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**DONOTDELETE** 12-22-2000 02:55 PM

Just got back from the salvage yard and got some encouraging news from my good buddy. $900 for a rebuilt complete Chevy 350 TBI minus the computer and wiring harness. He quoted me $50 for a computer and $200-$250 for a new wiring harness. So that is around $1200 for a Chevy 350 TBI with everything I need. He said that he would give me some for my AMC360 as well.

Motor mounts are $?, Mepco 4 core rediator $225, bellhousing for chevy 350 to dodge NV4500 $350(anybody want a AMC to NV4500 belhousing?), electric fan $150, mufflers and new exhaust $200. $100 other misc. stuff. So around another $1000 for this stuff.

So I figure around $2400 after it is all over, except for the mechanics bill. Probably another $350. So around $2700 all said.

Does this sound about right?


[]llll[] '90 YJ, NV4500, XD9000i, 35" MT/R, Snorkle, 4.5" RE lift, Tera Revolvers, etc. etc.

**DONOTDELETE** 12-22-2000 03:01 PM

Re: 350
wow, good deal...u sure want to pay someone to swap it in? I wouldn't trust anyone with my Jeep...hehehehe

By d way, I spend about 6k on my LT-1 swap, and performed it myself...I think the shop would have taken a lot more than $350 though. I would say $1200-1500 soundz more realistic to me. Sorry to burst your bubble. I hope u get lucky and get it done right for cheaper...good luck!

"Those damned replicants. Have u retired any today?"

dave 12-22-2000 03:25 PM

Re: 350

**DONOTDELETE** 12-22-2000 03:33 PM

Re: 350
I will actually do most of the work, at his shop, on weekends. We will pull it in the yard and leave it on the weekdays so he can work. The only thing he charges me for is when I look at him and say, "What in the he!! did I mess up?" He'll come over and help for about 5 min. and get back to what he was doing, usually rebuilding those Ford fwd transmissions(lots of those go out and he can make a bundle). Cost me $112 for my NV4500 installation. I figure that the 350 swap take me around 1 month of weekends to complete it and get all the bugs worked out. It took me 2 weekends for the NV4500 swap, and I used a diesel NV4500 which caused the fabrication of many custom parts.

I talked to my mechanic/friend and he said that according to what he had to help me with in the past, that that was 'bout right. I will do most everything except the wiring, I just leave when that starts and let him have it.


[]llll[] '90 YJ, NV4500, XD9000i, 35" MT/R, Snorkle, 4.5" RE lift, Tera Revolvers, etc. etc.

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