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**DONOTDELETE** 08-05-2001 12:27 AM

Just cut away all the old rust and am ready to replace the body panels. I bought all the floor panels, front and rear side panles, rear corners and wheelwells. Of course the panels are not an exact match and most will have to be cut and shaped to fit. Anyone know of any sites or tech articles that give info on the best way to start putting it all back together ???????????

LEVE 08-05-2001 01:26 AM


**DONOTDELETE** 08-05-2001 01:45 AM

nice job man, talk about hands on restoration, it looks really good!

89 yj, under construction!
it's not what you buy, it's what you build!

**DONOTDELETE** 08-05-2001 09:09 PM

LEVE, I really like your website. I'm undertaking the rebuilding of my 1964 CJ5's body right now. I had a couple of questions for you about your rebuild. The JCWhitney side panels look like they are missing some of the "lip" around the bends. How did you get around this? weld in pieces of the old tub? Also what did the fence posts that you used as floor supports look like? That is one of the biggest problems I'm haveing, how to support the floor. I've found some hat channel in Eastman's catalog that might work. I've also thought about using some rectangular tubing, mabey 2"x 3/4" or whatever my metal supply store had. But fence posts would be a heck of a lot cheaper. I'll have to go check them out in the near future. Thanks.

**DONOTDELETE** 08-06-2001 12:13 AM

JC Whitney also has the original floor hat channel repair pieces for cheap,but they may be in the section for restoration parts.I always thought street sign posts would make great floor supports,no I don't suggest you go pull up street signs to fix the floor,but they are strong,and I've already got them. LEVE,you did a great job,And I agree with you JCW has some great deals on parts.Anyone that hasn't got a JCW JEEP catalog ought to get one as there are items in it that are not in the big catalog.

Dave Cardwell

LEVE 08-06-2001 01:15 AM

Foreman, you are correct about the lip. The JCW panels lips do not wrap around to the corners. They're made to "hang" over the existing panel... I just took the idea and extended it a bit. I cut the lip from the existing tub and then cut and fit into the gap. I welded a small tab to the underside of the panels lips and set the pice on this tab. Then I drilled the holes in the OEM piece, set it in place over the tabs and rivet welded the piece in place.

There is no equilivent aftermarket floor mount piece, except from the dealer. Since I did the repairs I've seen three other tubs that have used completley flat floors. Then they used the Eastwood/JCWhitney floor stiffner parts and ran them front to back rather than side to side. This let the owner mount to the tub, as well as stiffen the floor. It worked well, and I wished I'd thougt of it when I did my work.

ducmon900 08-06-2001 10:56 AM

I used larrys sight too when I did mine. Helped me out a bunch too. I'm planning a fiberglass body for next year but I'm sure glad I did the body like I did. You will learn everything about your jeep as well. later ken

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