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Jeeps are trendy!! O/T

I popped by my old highschool's autoshop today to see what's going on. I was talking with a kid in there about what kind of car he has. He's got a Ford Exploder and is getting rid of it in a few weeks. Naturally I told him to go buy a Jeep. My natural response when anyone is getting a new car. His response? "Jeeps are too trendy!" ARGHHHHH!! I couldn't believe it! But then I realized that the highschool parking lot is filled up with brand spanking new, bright yellow and saraha packaged TJ's! It's getting kind of sick. I don't know what it's like in everyone else's area, but we've got too many punk arse kids driving around their brand new present from Ma and Pa. To make things even worse, when I asked the kid what he was getting for a car, he said he was getting a 2001 VW VR6 or something like that? He said it has 18" rims, coil-over shocks, and a HUGE stereo! I asked how much. He said 31K. And guess who's paying?! Just like those little b!$%* boys with their tricked out TJ's, his Ma and Pa are footing the bill. Now I started thinking. Damn, 31K!!?? I could build my YJ so freakin nice! I could also do a V8 conversion with my 280z. Man, how will these kids learn to work hard for things if Ma and Pa spend 31k to make them happy? ARGH! It makes me sick. I'm not going to say my mother hasn't helped me out a little. But I've also paid her back. And she didn't lend me any 31k!! Anyway....sorry for venting

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Re: Jeeps are trendy!! O/T

Yeah man it sure does seem like kids today have a lot more access to money. I graduated high school in 93 and the nicest cars on the parking lot were a pair of 91 5.0 mustangs. Everyone else drove a beater. I've passed by that lot recently and it's filled with sport utes TJ's and other new cars.

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Re: Jeeps are trendy!! O/T

That is a perfectly acceptable venting. We were housesitting in a fairly ritzy neighborhood around Salt Lake City, and you should have seen the cars in the high school parking lots, BMW's, brand new Jeeps, Land Rover Defender 90's and all sorts of cars that I cannot afford. It is ridiculous, how will these kids ever learn the value of work if they don't ever have to work for anything. This is what is wrong with kid's today. No value for anything because they are given everything.

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Re: Jeeps are trendy!! O/T

Some things never change. I drove older (not beaters mind you--built by me) cars in school. While even my 71 chevelle wasn't THE fastest ride in town, it still made you sick to look arond at school. New mustang 5.0's, camaro's, etc. I graduated in 84 and it was the same then. Oh well, I built the chevy myself and I loved it. Nothing like a 17 year old kid with a 400hp "heavy chevy".[img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
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Re: Jeeps are trendy!! O/T

I think jeeps are trendy at my school too. At the begining of the year there was only 4 cherokees and now it seems like theres a new one every day. And theres only one other person that beats the piss out of his other than me and the rest probably dont even know how to put them in 4lo and theres only a few yj's and tj's.

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Re: Jeeps are trendy!! O/T

my first car my dad bought me was and excort that the thermastat for the fan was broke. he bought it for 500 bucks and said if i can fix it i can have it. my next car was a 76 cj5 that i bought for 1400 bucks. it pisses me off to, to see all the youngins in shiny stock yjs and tjs. but we all know real jeeps are built not bought. but it makes cjs look that much cooler cause there arnt as many around.

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Re: Jeeps are trendy!! O/T

When I was in highschool (way back in the *80's*) - I drove a 1982 Pontiac 6000, with a 4cyl. engine, & I had to drop it into Neutral & rev the engine at stopsigns & carry a case of oil in the trunk - and I was happy as horse$h*t to have it.

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Re: Jeeps are trendy!! O/T

When I was in school, I drove an old escort that my parents had bought for my sister, then my brother used it for a few years, then I drove it... by the time I got the hand me down car, it'd been in two wrecks, one with a school bus. The front was blue and the rear was red. It would do 0-60 in about 20 seconds on a GOOD day. I also had access to a bronco that I used for work- and it was about as fast. I tried to start a 4wd club, and man did they laugh me out of there.... the ones who had 4x4's(and knew how to use them) hardly ever showed up to school anyway, and the rest thought the whole idea was a joke... oh well, I thought they were a joke too. Now, I see that I learned a great deal from my experiences, and that I am glad I have paid for what I have now.

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Re: Jeeps are trendy!! O/T

well guys there not at my school! theres only 3 jeeps there, a Wrnagler Rengade that some girl drives, and another guy drives a 90s Grand chero, i dont belive any of them use them, sure theres kids who drive brand new cars but right now "riceburners with coffe cans" are the hot cars. im glad. i couldnt stand some guy tellin me how bad his jeep is when he cant tell me what rearend it has

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Re: Jeeps are trendy!! O/T

When I graduated in 1990 the hot cars were 5.0 mustangs. Of course for graduation I got the hottest mustang of them all a 1989 saleen notchback #169. Of course it only took my dad about 8 months to realize the error of his ways. 2 sets of tires and a trip to Alabama to pick me and the stang up for 137 in a 55. It was sold less than a year after I got it 4 months after graduation I was back to drive souped up VW bugs. I didn't even get into 4x's until I bought my suzuki in 95. They will learn! Mom and Dad will end up getting the same call my dad got because of lack of appreciation. Then they will be cut off for around 5 years just like I was and learn the value of a buck. Then Mom and Dad are more than happy to start helping out again after you learn how hard fought that $ earned is. Just my .02

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