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FatBoyRob 07-09-2001 12:44 PM

Sway Bar Disco\'s
For those of you that have sway bar quick disconnects, are you running them both front and rear? Is it even possible to run them on the rear, I have a 98 TJ, and I know there is a swaybar, and I can disconnect it, but is there a quick disco out there for the rear.

Also, any thoughts on track bar disco's

Thanks in advance, since I joined this Forum, my knowledge has increased at least 10 fold. Hopefully, someday I can assist others like you guys have assisted me.


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**DONOTDELETE** 07-09-2001 02:32 PM

Re: Sway Bar Disco\'s
You abslolutly cannot run trackbar disconnects, remove track bar, run telescoping trackbar, or anything of the like on a TJ. No coilspring suspension setup will allow you to take off that link, unless major modifications are done(of which is all greek to me, so I won't even try to explain it). Now on YJ's you can pretty much throw the track bar in the trash from the factory. You will wander a little, b/c the trackbar was developed to help with wander on the road, but you will gain mucho flex. In fact I will take back my statement and say that you can try driving without it, and then, if no bad side effects are present. Though it in the trash. CJ's don't even have a track bar. Track bars are not needed on leaf sprung vehicles.

I belive there is a product called TK sliders that is supposed to improve the flex in the rear by modifing the rear swawbar links. I have heard that some bad handling quirks will come up if the rear swaybar is completly discoed. Currie also makes an off-road swaybar for the front of a TJ, that I have heard can be modified to fit the rear. It has a lower resistance to roll, that many say is just enough and don't even disconnect it, whether on front or rear(I don't know if it can be easily disconnected).

If you havn't bought the discos for the front and want some, then check out Tera's. You remove the whole swawbar link and don't have to tie anything up. Another option is RE. While not as durable as some of the others(how many people actually beat on their swaybar links[img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif[/img]), it allows you to replace the center section. So the swaybar disco can grow if you plan on lifting your jeep a little here, and a little later. As far as standard discos go, JKS is hard to beat. Pretty solid pieces of equipment.


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