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BillR 06-30-2001 12:03 PM

Re: Jeep Wave - Alive and Well!
The wave is alive and well here in Flagstaff. I get returns mostly from CJs and lifted YJs. I wave at 'em all. There are a few nice FSJs here in town, and they jump in with the wave thing, too. Very cool! :-)

'86 CJ-7, 360, TFI, 727, OEM Dana 44 rear w/Truetrac, Dana 30 w/Powertrax No-Slip, 4" Superlift, 4:11s, Warn HS9500i

FatBoyRob 07-03-2001 11:43 AM

Re: Jeep Wave - Alive and Well!
Here, near Ontario, the Jeep wave is a geographical thing. In the bigger cities, Toronto and stuff, hardly anyone waves and all look at you funny like do I know you? Probably because they haven't been on a trail with other Jeepers to experience the comraderie. As you move out of the urban areas more people wave. In Mississauga where I live, I wave at everyone, I get waves from about 75% if they are paying attention to what's going on.

Almost every morning on the way to work I run into a YJ going the other direction. This is a four lane city road, doesn't matter where we are in the lanes, we always wave to each other, in the heat it's usually hands out the window wave, in the cold, usually the two finger salute. One of these days I will stop and talk to him.

The beer I had for breakfast wasn't bad, so I had one more for dessert.

apetroski 07-03-2001 11:55 AM

Re: Jeep Wave - Alive and Well!
When I got my first CJ, I thought I was a popular guy. Then I figured it out. Can't wait to be able to wave again. One more month, I hope, before it all back together.

**DONOTDELETE** 09-04-2002 12:16 AM

Re: Jeep Wave - Alive and Well!
well i am ashamed to say that the Jeep Wave has somewhat died here in Dayton, Ohio... i would say that 1 in 5 Jeepers still sport the wave and i am appauled. Are we not to be proud of our Jeeps? what is one to think of a Jeeper who does not excercise his/her Jeep wave right? it makes me mad and somewhat embarrassed to throw the wave and receive no reaction. something must be done!

elusive 09-04-2002 05:53 AM

Re: Jeep Wave - Alive and Well!
it's odd around here.. if I drive my tj on 38's, no one waves.. but if I have a shiney tj on 33's, everyone waves....i dont get it..... its so bad that i got discouraged in my tj and i dont initiate any waves unless I know the person.....which is common..this is a smal town and a i have worked on most of the jeeps here.

BMF 09-04-2002 12:28 PM

Re: Jeep Wave - Alive and Well!
I'd have to agree with BillR on Flagstaff. When I was living there almost every CJ and lifted YJ would return the old wave. TJ's and stock YJ's was another matter though.

**DONOTDELETE** 09-04-2002 12:56 PM

Re: Jeep Wave - Alive and Well!
drive down this chick in a jeeps road... i'll wave.. heck.. if i am not dealing with pms you'll probably get a smile too....
p.s dont take the chick thing personally..most of em dont wave in central CA either... the guys.. well depends on if the jeep is just a box for their stereo (they don't) the fun ones.. oh yeah..

**DONOTDELETE** 09-04-2002 01:03 PM

Re: Jeep Wave - Alive and Well!
Down here the wave is alive and well UNLESS the driver is in a TJ. Seems like unless the TJ is heavily modified, the drivers have tunnel vision. I always wave at all jeeps, but I'd be suprised if 1 in 25 TJ's return the favor. YJ owners always wave back enthusiastically and well, the CJ owners usually know they are in a classic and the keep the tradition alive. My girlfriend thought I was on crack when she saw me waving at other jeeps, until I explained why!

mobdawg 09-04-2002 06:27 PM

Re: Jeep Wave - Alive and Well!
I live 3 blocks from elusive and I tend to agree. The only people around here that wave are the CJ drivers and the guys in lifted YJs or TJs which are few and far between. I think the knuckleheads in the shiny new stock TJs are oblivious to the wave and I've even seen one new TJ with 30s or 31" ers and it had a sticker on the bumper that said "don't follow me, you won't make it"!!! What can you do but laugh? Nada, and with that I throw the wave out to everyone and hope for the best. Just outside of Raleigh, NC I even got a wave from a CJ-7 clear across the interstate with Clifferd on the trailer behind my the CJ guess have my respect.

bigbad8 09-04-2002 06:34 PM

Re: Jeep Wave - Alive and Well!
new york..long island specifically, the wave is rare few and far between. i wave as well as my wife to all jeepers. Unless we can tell that they suck beans from afar.
waves tend to come from other built jeeps. i was thinking of making copies and sticking them on parked jeeps when i happen to park near one.
dealers show hand out flyers as part of their "new Vehicle Information Packets".... MG's were a big waving community as well.

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