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I want to buy an air compressor. Due to my nomadic lifestyle, a full size 60-100 gallon tanks is not feasible. I want to keep it at 30 gallons max, and it has to be pretty portable. I need help on the following questions.

1. What is the minimum CFM and PSI rating I will need to run impacts, die grinders, air drills,and sander/polishers for basic Jeep Repairs?

2. Are Campbell Hausfeld units reliable and wiorth the $ or should I get a Crafstsman?

3. Can the requirements be met by a 110V Compressor?

4. If not, how long of a hose can I run and still be able to operate the mentioned tools?

5. Any other advice/watch signs/things to look for....


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Re: OT-Compressors

i just received a sears add last night and they have two Craftsman vertical compressor on sale this week. i would go for the Professional model (black). you can check them out here: http://www.sears.com/sr/framework/ho...rs+&+Air+Tools

1. sanders and paint guns take alot of air! my 5hp 25gal craftsman will not keep up with a Dual-Action sander.

2. i have never had a Campbell Hausfeld. but recently bought another craftsman due to: it was cheaper (on sale and craftsman club discount) and i can get parts for it through sears. my work recently had a craftsman compressor break a connecting rod. $150 later, it was rebuilt and ready for another 5yrs or service running a plasma cutter (alot!)

3. you may want to look for a compressor that can be wired either 110 or 220v. thats how my older 5hp is.

4. i have had over 300' of airhose running an impact, just keep the larger diameter hose closer to the compressor. i have 100' of 1/2", 100' of 3/8" and 100' of 1/4".

5. feel free to email me with other questions. may want to check out www.northern-tool also. the compressors with oil seem to last longer, run quiter, and have better output. also better for your tool (oil in the air). you will need to change the oil and run a filter/separator. check this out: (http://www.northerntool.com/cgi-bin/...6&prmenbr=6970)

hope this helps! matt

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Re: OT-Compressors

Head off to your favorite tool store and look at the air tools , they will have the requirements usually on the side of the box . Requires 4.6 [email protected] psi etc...
Stay away from direct drive compressors.
My next door neighboor has a portable 20 gal capable of
6.5 CFM @ 90 PSI , he is quite happy with it . The one tool that is a HUGH air hog is a paint gun . Keep that in mind .
Hope this helps ya . And ya , I hear you Jeepnmatt , my buddy brought over his longboard dual action sander and my neighboors compressor pooped right out after about 10 seconds


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Re: OT-Compressors

Thanks for the advice. I bought a crafstman 6 hP / 30 gallon upright (on wheels). It came with a $69 3/8 drive air ratchet, 25 ft of 3/8 ID Hose, and some QD's. All for $279! Today I added 50' of 1/2 ID hose so I can get to the damn jeep!

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Re: OT-Compressors

the only maintenance i do is clean the sponge filter and spray it down with WD-40 every once in a while. you will be happy with your purchase! matt

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Re: OT-Compressors

I bought a Coleman direct drive at Costco for arount $230, if I remember right. It has a vertical 30 gallon tank and puts out 9 cfm @ 60 psi and 7 [email protected] 90 psi. It is more than adequate for running impact wrenches and air hammers, ok for short bursts with a sander/ saindblaster, but compressor will run contunuously and you actually want a 25 % duty cycle to cut wear and tear. It works great with a paint gun, I recommend using two air driers, one half way down the line and one at the gun (air driers require the air to have cooled off a lot to work properly) and a regulator at the gun, moisture in the line can really ruin an otherwise good paint job. Get either an HVLP setup or a standard gun, both standard and detail sizes, don't scrimp. Good paint guns really do a much better job than the cheapies. They also need more air. The standard size ones should use at least 8 cfm at 50 psi for good results. The detail one should use at least two. A non-hvlp setup will work just fine as long as you ventilate properly to suck up the overspray. I use a large shop vac setup outside the spray area with a new filter, and it works great. I did a frame up restore on my CJ5. If I was going to do this for a living, I would have gotten a belt driven compressor, but they cost at least twice as much and I was nomadic for a while, too. Now I am planning on getting a piston-type compressor (without motor) from Northern or a local surplus place and hooking it up to the front PTO on my jeep via a Vee belt from the winch drive(I have a vintage Koenig 8000# pto winch driven from the transfer case) and mounting it on the front bumper with a small tank underneath for really killer onboard air, without having to resort to a york compresser on the engine, which I don't have room for. That way I can have 150psi air driven by a rather substantial engine that won't care about contunuous duty and will provide lots of volume for pumping up tires, air horns, serious graffiti (just kidding), firing paintballs (just kidding, maybe).

If you plan on using an air tool continously, you need to select a compressor with 25% to 50% more continuous duty output than the tool to keep the motor from running constantly. And get a vertical tank, they are a lot easier to store than the horizontal- they take a lot less floor space, and the gauges and regulator are easier to read at stomach level than knee level.


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Re: OT-Compressors

If you plan on running any of the sanders or such, you will need a 2 stage conmpressor. A good 2 stage will pump about double the air as a single stage. Look for a compressor with oil resevior, the oil free tend to be short lived and ineficient. Recently I have seen Sears advertise a 110v compressor in a two stage model, very interesting possibilities! Remember, don't compare hp #'s from manufactures, they are meaningless startup #'s. A 15amp 110v service will deliver 2hp, a 20 amp 230v will net you 5 hp. No such thing as running a 4 or 5hp compressor on 110v service.

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Re: OT-Compressors

ive got an old Cambell Hausfield, I paid $125 or $150 for ( I cant remember) its a cast iron pump, with a 4horse 11V motor ( read the above post, I know it isnt a 4horse motor)

its been a real workhorse, I wont continuously run a DA sander, but it will run one enough to work fine.

it will run a paint gun, but its maxing the duty cycle, no sweat though, they rate these in 10s of thousands of hours of service life, the direct drive types are rated in thousands of hours of life.

plus the cast iron belt driven pumps are alot quieter.

we took quite a few of those Craftsman direct drive compressor back when I was a PMT there, they would come back in pcs, lots of little pieces, that was in the late 90s, so I dont know if it was a design problem or customer abuse or what, but a large number of htem came back with rods hanging out, and the cases cracked.

if mine ever gives up the ghost, Il get a large 220V motor, and run 2 Yorks to a huge tank.

run inline filters before your air tools, and you must run the filters about 20 feet from teh tank to trap the moisture, it has to cool and condense in the distance from the compressor.

oil the air tools at each use ( a drop or 2, ive got some good quality high dollar air tools, and some cheap air tools, die grinders, sanders, paint guns, air drills, impact, air ratchet, all the fun stuff, and they have all held up well with reasonable care, and they all are great time savers!

have fun!


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