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OT - Big Al: Fact or Fiction?

Thought some of you might find this interesting.

Reprinted from the Internet News Bureau article "Al Gore's 21 Lies"


- FICTION: Al Gore recently claimed that his mother-in-law pays more than $100.00 for the arthritis medicine Lodine; and he claims that his dog takes the same medicine for $37.00, claiming
- "This is wrong!" FACT: Gore's aides were quick to apologize for Gore's lie, saying the information was from a Democratic study. Washington newspapers also reported that Al Gore wasn't even sure his mother-in-law was taking any medication and wasn't even sure she had arthritis. And, he doesn't know anything about his dog's "arthritis".
- FICTION: Al Gore said his father, a senator, was a champion of civil rights during the 1960's.
- FACT: Gore's father voted against the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964 and was a racist who was fond of using the "N" word.
- FICTION: Al Gore said that his sister was the very first person to join the Peace Corps.
- FACT: By the time Gore's sister joined the Peace Corps, there were already over 100 members.
- FICTION: The same sister died of lung cancer years later and Gore vowed to never accept tobacco money as campaign contributions.
- FACT: Just four years later, while campaigning for office, Gore spoke to the tobacco industry and said he was one of them because "I've planted it,raised it, cut it, and dried it." He raised over $100,000 in "reported" contributions.
- FICTION: While running for office, Gore's campaign literature claimed he was a "Brilliant Student".
- FACT: Washington newspapers said he barely passed Harvard and consistently earned D's and C's.
- FICTION: Gore claims an extensive knowledge of law as a result of his extensive study at law school.
- FACT: Al Gore dropped out of law school.
- FICTION: Gore claimed that his knowledge of God and spirituality came to complete fruition while "finishing" divinity school.
- FACT: Al Gore dropped out of divinity school. (Perhaps it was tougher than Harvard or Law school)
- FICTION: Al Gore claimed responsibility for inventing the Internet in the 1990's.
- FACT : Shocked scientists were quick to speak out, explaining that the Internet had been in widespread use by government and educational institutions since the early 1970's..
- FICTION: Al Gore claimed the book "Love Story" was based on his life and Tipper's.
- FACT: Author Erich Segal called a press conference to deny his claim. (Couldn't he at least lie about a love story where his sweetheart doesn't die?)
- FICTION : Gore claimed that as a reporter for a Nashville newspaper, his stories led to the arrests of numerous corrupt criminals.
- FACT: He later apologized for his claim and actually said it was untrue (Also known as lying). - FICTION: Gore claims to increase diversity in the staff that follows him daily, especially among blacks.
- FACT: Black members of the Secret Service are suing because they claim they are not being promoted to positions guarding the Vice-President.
- FICTION: Al Gore said he was the first to discover the Love Canal nuclear accident.
- FACT: The incident was already discovered, being investigated, and covered widely in the press for many months before Gore was aware of it..
- FICTION: Gore said just recently that if elected president, he would put harsh sanctions on the sleazy producers of Hollywood's extreme sex and violence.
- FACT: Just six days later, Gore attended a fundraiser by Hollywood producers and radical gay activists where he told them that he would only pretend to "nudge them" if elected. He raised over $4 million..
- FICTION: Al Gore said he built his Tennessee home with his bare hands.
- FACT: Totally false!
- FICTION: Al Gore says parents should not have a choice between private and public schools because public schools are far better.
- TRUTH : Al Gore attended private school and he has sent his children to private schools.
- FICTION: Al Gore remembers his mother lulling him to sleep as a baby by singing the popular ditty, "Wear The Union Label".
- FACT: The popular ditty was created by the unions when Gore was 27 years old.
- FICTION: Al Gore claimed to co-sponsor the McCain-Feingold Campaign Reform Act.
- FACT: The Act was not sponsored until he had been out of office for over a year.
- FICTION: Al Gore claims to be instrumental in keeping gas prices low.
- FACT: Gore has voted on numerous occasions to raise the tax on gasoline. In his book "Earth In The Balance" Gore claims that the nation's Number One enemy is the internal combustion engine. (That's the motor in your vehicle that gets you to work and takes your kids to school and yes tehe one you have fun in jeepin' or otherwise)
- FICTION: Gore pretends to champion the rights of poor women to be tested regularly for breast cancer with the most modern technology.
- FACT: While giving a speech on the subject in September, Gore didn't know what a mammogram was.
- FICTION: AL Gore promised Florida's senior citizens that they would finally have low-cost drugs with no interference from government.
- FACT: Gore's plan calls for the creation of a huge federal agency that would tell you which doctor you are allowed to see in order to get the "special rates".
- FACT: Al Gore told NBC's Lisa Meyers that he had never told a lie. When Meyers pressed harder, "You've never told a lie?!" Gore said, "Not that I know of." SOUND FAMILIAR?

