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Dean 07-08-2001 08:00 AM

Write-ups on NV4500 install?
Does anyone know of any good sites detailing the NV4500 swap in a CJ-7? I'm probably going to start on the swap this week and would like to read up on it a bit before I start.


Jaffer 07-08-2001 08:55 AM

Re: Write-ups on NV4500 install?
I didn't do a write up but here's a pic of my install.
I clocked the D300 all the way up with a 3 Guys Engineering ring.
I'm told one doesn't need the special front retainer housing for the D300 if you use a ring. The earlier ( pre 1994 ?) NV's have a deeper rear retainer housing and a new retainer isn't needed but a newer NV 4500 has a shallower rear housing and the special TC retainer housing OR a clocking ring is required.
In fact, the 3Guys Engineering guy said to NOT use the custom TC retainer with either NV4500 if you use their clocking ring.
You can either create a new cross brace out of rectangular steel channel then bolt on a new or flattened skid plate or just weld a piece of channel iron to the skid as shown.
We did have to gouge out the right rear corner edge of the tranny cut out in the floor around where my twin stick forks are for a little more clearance.
After that, I got a pair of MORE axel pads and we rotated the rear pumpkin quite a ways up to get a good CV angle going. The front of the skid didn't need any alteration for drive shaft clearance but a CV on the front drive shaft next to the TC is a good idea, especally if you clock it. I didn't do any changes to the front pumpkin angle and am very pleased to say I have absolutely no vibration at even highway speeds.


Dean 07-08-2001 09:15 AM

Re: Write-ups on NV4500 install?
Thanks Jaffer. My tranny (Dodge version) has already been changed over to the deeper retainer housing so I don't need the ring. I was thinking of clocking the D300 the same way that Harry Brosofsky clocked his - putting set screws in the t-case mounting bolt holes, set the t-case up to the tranny, clocking the t-case to where I want it/where it'll fit, then hitting the t-case with a rubber mallet so that the set screws will mark the tranny retainer housing for where the bolt holes should be. I don't know if I'll be able to clock the t-case completely horizontal without running into clearance problems with the webbing on the retainer housing. I'm also going to have to take a look at the front driveshaft - Ford 5.0 bellhousing clearance. How far over to the passenger side did your front driveshaft move when you clocked the t-case? Also, how much clearance did you end up with between the tranny and the body?


Jaffer 07-08-2001 09:29 AM

Re: Write-ups on NV4500 install?
The trannie had enough clearance to tunnel. I was just the twin stick linkage plates that needed a little more room, though it would fit in with out surgery ... there just wouldn't be enough room to work on the linkage and engine torqing would probably led to trannie to floor contact.
Drive shaft angular difference from clocking shouldn't have outboarded the front drive shaft enough to even notice though CVing it probably had a good hand in negating any angularity.


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