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3jeepguy 03-20-2001 08:50 AM

the quest for knowledge continues..... i was wondering if the fuel tank in my cj needs to be baffled when i put the ford 300cid injected 6 in i have read that the tanks in injected vehicles are baffeled to prevent slosh and to keep adequate fuel supply to the pump ??????

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IN2DEEP 03-20-2001 11:16 PM

Re: ford-efi-ed
I'm not sure about the baffling, but I heard that you need to run bigger fuel line when you go EFI to maintain enough pressure.... just something else you might want to look into.

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**DONOTDELETE** 03-22-2001 09:43 AM

Re: ford-efi-ed
Yes- the tank should be bafled in some way. Due to the fact of fuel injected vehicles that have pumps that will actually push somewhere in the area of 50 to 200 gallons per hour(GPH)! and up to 45 PSI! The gasoline does actually cool the fuel pumps so it is also a bad thing to constantly keep the gas low in the tank near 'E'. Due to the high flow of these pumps and the adgarvation of starving-burning up the pump or an undiagnosed stumble in the motor or a lean condition attributed like a carburator at a tilt it would be best to get a newer YJ fuel injected tank or a TJ...I know a YJ will work...I think you need to turn the tank to match your fuel inlets...and you might have to modify the in-tank-pump assembly(also get a new one while your in there) from your donor vehicle. Step 1-slide the pump in your tank and see if the fuel pump fits the round hole in the YJ tank...if not use the YJ one and fit the Ford pump in the YJ brackett, 9-10 times the shape is the same. If the pumb is longer you might have to slide the pump out of the brackett and put the tank outside the house and cover it with a wet rag, cut the bracket and weld in the appropriate length metal in there-make it a hair smaller than needed to allow a tight fit. Step 2- Just bend the bracket to make sure that the in-tank filter attached the end of the pump 'is' in contact with the bottom of the tank. and like the other gentleman said you will need a larger fuel line, match it to the vehicle you are taking it out from. That is crucial for the fuel injection, and cut into the new fuel line the 'factory' style 'high pressure' fuel filter and you should be okay.


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