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jeeper131 04-28-2000 03:00 AM

Is this worth it?
Hey, just wanted to get an opinion on a deal I'm working on. A guy I know has a flowmaster exhaust, headers (can't remember the brand at the moment) and a rear lockrite, and he's asking $400 for all of it. Is this worth it?

MudFlap 87 YJ POS!!

**DONOTDELETE** 04-28-2000 09:44 AM

Re: Is this worth it?
Sounds a little high to me, unless they're Borla headers or something. A brand new Lock-right ought to set you back about $250...used ones $100-150. So are the headers/flowmasters worth $250? What brand headers? ceramic coated? stainless? How long has he had 'em? Plain jane painted headers for a v-8 run about $150 new. I dunno what straight six headers run, I'd think close to the same.
Find out a little more info on the headers and how long this stuff has been on his jeep.

DRM 04-28-2000 09:54 AM

Re: Is this worth it?
As a person who wheels & deals for parts all the time, I have one thing to add...

Ask yourself if you really want this stuff, or are you considering this just because it is a "deal"? If you don't really need/want some of the stuff, it is a waste of your money. Been there, done that [img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/wink.gif[/img] Save your money for things you REALLY want - other "deals" will come along later...

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jeeper131 04-28-2000 09:30 PM

Re: Is this worth it?
well the locker I really want becuase I'm going to start doing some more serious trails, the headers and the exhaust are kinda superfluous, but I really want to pick up the power on my little 258. I just put on a new Weber carb, and I figure the headers and exhuast will compliment it nicely

MudFlap 87 YJ POS!!

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