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**DONOTDELETE** 01-18-2001 08:43 AM

83 cj7 idle
I just bought a 83 cj7 with a rebuilt motor, recent Holley carb, etc. I drove it home (250 miles) and all was great. Two days later, now it idles really bad, and even dies at some intersections. The only thing I did was change the heater core. I assume I have a vacuum leak somewhere. Any ideas where to start, it does have the TFI upgrade. One more clue, if it dies, it seems to be able to fire right back up and idles fine for 10 seconds at about 1100 rpm then drops to 700 and gets rough all over again. Also, any suggestions on tune up, plug type,gap,timing, sorry so long. New and ready to go. oh yeah, in the morning I have to dance on the acclereator and pump like mad for it to start. After a rough warm up period it starts great the rest of the day?

I'm use to IH and Ford motors (pre smog) simple is grand

**DONOTDELETE** 01-18-2001 11:59 AM

Re: 83 cj7 idle
Welcome to the world of jeeps! these are the usual symptoms of a Jeep. What do you have for emissions stuff on your engine? the following tips are for a 258 I6, I am assuming you have that.
First, give it a thorough tune-up, ie: new plugs, gapped to .35, adjust timing to 6 or 7 btdc, new wires, if needed, change the oil (just b/c you should) and spray some carb cleaner all over the inside and outside of carb. after you have done this, and it still idles poorly, and i expect it will, try cleaning out the venturis in your carb. they are notorious for getting clogged up. it is a very simple procedure, and terry howe, i believe, has an article in the tech section of the jeep section of that will give you a step by step on how to do this.
As for pumping it like crazy in the morning when cold? that isnt too uncommon. 3 or four pumps should do it. once it starts, you may need to hold your foot on the gas for a bit until the engine gets a little warm.

Hope this helps!
'83 CJ-7

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