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**DONOTDELETE** 09-10-2001 06:27 AM

I am only running 32" and an OME 2.5 on my '94 YJ. But ever since I got the lift I have noticed that the braking is much worse (which was expected.) I was concerned that the Anti-lock feature wouldn't react well but it seems to work. It's hard to tell... haven't heard it since winter. It rarely turned on. Also, more recently I have noticed that sometime my Jeep will pull to one direction if I stop suddenly. I am not sure if itís because of the load, the softer ride or what. Because sometime when I stop short the car handles normally yet other stops it almost feels like the car is twisting. Even slow stops you can sometime feel a little pull. It's almost always to the right. Last time I had the car inspected I was told that the brake pads looked good and should be good for a while. I haven't put more then 6,000 miles since that last check-up.

Anyway. I am going to upgrade my Ring and Pinions because I am killing my clutch and 5 gears is only good for going down hill on highways. Plus I am going to put a Detroit Locker in the rear.

I was curious if anyone had recommendation on if or how I could upgrade my breaks. I am not a mechanic but I pretend to be one on the weekends. But I don't feel confident to change my axels by myself nor do I have the hardware or space. Plus I just moved to Seattle so I don't have any Jeep friends or connections to people in the area that do this kind of work. I really would like to work on the Jeep myself, not only to know what was going on, but also because I don't have enough money for new axels and paying a shop to do everything.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Moss Green '94 YJ
4.0L 5sp.-manual.
2.5 Old Man Emu
32x11.50 BFGMud

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