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**DONOTDELETE** 02-13-2001 06:14 PM

Ideas for aftermarket air filter?
Now that the new carb is on, on to the next thing . . .
I've noticed that K&N and some others make high performance, aftermarket bolt on aircleaners for the 4.0L, and 2.5L, but what about all of us with the old 258? Anyone have suggestions on what to use, or opinions on what not to do?

Jed Smith
'80 CJ7,258 w/TR,4" spring lift + 1" shackles.

**DONOTDELETE** 02-13-2001 06:45 PM

Re: Ideas for aftermarket air filter?
Put a K&N element in your stock housing. I ran my Carter that way for 12 years.

ORC Land Use Section Editor
Vice-Pres. Rock Garden 4 Wheelers, Farmington, NM

**DONOTDELETE** 02-13-2001 07:30 PM

Re: Ideas for aftermarket air filter?
Hey- Use the K+N. The flow up to 40% more air, there based on the old oil bath air filters. They use a woven cotton mesh and you soak the mesh in a special oit they supply. They oil suspends itself in the mesh and traps the minute particles, the oil they use is red only for you to tell if you coated the filter evenly. When you clean it depending on the amount of driving you do is a mild soap(Dawn, Pamolive and car wash soap-something to cut the oil!) then let it sit and break down the oil for 5-10 minutes. And then use normal street water pressure from a hose to wash the soap and mess out of the filter. MAKE SURE YOU RINSE IT FROM THE CENTER OF THE FILTER TO THE OUTSIDE. That way you do not push the dirt farther in the filter element. Let it air dry and shake it out the best you can. The apply the oil they supply or that you buy and you should get a uniform color of red throughout the filter and go wheelin again!Goodluck.(OIIIIO)


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