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Seth867 09-08-2001 10:17 AM

Which Swampers?
After 10 months I finally have my jeep running again. And now its time for tires cause w/ a four inch lift and stock tires I really don't feel too safe. I want to go with Super Swampers but I can't decide which to go w/. I want to put 33's on. Which does everyone like the best? Would it be worth going with the 15.5 wide over the 12.5? As always money is an option. Any advice on wheels backspacing? Any info would be appreciated.


lilrick 09-08-2001 10:55 AM

Re: Which Swampers?
I've owned three sets of Swampers over the set bias ply (33x12.50) and two sets of radials (32x10.50 and 33x12.50). My vote would be for a set of radials. I also drove my Jeep most of the time to the trails... 60 miles to Wisconsins famous pipeline from my front yard. The radials seemed better on the rocks.. better wear, even though I felt they where shot in 25,000 miles. the bias ply... stiffer, some flat spotting if sitting a while or cold, more hydroplaning at highway speeds in the rain. I left Trenary,MI for the Super Dooper Yooper Tour a few years back in my FJ-40.. it was a 25 degree night.. I had flat spotting for several miles.. around 5 or six...felt like hundreds of miles before they started to ride good (33" bias) .. of course manual steering didn't help! The Swamper Radial also can be had cheaper... I believe around $125.00-$130.00) per tire compared to a Goodyear or Goodrich in that same size. Just my opinion, hope it helps! Rick

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**DONOTDELETE** 09-08-2001 11:44 AM

Re: Which Swampers?
I like the thornbirds. They are good on the road, probably the less amount of noise than the others, and as soon as you get offroad, the lugs on the sidewall give you some kick arse performance. my buddies boggers have worn down to nothing, and he hasn't even had them on a year. just something to think about, what you use the truck for. Just offroad, or road, with the option of offroad, or 100%on road, which I prolly wouldn't recommen swampers


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**DONOTDELETE** 09-08-2001 02:56 PM

Re: Which Swampers?
We have -20* days for a couple weeks at atime here, and my flatspotting (33" TSLs) has never lasted for more than 3/4 of a mile. I was sort of surprised, because everyone always talks about the "horrible" flat spotting.

With my experience, my advice is don't let the flatspotting issue be part of your decision.


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RogerK68 09-08-2001 04:44 PM

Re: Which Swampers?

Everything is a trade-off. For pure off-road driving nothing beats a bias ply. They generally have a "stickier" composition, more plies in the sidewall, and take alot more abuse. For street driving nothing beats a radial. Better ride quality, and better tread wear. I compromised and bought a set a SSR's that I have been happy with so far. They are supposed to have a little better sidewall protection, but I have my doubts. Ideally, it would be great to have two sets of tires: one for the street, and one for the trail. Unfortunately, those of us w/o deep pockets or sponsors are doomed to compromise. If you do alot of street driving, do yourself a favor and go with a set of radials. Nothing eats bias like street driving.

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JEEPN 09-08-2001 07:32 PM

Re: Which Swampers?
Seth, can we get a little more info? Are you running a heavy engine or a light one, winch, custom heavy items? How far are you running on the street? How about the type of trail you'll be running?

I have owned the 33x12.5, 32x9.5 and 29x8.5 bias Swampers and the 33x10.5 radials, along with MANY off brand non-Swamper tires. Most of the guys in our club run either Swampers or BFG's, very little else, but the MT/R is starting to show up.

I like the 33x12.5 bias Swampers on the Scrambler, they're a good tire, VERY rugged (I have run them flat and not noticed, and routinely run them at 4 psi), cheap (I bought 6 of them used for $200), and I also don't find them flat spotting a lot. Then again, I'm enduring the same -20 Charly is as I only live 50 miles from him. I find they warm up quickly, and I don't even bother to balance them, no problems.

I find a wider tire is not always a better tire, and often see people running their tires flat to "widen the footprint", which is a nisnomer. As a result, the tires don't grip and float on the surface.

I run my 33's on 8" rims, and the rims have taken a beating, so I'm going to swap to 7" rims. A few friends have already swapped and it's working out well. You may also want to consider the 34x9.5, which is the same size as the 33x12.5.

Take a look at the difference, both in the height and the tread pattern, between the 33x12.5 bias and the 33x10.5 radial. The radials are over 1" shorter than the bias. I'm not sure of how this translates to the SSR though, that seems like a decent tire, but I have no first hand knowledge of them.{F52F64A3-7F...2}/picture.JPG

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Seth867 09-08-2001 08:55 PM

Re: Which Swampers?
Yeah that info probably would help some. I am for the most part really light. I have a fiberglass body, 258, and no back seat. I carry about 50 lbs worth of tools w/ me. This Jeep isn't my daily driver so my street time will be limited. (That is if I can convice myself to get back in the Explorere and leave the CJ alone) The trails around here will mostly be mud, dirt, and sand. I'm in Toledo, Ohio. One of the reasons I want wider tires is to get a wider stance. I'm a little high to have thin tires, in my opinion atleast. Thanks for all the info. Everything ya'll are telling me helps!


wades_76_CJ7 09-08-2001 09:13 PM

Re: Which Swampers?
I have 33x12.5 SSR's and love them. I got them used and glad i did. I have a 258 also. lots of mud and i drive it to work frequently.. 2-3 times a week. 60 miles a day.

just my .02

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H8monday 09-08-2001 10:14 PM

Re: Which Swampers?
The SSRs have extremely weak sidewalls as far as puncture resistance goes. I went through 5 of them of them in 6 months on trails like Rubicon, and the Hammers, where I typicaly go years without a sidewall puncture. It a shame too, because they were a good performing tire, they air down well without getting to mushy, and they have great traction on hard rock, slick rock, sand and loose loamy soil. I never ran them in the mud.
My favorite by far, are SX tires, sure they are like riding on a cube for the 1st mile on a cold morning, but they have excelent traction, and are almost bullet proof, they also except a tire boot repair, much more readily than the radials.
Boggers are awsome also, but they are a pretty brutal street ride.
Thornbirds, are the laughing stock of the Rock Crawling world, and they have a shamefull reputation in the Mod Bogg circles also.
TSL are a good compromise.

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W.C. 09-09-2001 02:50 AM

Re: Which Swampers?
If you want the best offroad tire, buy the SX. If you want the best offroad tire that is still good on the road, buy the SX and a grooving iron.

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