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onetuffcj 09-07-2001 08:19 PM

SOA Scout 44 front?
I have a 48 Willy's doing a ground up on, gonna run wrangler 6 leafs with a spring over . My question is if on a spring under on the passenger side they mount the spring to the meatball on one side with one long u-bolt, then if you go with a spring over do you need to fabricate a perch off of the meatball or mount to the axle? I'm having this axle cut down to match the rear. I have searched but got real clear answers, if any other advice is out there , like castor or pinion angle please fill me in, this is my first.
Thanks, Mike

JEEPN 09-08-2001 03:19 AM

Re: SOA Scout 44 front?
You must be registering it as an antique to get away from the inspection?

Yes, you'll have to grind into the pumpkin to make the perch for the SOA.

I'm doing a SOA for Archie's CJ next weekend after the club meeting, but using the D30 front and a Scout rear. How are you going to setup the steering? The Willys has a Ross system and the Scout a Saginaw, and with the open frame of the Willys, along with it being thin walled, you might run into problems.

Where did you have the axle cut down, I'm looking to have the same thing done to one of mine for a Swap.

Winter Harbor, Maine
'81 CJ-8 Scrambled, It's a Jeep, Chevy, IHC kinda thing!
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onetuffcj 09-08-2001 06:32 AM

Re: SOA Scout 44 front?
Hey Jeepn , i have a guy in South Paris that is cutting them down, good price. Send me your phone number and maybe you can fill me in on the steering debate here. I'll send my # to you too.

elusive 09-08-2001 02:43 PM

Re: SOA Scout 44 front?
lets see...
see if this works

1 ton tj-7 thingy

onetuffcj 09-08-2001 06:38 PM

Re: SOA Scout 44 front?
Hi Elusive I got the pics and that answered my question, Thanks, My next question for my 48 Willy should i use the scout knuckles or something else, they look and are different from my Cj set up(my 73). I'm worried about the clearance on the springs to the steering tie rods.
Thanks for the input, Mike

elusive 09-08-2001 10:10 PM

Re: SOA Scout 44 front?
i wouldnt use the scout knuckles... just cut to the end and get some flat top chevy d-44 knuckles and make yourself some real steering
heres how it will look.

1 ton tj-7 thingy

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