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**DONOTDELETE** 03-13-2001 05:21 PM

Which Is Better?!
bone stock!, which is better: a 1978 cj7 or a 1979 cj7?
How else can I ask? thank you:-)

**DONOTDELETE** 03-13-2001 05:37 PM

Re: Which Is Better?!
Greatly depends on the trucks being compared.

'94 YJ - 4.0, 6" Suspension/Shackle lift, 33" Muds

**DONOTDELETE** 03-13-2001 05:38 PM

Re: Which Is Better?!
Do they have the exact same engine and tranny? If so, then they would be almost identical. They did go to the roll bar that goes to the floor instead of setting on top of the wheel wells in late 79 but not all 79's are like that. They also went with a reinforced tub where the windshield is in 79 I beleive. That is found by looking at the space right below the windshield right in front of the door. If there is a recessed area there instead of a flat area then that is it. That may have come in around 76 but I'm not sure. Someone else probably knows of some subtle changes also.

**DONOTDELETE** 03-13-2001 05:42 PM

Re: Which Is Better?!
They're basically identical. Same drivetrain combinations offered in each. Same frame, body, etc.. The only difference might be the brakes. Late '78 had same front brakes as '79. See your other post regarding this. Give more specifics about the Jeeps you are comparing. Do they have the same drivetrain? What condition are the body and frame of each? Be specific when asking questions like this.

'75 CJ5,258 w/Howell EFI,T18a,4.27's,33's,On-board air,Warn 8274

**DONOTDELETE** 03-13-2001 06:13 PM

Re: Which Is Better?!
thanks everyone for their input; I appoligize for being vague in my question; here's the thing: i'm new to this, and I will soon buy a cj7!! For a while I was torn between a 1971 cj5 and a 78/79 cj7. I finally decided on the 78/79 after a few months of moderate research to determine which is the best jeep year to buy. (((I know))), that depends on the use etc etc and many more etc, but several sources point to the very late 70's (i.e. 78/79 cj7) as the ultimate jeep (year). there have been many debates arguing this (many with valid views), and as a newcomer with only 3 jeeps in the family, i see most of the evidence pointing toward the 78/79, and no one I know has one. i am not saying that a stock 78/79 is better than a modified 62,71,83, whatever, but factory built this at least (appears) to be the case. so my question a tad differently is: taking the best jeep 1978 has to offer and taking the best jeep 1979 has to offer, which is better (in any regards)? I know it is still vague, but it is meant not to limit anyones reasons as to why they think one is better: with any issue or specs. thank you all for being patient with my vague question, and please note that "i'm" not saying which year is better than another( i have no idea) i'm just relaying the majority opinion i personally have witnessed. thanks all

**DONOTDELETE** 03-14-2001 03:32 AM

Re: Which Is Better?!
In any given year the tranys and engines where diffenent from jeep to jeep. in engines you have 3 choses in 78/79 the 232 and 258 line six's or the 304 V8. which is better is a matter of compleat oppinion. Personally I like the 258 for lowend torque and gas milage. But then I don't cear about top speed or climbing hills quickly.

The only thing to my knowledge that makes the 77/78/79 cj's speacial is that they came stock with the T-18a trany. this is a great gearbox with 6.34 low gear. However these years also came with the T-150 3 speed trany. I strong trany but with only a 2.99 low gear.

Years mater less then the individual jeeps in question. The other thing to consider is what the use is to be for a rock crawler low gears are a must. While if the jeep is to be a dayly driver and see alot of highway a over drive is nice making a 82 or newer a beter choice as they came with an optional T-5 trany with OD.

In the end Jeeps are Built not Bought.

**DONOTDELETE** 03-14-2001 12:06 PM

Re: Which Is Better?!
if it has a 304. the 79 CJ saw a drop in hp and torque due to emissions restrictions, so the engine in the 78 would have a lil more power. check out stuff here:

'85 Scrambler
Shell Valley Fiberglass tub
4" Superlift, 2 inch homemade body
33 x 12.5
stock 258

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