Election Day is ticking away. E-mail this to as many people as possible or we will be living in an Al Gore fantasyland!

Tread lightly and stop to smell the roses - Traveler
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Re: OT - Big Al: Fact or Fiction?

maybe true, maybe BS, who knows

He is still Smarter than Bush.


"If I take a stand It will be my own"
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Re: OT - Big Al: Fact or Fiction?


This is a completely off topic post, designed to inflame and antagonize readers.
It is unsubstantiated and undocumented.
It is a compilation of exaggeration, disinformation, misinformation and outright lies.

To reply to the post, or it's author, would give them attention they simply do not deserve.

Feel free to copy this post and attach it to any applicable posts....
Let's try to cut down on the explosion of off topic inflammatory posts on this SWB-BSS forum.

"I Have The Body Of A God... Buddha"
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Re: OT - Big Al: Fact or Fiction?

Oh dear. I struck a nerve. I do apologize. I did say it was off topic and only posted such a note based on very similar, very off topic items such as that imaginative conspiracy theory. I shall limit my information activity. I did title it so there would be no misleading the reader how OT this was.

However, for the record, each item is verifiable in several books, the Washington Times, various periodicals and documents of public record. I don't doubt G.W. has some interesting history items as well. I do not intend to use this forum as a distribution center and will not encourage others.

This site is however partly political in nature as a defender of off-road vehicle use, land use issues and other related off-topic matters outside a strictly technical site. I just thought (incorrectly) that a number of you feared the Vice President's position on your Jeep enjoyment and offered a couple more reasons to be careful of his possible presidency.

I would have posted this retraction sooner but I have been taken over by current events in Norfolk, VA. and am somewhat involved in helping situations dealing with the care of matters concerning family members of the USS Cole and activities of base security. I would ask only if anyone else reads this, to please pray for the lost shipmates and their families. "Sailor, rest your oar."

Tread lightly and stop to smell the roses - Traveler
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Re: OT - Big Al: Fact or Fiction?

How can you Bush supporters keep on pushing the myth that agore wants to get rid of our autos and close our trails?
I believe in some obsure interview he gave earlier this year, that he in response to the question, "would you close Jeep trails?", he replied "why would I, do something like that?", "I did after all, invent the Jeep".
So you see,.. nothing to worry about.

89 Wrangler
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Re: OT - Big Al: Fact or Fiction?

You're a dork H8....I thought you were being serious for a second. Never again can I take you serious. I'm sorry<smile>

1993 Wrangler 4.0/5spd, all stock...but not for long!!!!
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Re: OT - Big Al: Fact or Fiction?

He invented the jeep? I'd heard he was conceived in a jeep, and I know he claims to have invented the trail, but this jeep thing is news to me.

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-- Cowboy Junkies.

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Re: OT - Big Al: Fact or Fiction?

concieved in a jeep? the story I heard was he invented conception.


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Re: OT - Big Al: Fact or Fiction?

Seriously? I think simply his exagerations come from his difficulty to admit he's human. We all make mistakes but some are under pressure to be just so perfect that they tend to over do their role to prove a point. I'm not trying to defend him, but that is one angle.

BTW - If he invented conception then we can put the birth control and abortion issues to rest. He can certainly control his invention.

Tread lightly and stop to smell the roses - Traveler
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Re: OT - Big Al: Fact or Fiction?

Ozark AL (the liar) gore may have a higher degree of formal education than Bush but he has often proven that he doesn't think so whats the differance?

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