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**DONOTDELETE** 08-30-2001 06:46 PM

I am currently lookin for an affordable lift kit. I can't do the instalation myself so I found some shops. There are two I have narrowed it down to. One suggests a 3.5 B.D.S. suspension and mabe one inch shackles if there is still rubbing (trying to fit 33s 12.5)For installation and all parts it would be around $700. Or performance Parts and Performance suggested a 4 inch procomp. Their price for installation and parts would be around $1000. I am only a moderate wheeler but wish to invest the little money I have in a quality kit. Quality wise which kit would offer better performance and value.

**DONOTDELETE** 08-30-2001 07:07 PM

Re: Lift
I dont know how the B.D.S. spring are but currently I have procomp springs on my cj and they are RoUgH RiDiNg I have a set of 4"skyjacker yj springs and the conversion kit in the mail, if I install them before you buy yours I will give you the scoop on them

**DONOTDELETE** 08-30-2001 07:18 PM

Re: Lift
If I did choose to go with the B.D.s. which is supposed to be kinda soft, would a body lift or the shacles be a better choice. I've heard that shacles sometimes don't work as well. Also did you get your gears changed or anything. I am not real worried about performance but it is an issue.

**DONOTDELETE** 08-30-2001 09:34 PM

Re: Lift
shackles will cause a little wondering on the highway but its not too bad, I still drive 80mph. I put 33s on my cj7 and installed 3.73 gears if I were to do it again I would go with a lower gear. Before you buy gears find out what ratio you have and go from that. Back to shackles or body lift I would go with the body lift since you are lifting a yj otherwise you will worsen you driveline vibrations

**DONOTDELETE** 08-30-2001 09:39 PM

Re: Lift
Thanks for the info. I will keep that in mind due to the fact I will be driving back and forth from college(between my wheelin trips of course).

**DONOTDELETE** 08-30-2001 09:57 PM

Re: Lift
I have pro-comp (SOA now), I am not sure that pro-comp would be much of an upgrade above anything, don't get me wrong I liked mine but they are very very rough. Where are you located? $1000 seems like a ton of money to me, I think I had my SOA performed for not much more than that (relatively speaking) not that I am suggesting SOA. Sorry for rambling but if you are at all mechanically inclined you could put on your lift in a weekend taking your time. I did mine in my garage with the help of a couple friends, then for the same money you could have some tools a better lift and a little experience too. Just my opinion take it for what its worth. If you do decide to do it yourself you will be able to get plenty of advice from this board, personally I would change spring hangers (to maybe slickrocks or something similar) and shackles (even stock height) at the same time as the lift, if I had to do it over. Just my opinion take it for what its worth.

HO92YJ 08-30-2001 11:09 PM

Re: Lift
check out rusty's lift. great price, it was around 4something for 3.5" great flex and decent ride. i have that w/ and inch body, riding on 33". i can stuff them fairly easily at full flex. just another option for ya

'92 YJ: 4.0 auto, 3.5" rusty's lift, 1" body, MORE greasable shackles(boomerangs in rear) K&N, rusty's hi-flow cat, 33"thornbirds

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