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**DONOTDELETE** 03-27-2000 02:12 PM

Another Strange Shaking Jeep
Okay, here's my problem. My whole drivetrain shakes violently when I release the clutch quickly, doesn't matter what gear it's in - it even does it in neutral. If I release the clutch slowly and easily it acts normal. The jeep is an 81 Scrambler with 258/T-18/D300, year old Centerforce clutch, new motormounts, and new u-joints in the driveshafts. I checked the bellhousing bolts but they're all tight. When it shakes, it's hard enough that it flexes the skidplate and the vibrations just increase with rpms. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


v8jeep 03-27-2000 03:12 PM

Re: Another Strange Shaking Jeep
If it shakes while in neutral, I would say it's a bad throw out bearing. But since the skid plate is flexing, man, who knows what it is!

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**DONOTDELETE** 03-28-2000 10:46 AM

Re: Another Strange Shaking Jeep
just reposting

**DONOTDELETE** 03-28-2000 11:17 AM

Re: Another Strange Shaking Jeep

Misaligned clutch?

**DONOTDELETE** 03-28-2000 11:38 AM

The jeep just started doing this after running fine for over a year (15,000 miles). I've been on two punishing outings lately and maybe that broke the tansmission mount (it's the old Ford rubber style)??? But what seems so wierd is that it wont shake if I release the clutch slowly. Is it possible that it could be a bad input shaft bearing in the tranny or what? Andy

GP'n 03-28-2000 12:06 PM

Re: Another Strange Shaking Jeep
My guess would be a broken tranny or motor mount, when you slowly release the clutch there is an even power start up on the drive train, with a quick or near normal release there is a surge put on the drive line and that causes upward or right hand torque. this would cause a surge or vibration on your Jeep. Also you may have a broken finger on the clutch pressure plate.

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