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**DONOTDELETE** 09-09-2001 12:44 AM

engine shuts off when winching
I have the 258 I-6 with a weber carb on it. When I winch the motor will bog down very bad and even shut off. This happens even with no or verry little load and if I have a big load its even worse. My winch is a Ramsey REP 8000 by the way. I have had my altnator checked and it was good. I put two batteries in parrell hoping to give more amps and that did not work. The only way I can winch is sitting inside the jeep with my foot on the gas at about 2500 rpm. Is there a cure for this I have seen people winch standing outside their jeeps or with their foot an the brake (not giving any gas). So what can I do? I can't afford a high output altnator at this time, but don't think I need it. Any advise would be helpful.

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LEVE 09-09-2001 01:02 AM

Re: engine shuts off when winching
1. Install a Hand throttle, or;
2. Use a BBD Sol-Vac solenoid to increase RPM when the winch is switched on.

**DONOTDELETE** 09-09-2001 01:19 AM

Re: engine shuts off when winching
never heard of a bbd solenoid. where would I get this and how does it work

LEVE 09-09-2001 01:28 AM

Re: engine shuts off when winching
When you apply voltage to the solenoid the little rod sticks out. It's adjustable. When the rod sticks out the voltage can be removed and the vacuum takes over holding the sol-vac relay in place, bumping up engine RPM.

Where can you get one? Just ask... I'm sure several of the Jeepers on this forum have deactivated their BBD carb and have 'em laying around.

**DONOTDELETE** 09-09-2001 05:33 AM

Re: engine shuts off when winching
You have a problem somewhere in the system because the problem you describe ought not to be happening. It is possible your wiring up of the winch may be at fault. Have you run the winch earth directly to battery? If not I suggest you do so now. It may be that the motor is shorting internally and drawing way too much power. I suggest you get a auto electrician to chech the current draw whilst the motor is operating. Good luck to you.

regards, ozmrph

ArkyCrawler 09-09-2001 09:17 AM

Re: engine shuts off when winching
LEVE, you are amazing!

83 CJ-7/chevy 350/44-20 with lockers/4"lift/33x12.5 swampers on hellcats/9500 ramsey. I'm in LOVE!

**DONOTDELETE** 09-09-2001 02:55 PM

Re: engine shuts off when winching
I agree, although the hand throttle is a good idea or the other thing. I do think there is another problem. I run my winch at idle (warn 8074, basicly an 8274 motorwise) and I have not had anything like you describe happen. I run one battery, not even a deep cycle and I have a 78 amp alternator or something like that. All that to say I have run mine at idle while winching out a buddies F-150 running on 38 stuck to the frame in mud, true I did stock some to let the winch cool and battery recharge a couple times but it never cut off.

GP'n 09-09-2001 04:08 PM

Re: engine shuts off when winching
I also agree with the wiring or current draw problem. You should be able to idle and operate the winch under load at idle. You may have a weak winch motor or bad alternator, (I know you had it checked out). But you may have a bad ground causing some or most of the problem. The winch needs to be grounded directly to the bat and the + should come directly from the batt. all connection at the batt should be clean and TIGHT. This goes for all connections in conjunction with the charging, starting, and winching operation.

**DONOTDELETE** 09-09-2001 08:03 PM

Re: engine shuts off when winching
Just to pile on and add to the consensus, there is definitely another problem, you should be able to winch with no problem at idle. I've been using the winch on my Jeep for 15 years, never had to bump up the idle or give it gas.

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