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**DONOTDELETE** 09-07-2001 11:49 AM

Towing jeep--need power
I tow my jeep with an Expedition 5.4L V8. Holley makes a supercharger for this motor stating it will give 110 more hp at the rear wheel over stock!!!!! My stock engine makes 260hp ---345 ft lbs of torque @2300 rpm at the flywheel. So about 212 hp at the rear wheel. (according to a dyno test on a similiar expedition). So now I would have 322hp at the rear wheel--not the flywheel. Flywheel would be 400hp!!! This is what Holley claims with stock exhaust.
Has anyone tried this new supercharger and if I did this----I know I'd put my foot into it up steep hills in the mountains while pulling my jeep so then what would I break on the expedition? Driveshaft, ujoints/?????? Let me know if anyone has done it and had any other problems surface.

89YJ-350V8,35" SSR's, EFI,revolvers,shackle reversal,SYE,cv shaft, 4.11,locked front D30, rocklock,8.8,2"body, TJ flares.

**DONOTDELETE** 09-07-2001 01:04 PM

Re: Towing jeep--need power
Can't answer the "is it possible" questions...That said, I would worry only about the tranny. Make sure you keep it in a low enough gear that the Torque Converter locks don't wanna have 300+ horsepower slipping the tranny, uphill, with a wholelotta jeep and trailer behind. The next thing I'd worry about would be the rear axle. The biggest killer there will be heat. It puts a lot of stress on the gears to be towing a heavy load with a lot of horsepower, and I'm not sure what kind of rear axle those have in 'em. A good friend of mine was towing a 30' bumper tow house trailer with a 1500 sub with a had plenty of power for it, and when locked out of OD, the tranny behaved, but he burned up a rear end in 2500 miles. (Oh, and besides running the tranny low enough to keep it locked, (this next part is hearsay), I've heard that you need to keep it spinning fast enough to keep the fluid pumping through it fast enough to dissapate heat...but as I say, I'm not sure about that). As far as u-joints and such go, they tend to be more susceptible to sudden applications of torque and power than they are to more extended applications...Rolling down the highway at 70 and then leaning on the motor a bit to climb a hill doesn't worry me much. But starting out at a stoplight or tollbooth and gunning it...that's where you'll drop the driveshaft. Use a good quality synthetic extreme temp grease in the u-joints (and I'm a sucker for greasable u-joints rather than sealed for life on vehicles that see highway miles), and forget about 'em.

Moneyless, Will weld for jeep accessories.

**DONOTDELETE** 09-07-2001 01:05 PM

Re: Towing jeep--need power
I've never done this but for towing what you want to increase is torque not horse power, what torque increase does this super charger give and at what RPM? If the torque increase isn't large enough you want to take a differant route maybe a gear ratio change and a power chip with K&N air filter. Or some other modifications.

Take care of the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves.

jeepnmatt 09-07-2001 01:45 PM

Re: Towing jeep--need power
do you tow with the OD turned off? i have a 1994 RAM 1500 and have no problems pulling a loaded trailer as long as the OD is off. with the OD off, your RPMs will also be closer to where the engine makes more power. at 75mph, my engine is turning about 2900rpm and has plenty of power to spare. i had no problems pulling my 4000lb boat through the hills of western KY, even hit 90mph a couple times to pass people... i would (if you haven't already) replace the air filter with a K&N and the catalytic converter with a High-flow model (i run a Random Technology stock replacement). hope this helps! matt

utahjeepr 09-07-2001 09:32 PM

Re: Towing jeep--need power
Towing is diesel work, engines that run on the thin smelly stuff just don't work hard enough.

My other car is a bulldozer!

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