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Lift vs. other mods...

I have often wondered if lift is really as important as some claim...
I dont do any real rock climbing, mainly just woods stuff (when I can get offroad)

I have seen some sky high rigs with big tires that looked great and had mega ground clearance. I have also seen close to stock height rigs with lockers and smaller, good offroad tires do amazing things....

I guess its a balance thing, putting together the right mix... depending on what your rig is used for..

I don't know, thought it'd make for good conversation...


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Re: Lift vs. other mods...

Before I did the SOA and 35's, I ran some 31" Thornbirds with a 1.5" shackle lift, open front and rear. The people I went wheelin with were locked front and rear, 33 inch swampers etc, etc. I went everywhere they did and only had to be tugged out once. We did rocks, mud and trails. My jeep was soon called "Billy Goat" because it went everywhere. People still talk about how amazing it was that it did what it did.

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Re: Lift vs. other mods...

good question![img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
you know it all depends on how radical you want to get.
a stock jeep can do ok on 4wd terrain to a limit. a yj or tj with the sway bar is limited in that respect which can be taken care of with dis-connects. ground clearance on a stock jeep i believe is around 9" at the differentials. this can be raised with taller tires which requires the suspension and-or body lifts. for those radical or extreme 4wd situations the jeep needs to be lifted to clear rocks etc. i have wheeled with and without a lift. i got by quite well with stock on mild to semi-tough trails without bottoming out too much. driver skill is key. don't get in a hurry and pick good lines. you know it is kind of a macho thing whether we want to admit it or not![img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif[/img] i use my lift for the purpose of wheelin. some don't go off road much with their lift and tires. yeah it's a balance thing- you're right. do you want your rig still pavement worthy, etc. i have a lot of rocks here in az and i have enjoyed my lift. i still am sporting the small 30" tires and am in no hurry to go larger although i'm sure i will.


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Re: Lift vs. other mods...

there are the 10% times....... i dont need the outer limits of my jeep except on 10% of the trails(maybe less) but that 10% is the most fun. i have upgraded my axles to the point of almost no chance of breakage unless doing something dumb, but my ground clearance suffered.. so i put bigger tires on. my suspension is also tuned for that 10%. it's all about what you do with your jeep. my wifes tj follows me almost everywhere i go except on a very few trails on the east coast. out west its common to see extremely well built rigs on smaller tires and axles(like cjeepercreeper). In the east, big tires that grip well on muddy rocks seem to work best.

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Re: Lift vs. other mods...

Do you think some people get a little too excited a little too soon and "put the cart before the horse" so to speak with some mods? For example: huge tires without the hp or gearing?

I know there have been times I wanted to or have bought and installed something for "instant gratification".

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Re: Lift vs. other mods...

There is a guy on the POR board that thinks the sawsall is the answer! I think your Jeep must "get you to your distination". Where ever that is?

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Re: Lift vs. other mods...

If you are locked and have decent gearing you can do amazing things, but ground clearance is still the key. Out here, that lowest part of your Jeep will inevitably find a way to hang you up, but the other side is center of gravity. There are LOTS of rollovers in our club from rock crawling, but I'm not really sure how many are caused by too high a center of gravity. Point is, build your Jeep to do what you want it to do within your means, and you will be pretty happy. Then again, like I said, you are doomed to hang up on the lowest part, for me its my darn skidplate, in fact I have an obstacle in the Rock Garden named after me. Some folks get cool names for obstacles named after them, I got stuck with "Brad's Knob" [img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/mad.gif[/img]. Of course Pat Gremillion also has one in the Garden named after him with a name that's just as good, his wife named it, its called "Pat's Crack" [img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/laugh.gif[/img].

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Re: Lift vs. other mods...

Hee, hee ...
I've seen Brad 'pinwheel' on the TC bump of his skid plate ... Brad's Knob ...
that's a good one! [img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
Actually, Brad can go most obstacles any sane person would and should want to and, since neither of us enjoy the thought of a roll over, he and I do just fine and only shy away from ARCA caliber extreme climbs where even the best of them can do the tilt and whirl... and/or leave a trail of broken drive train pieces ...
The thing of it is, once you go past 3 or so inches of lift and past 32 or 33 inch tires, the mods required to go bigger is a whole new ball game.
Beefier CV drive shafts and lower gears are a must and even with them, churning 35's or bigger puts such a tremendous strain on the drive train that more beef is needed in the trannie and axels right off the bat. Even then, more breakage is enevitable... oopps! there goes the TC ... and a few more U joints ...
Sooo ... unless you want to sink mega time and bucks into your rig, or enjoy it driving/behaving like a tractor, and you want to climb stuff you have to crane your neck to look up at or you can't see over the top of even standing on the rail of your rig ...
be happy with a well built, locked and loaded all-around do just about anything, go most anywhere, sane, sensible setup ... like Brad's.
It's given him a great ride since he bought it new in .. when? .. 1985?
With his freshlly rebuilt mill, Tera-Low and lockers fore and aft ...
it's better than new!

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Re: Lift vs. other mods...

I think A locker and maybe a small budjet lift would get ya kicking some a$$. SCRAM

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Re: Lift vs. other mods...

It was by far the best mod I could have made to the jeep.

I look at it in stages, the first being the lift and some decent tires. I chose the 4" Superlift, but knew I wanted a high and ruthless rig down the road. A 2.5" suspension and 2" body is really the best way to fit 33's on a CJ, plenty of flex and enough height. I also went with 33" Swampers (used). It was amazing where it'd go compared to the 31's, even though it still had open diffs, stock gears, the little 4 cyl, and 3 out of the 4 original gears in the tranny.

The second stage was to lock the axles, but obviously evolved into more than that.

Looking back, if I had to do the same thing again, I'd go the same route.

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