rush for the simple solution... did history teach us nothing? (holocaust)


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Re: Drop the bomb and .....

Yes, but if you know anything about United States law, I believe it was Reagan that passed a law saying that the United States is not allowed to go after a single person. We cannot send snipers over there and just take care of those people, we had PLENTY of chances to shoot Sadam, and we cannot.

'85 Scrambler
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I Do This For The Glory
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Re: Drop the bomb and .....

Then change the law. We are American's, we can do any damn thing we please.

Alfred, I understand where you're coming from, and the anology most people are thinking about is Japan. Remember when we blew them back to the stone age? Remember how swiftly and precisely the war with them ended? I know where you're going with the holocaust though, get rid of the ruler, and the regime crumbles.

I have as much hatred as anyone over these acts, but probably not as much as those that lost loved ones in the terrorism.

My initial reaction is to strike out, eradicate them all, and let the rest of the world learn from THEIR mistake, so they won't do the same thing in the future, or even think about it.

2 problems I see here, one on each side of the fence.

1) Nuke the snot out of them. I'd like nothing more than to drop the bomb myself. However, and this is a big however, they have been fighting a war amongst themselves and other towelheads (no offense AB) for a thousand years. So we either kill them all so they can't come back on us, or we annihilate the ones responsible and let the rest learn from the incident. We then run the risk of many of them coming over and the number of terrorist attacks increasing.

2) Surgically remove the cancerous growth from the face of the earth using snipers and black-ops. Do it quietly with no press so they won't be made into martyrs. Every time one of these radical groups springs up, kill them all. The only problem with this is others won't learn to NOT be terrorists.

Personally I like option 1, but strategic planning is coming back into play. How about we surgically remove the roaches and if that doesn't work wipe them all off the face of the earth?

While listening to Howie Carr (or was it Rush), I heard something that made sense. If we nuke them, what's to prevent one of them from parking a nuke in a boat just offshore of New York and touching it off? I know we have subs, the Navy, and fishermen in boats, but it could still be done. Where there's a will there's a way. What we need to concentrate on is quelling the "will" before it's even thought about.

I am not afraid of War. I am not afraid of retaliation. I am not afraid to die for my country (served 6 years and would serve again if called). I am also not a coward, just trying to think of the best possible method for eradicating this disease from the planet.

I also agree that if Afghanistan is harboring them, then they too are our enemy. We are the most powerful nation on the planet, let's ignore what they say and go in and get the guy. They won't like it? Let them tell someone who cares.

While we're at it, how about we start becoming a little more self sufficient. I'm talking about drilling for our OWN oil, and if it drives the cost up, so be it. I'd be willing to pay $4 a gallon to know it's 100% American. With bio-technology, I seriously doubt we'd be paying more than $3 a gallon anyway. Yes it'd require a lifestyle change, but certainly only a fraction of the change others have just endured. I think it's high time we learned what it means to be American again.

Winter Harbor, Maine
'81 CJ-8 Scrambled, It's a Jeep, Chevy, IHC kinda thing!
'88.5 Zuki, 7" Lift, Locked, Swamped, Rolled, and just generally broken in right!
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Re: Drop the bomb and .....

Yeah adding to JEEPN's post, I believe it is time for us to tap Alaska. Screw the enviromentalists, we should still do it carefully, but I believe it is really due to be tapped. We are only funding the problem.

'85 Scrambler
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Re: Drop the bomb and .....

First of all.. everytime we bombed Libya or Iraq it was directed at military installments... how many people died? A few im sure, did they deserve it? as much as anyone does... did we randomly bomb cities to kill citizens? NO, so stop saying we did.. and Alfred this is nothing like Oklahoma City and NOBODY here is wanting to kill every Muslim person in the world.. can you not get a point? All we want to do is to destroy who did this... if a country like Afghanistan decides that they will make it hard for us, then they are now the enemy.. has the US ever been known to just randomly shoot people? NO, will we use nuclear force? NO... will we bomb cities to just kill people? NO! did we in the Gulf War? NO! so stop accusing us of this stuff... I agree wiht your brains comment, we should start using them, we can start with you.... because you dont listen to anyone, draw your own conclusions and block everything else out... nobody *wants* a war, but if it comes to that every damn American will stand together and fight for it, I dont expect you to understand this, so accept your ignorance.

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Re: Drop the bomb and .....

cj drummond exaclty!!!!

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