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Bob Ackley 12-12-2000 06:23 AM

M20/trash-lock question
As some of you know, I am in the bowels of a '84 Scrambler frame-up rebuild for my wife. I was working on the axles last weekend and my worst fears were confirmed when I read the ring's got the crappy 2.73 gears in it! However, the rear axle has the trash-lok in it.
I am putting a 2000 4.0, AX-15, and 31" tires on it so a gear change is in order, but I can't determine from my catalogs if I can use the current track-lok carrier with a lower gearset.
So, my question is, if I want to go lower than 2.73(who doesn't!) do I have to get a new carrier for the M20?
Bob in Ma

JeepnGreg 12-12-2000 09:02 AM

Re: M20/trash-lock question
i was under the impression that the trac-lock could do all gears except the 2.73.... maybe look again?...i reallly thought the open dif was the only 2.73-only carrier.....cuz if it is a trac-loc then you should have numerically higher gears (barely)

if it is trac-loc you could keep the carrier sonce it can hold higher gears...and put in one of those power trax no slip things.....just an idea

hope that helps...and as always...correct me if im wrong

Jeep'n Greg

**DONOTDELETE** 12-12-2000 09:03 AM

Re: M20/trash-lock question
2.73s have their own carrier. Your best bet would be to get an open carrier and put a Lock Right in it. I have spoken against a Lock Right in the rear, but with 31s and it being your wife's vehicle it will probably be OK. The factory CJ Trak Lock is set up wimpy, it is pretty useless. No other springs are available, and I've tried shimming, jsut won't work on the Jeep Track Lock, unlike the Ford version.

ORC Land Use Section Editor
Vice-Pres. Rock Garden 4 Wheelers, Farmington, NM

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