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goin back 2 skewl (OT)

I went into the VA the other day to see the Vocational Rehabilitation people about helping me get a light duty job.
They turned me down on any work involving physical labor, instead they offered to pay for four years at university of pittsburgh or carnegie-mellon (CMU). WOW! the VA actually gave me more than I was asking for. Hopefully now I will have some time to do some "class Projects" on the jeep.


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Re: goin back 2 skewl (OT)

I hear ya! Went in with big plans to use that GI Bill and came out with $15K of Titanium, 6 used bones from a cadaver, and a Chapter 31 letter from the VA instead. (Hey wait a minute! Don't you think these two upgrades officially make me a Jeep? I mean $15K of new parts, 6 used parts from the junkyard, and I still don't run worth a crap! Maybe I should get a Jeep logo tatoo or something! Come on now! Just think when I run into the Devil Dogs from my old unit! They will say, "Wait . . . I thought them Navy docs got you fixed up!" And then I can just show my tatoo and say, "Nah, it's was just a Jeep thing and you wouldn't understand!"[img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/laugh.gif[/img][img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/crazy.gif[/img]) Well anyway, I'd trade it all back in a heartbeat . . . I'd much rather get it the 20/50 or 25/80 way!

Thanks for the info you sent BTW - virus free this time!

Liberals don't mind being lied to . . . they just want to be lied to by someone they trust!
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Re: goin back 2 skewl (OT)

I thought about going to college a few years back, i think it is a good idea only if you are ready for a lot of headaches. Lets put it this way, the guys I have working with me, and making the same amount of $ I am, have college degrees, I don't. Make sure what you get a Degree in is something you really wan't to do, otherwise you are wasting your $. Side note, I was going towards mechancal, or cival (can't spell, to drunk) engineringing, It would have been a waste of $ for me. If you want a lot of pressure, you can make very good $ in either one. I, for one, would rather go home relatively stress free.

Thanks, Ray

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Re: goin back 2 skewl (OT)

My G.I. bill was worth exactly.......... Nothing.
When I wanted to go to school after the military, the wanted to send me to some third rate school operated for welfare people, ceta or something like that.
(I worked my way through trade school by porting heads and installing covert nitrous systems...)

When I needed surgery to take out the last two fragments of a bullet, the VA wanted me to go to a doctor that couldn't speak one word of english, and refused to wash his hands between patents.
(My insurance paid on a 20/80 split, after the first $5,000, and $3,000 to the lawyer to get them paying. They considered it 'Elective Surgery'...)

They consider me 70% disabled, but I've never gone after any money.
All that 70% ever did for me was screw up one job application after another....
I guess that's why I decided to run my own business.... Glad that turned out, or I'd be screwed!

I'm going to have back surgery sometime after the first of the year, but I'm doing it all privately, and I called the lawyer instead of the insurance company this time!!!
She says that I'm covered after the first $1,500 this time, and I have disability and recovery time pay coming while I heal.

I'm looking into an electronics course at the local Jr. college during my recovery.
If I have time, and I'm up to it, I'm going to do a welding course too.
I've always wanted to learn to weld correctly!

I wonder if a gray headed fat guy in a back brace can attract coeds? [img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

"I Have The Body Of A God... Buddha"
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Re: goin back 2 skewl (OT)

jjc, Good luck on your new skewling, I hope they learn ya lotsa good book smarts.
TR, Good luck with the coeds.
I used my GI Bill when I got out, but I was only going to night school. I was working a lot of hours, for other contractors and trying to build up my own buisness, so work had priority over school. Well to make a loooong story short, in the 13 short years it took me to get a BA, I had come to far in the construction industry to take an entry level position in Corporate america. So now my degree just hangs next to my Honorable Discharge in a frame, on the wall of my construction trailer.

89 YJ
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Re: goin back 2 skewl (OT)

I was lucky if there is such a thing, I was lifeflighted to the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC). The USAF doctors did not want to stick their necks out on a major trauma. If I learned anything in the AF it was this: for an officer it is always safest to do nothing, screwing up will end your career, taking chances will only help you if it is sucessful and the boss likes you, all things being equal it is always best to do nothing.
At least the enlisted force rewards motivation or else nothing would get done.
Oh yeh back to the story, I got the benefit of a $48,000 three day makeover at one of the best hospitals in the country.
I am not too worried about the stress involved with engineering. I spent enough time working the flightline at Stategic Air Command (SAC) Headquarters to deal with just about anything. When we worked on the Looking Glass alert AC we had to maintain an open line to the Pentagon and give them updates on the progress and an estimated time of completion, ( yes sir, I am removing 10 screws from the inboard aileron acess....). We had more 4 star generals that still flew airplanes than any place else in the AF.

I even had the pleasure of presenting a briefing to the ACC commander (4star), You would not have believed the dressing down I got when I used accurate figures instead of the sanatized numbers that the protocol officer had edited into my note cards. I am sorry sir, I thought that was a typo, I did not want to mislead the General...
It is scarry to think we won the cold war by having a bunch of pompous asses running around bluffing the russians into thinking our nuclear alert forces were about ten times bigger than the maintainers could actually support. We used to canabolize aircraft for months at a time due to parts shortages, and to add insult to injury, we towed them around the flightline and refueled and defueled them so the russian satellites thought they were airworthy.

SAC trained warrior, jjc

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Re: goin back 2 skewl (OT)


Oh man, take the oppurtunity. My father told me to go to college to open my mind, not get a Job (he's a pastor) and so I did. Looking back, i'm glad I did. I found my wife, learned how to deal with a$$holes (fraternity life), and learned how to think things through from many different angles. The result: I now have very few firm convictions...I end up second guessing myself and I am paying $250 extra to Uncle Sam for college loans. Worth it? no question. If I hadn't gotten that diploma that is gloriously upholding a stack of magazines in the bedroom closet, I would have hated myself for not knowing if I could do it. What's life for were it not for challeges?

Oh yeah, in regards to moving the planes around to keep the Russians on their toes, my father and I used to do something similiar. Our city has a dead car ordinace, so we would use my Jeep to move our dead or dying cars around the driveway every so often to keep the cops from making us ditch our private boneyards. [img]/wwwthreads_images/icons/wink.gif[/img]


Jeep...need I say more?
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